Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Assassinate Al-Ghul Guide

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As Basim finally becomes a Hidden One, Nur returns to the hideout, hurt and about to die. Ali, the Hidden Ones’ eyes in Baghdad, got trapped by The Order, and Basim, Fuladh, and Roshan have to travel personally there to free Ali and find and assassinate Al-Ghul, the evil man who trapped him.

Basim and his masters arrive in Baghdad and get a Bureau where Nur hid all the info he gathered. This place becomes the assassin’s HQ in Harbiyah. Basim got some small clues about where Ali is, so he has to follow them, so the game officially kickstarts. Let’s get started!

Case 1: Ali Ibn Muhammad

Ali is in prison, but no one knows where. So far, Nur visited the factory district, so there’s an ally there, and he had a contact named Bashi who should know something as well. Let’s start with the factory contact.

This is the very first case of the game. Image by Ubisoft.

Follow Nur’s Lead

First, talk with Roshan. She’ll tell you Nur’s contact had a stall in the Dyeing Factory district, so you must go there.

Roshan has important info about Nur’s contact. Image by Ubisoft.

You’ll see a question mark on the map, and if you reach it on foot, you’ll have to figure out where to go by yourself, and it can be confusing.

To discover the exact place you must go, use Enkidu and fly over the zone. The nearer you are to the exact zone you must go, the narrower the circle will get until the exact location gets marked on the map.

It’s important to learn how to use Enkidu! Image by Ubisoft.

If you don’t manage to figure it out, go to the location marked on the map in the picture below, and If you want to know how to use Enkidu properly, here’s a quick guide that can help you out!

This is Nur’s contact location. Image by Ubisoft.

As you reach the place and enter the store, you’ll find out that Dervis is still alive, which is good news. He reveals to you that Ali was last seen in the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse, so you have to follow that lead to see where Ali is.

My good old friend! Image by Ubisoft.

Dervis also asks you for help; you must pickpocket important items for him. You’ll get rewards for doing it.

Let’s now go to meet Bashi, Ali’s main ally.

Contact The Rebels

Locating Bashi

You’ll find Bashi in the following location:

Here’s where you can find Beshi. Image by Ubisoft.

As you talk with him, he’ll tell you that he can’t help finding Ali because most of his men are trapped in the harbor, and he asks for help to free them up. It’s time to put your assassin’s skills to the test!

Bashi needs your help. Image by Ubisoft.

Freeing The Prisoners

First, to make things easier, you should send Enkidu to locate the three imprisoned men. They are in the following locations.

These are the prisoners’ locations. Image by Ubisoft.

After that, it’s time to free them. Let’s go for the first one. From where you find Bashi, go to the house on the right, enter the window and go down. You’ll see a small building there. If you wait there for a while, you can bait and kill the guard with the keys to free the third prisoner.

Be patient and whistle to lure him inside the building. Image by Ubisoft.

Now, it’s time to reach the first prisoner. There are two guards keeping an eye on him, but you can distract them by tossing torches to the red jars, creating some fire. Go and free the prisoner and get into the water. Swim to the ship.

Those red jars are flammable; toss torches at them! Image by Ubisoft.

Kill all the guards there and free the prisoner. As you already have the keys, it’ll be easier to get the last one. Make your way to the building through the docks and be careful with the guards. Kill the one in front of the door and get inside.

Take the guy down and free the last prisoner. Image by Ubisoft.

After that, reach Bashi. He’ll tell you about Al-Ghul, the ruler of Harbiyah. He imprisoned Ali in Khurasan, but after that, he took Ali to another prison. You must discover the right place, and to do it, you must go to Khurasan.

Bashi will give you a Power Token. Keep it; you’ll use it later.

Khurasan Gate Guardhouse


As you reach the Guardhouse, you must find the Outpost; this is the moment when you have to use Enkidu and aim at the two guards having a chat in one of the exterior hallways. After that, it’s time to enter.

The best way to enter Khurasan Gate is to reach the entrance and climb some scaffoldings at the right. It’ll leave you near two guards you need to eavesdrop. Hide in the haystack near them to hear their chat.

These are the scaffoldings you must use to get inside. Image by Ubisoft.

These guards talk about the scribe’s prisoner’s list, so you must find it. It’s in an office on the other side of the building, but you need the keys to enter.

Finding The Scribe

Kill the two chatting guards and the archer one at the tower on the other side of the building. Then, go down. Wait in the bushes until the guards get near you and dispose of all of them. After that, if you haven’t found them yet, use your Eagle Vision to find the scribe with the keys and kill him as well.

That’s usually where the Scribe spend most of his time. Image by Ubisoft.

Get the keys, open the door, take the list and leave. After that, do a fast travel to the Bureau.

If you can’t figure it out yet, here’s a video by I.Eat.Games where he shows the process of how to get inside the Khurasan Gate.


With the list you found, Roshan, Fuladh and Basim realize Ali is in the Damascus Gate Prison. It’s the most guarded prison in Harbiyah, but you must enter there and find him.

Meet with Fuladh in the location the game marks for you to plan the jailbreak. He tells you there are three ways to get inside: by yourself, paying the guards, or using the token to contract some distraction to the guards. The best and most effective option is the last one, so let’s go for that one.

Getting Inside The Prison

Go to the right side of the prison, and you’ll find a rebel. Talk and give him the token so they create a distraction for you to get inside. Follow the rebel, and you’ll eventually find a door to get into the prison. The game will mark the door for you, so you must get inside.

The rebels will really help you out. Image by Ubisoft.

There, follow the path until you find a guard. Kill the guy and get up a staircase. There’s another guard on the upper floor. Kill him as well. Get inside the next door.

You’ll see two guards and a door that leads to an open zone. Ignore those two guards and go to the open zone. There are a lot of guards on both side hallways, so blend in with the prisoners and continue further.

Blend in the crowd to progress. Image By Ubisoft.

You’ll be inside again; here, go to the left. There are two guards, so I hope you have some throwing knives, as you’ll have to use them to kill the guys and progress. Aim to the head. You can also whistle to attract and kill them. 

The next zone is a labyrinth filled with worn-out curtains. There are three guards here; you can use the curtains to easily dispose of the guards without getting noticed. Then, you’ll find a fourth guard beating a prisoner. Help the guy and climb the scaffolding next to him to continue.

Help him! Image by Ubisoft.

On the next zone, you’ll see several blocked doors; just ignore them, get rid of all the guards and drop yourself down the floor beneath you. Open the barred door and get inside. You’ll find Ali being tortured by the Jailer; kill him and talk with Ali.

Running Away

Ali doesn’t want to run away; he must find the guards to take them down. Tough guy! Now that you have the Jailer’s keys, it’s time to help him. As you already took down all the guards, you just have to follow the marked path; it’ll take you to the guards’ main room.

The guards now know you are here, so Ali gets inside, gathers info, and both run away. Don’t get inside by any means; run outside, find a rope and run away from the prison. The mission will end there, granting you two skill points. Reduce your notoriety before heading to the next mission.

This rope will take you out of the place. Image by Ubisoft.

Case 2: Al-Ghul

Ali is free, the rebels restore their power, and now it’s time to free all the people who are being enslaved just to find treasures in the relentless desert. To do this, you have to chop off the head of the problem and assassinate Al-Ghul.

If you want to assassinate Al-Ghul, you have to find him. Thankfully, Roshan headed to the windmills, pretty far from Harbiyah, to gather more info from the rebels. Ali is also there, and he and Roshan now will help you assassinate Al-Ghul. It’s just a matter of finding him.

A Delicate Alliance

This mission is pretty simple; you just have to reach the zone marked on the map, and you’ll complete it. You’ll find Ali in the Windmill, claiming victory. Ali knows who Al-Ghul is and also knows he’s buying immigrant workers and using prisoners to do wide excavations in the desert.

While in a meeting with Ali and Roshan, Bashi appears and reveals that Al-Ghul usually spends most of his time monitoring the excavations in the Caravanserai, which will be the place where you’ll assassinate Al-Ghul. Roshan will take you to the place.

Thank you, Bashi! Image by Ubisoft.

First Order

Finding Weak Spots

It’s time to assassinate Al-Ghul and end his reign of terror once and for all. The first step is to summon Enkidu and fly over the Caravanserai to find weak spots you can use to get inside unnoticed. You’ll find these two:

These are the two distraction opportunities you’ll find with Enkidu. Image By Ubisoft.

The first one is a merchant who got his products confiscated by Al-Ghul. You must enter the building, get the product and leave to lure out and assassinate Al-Ghul.

The second option is a worker whose handler tricked him to work for free in the Caravanserai. You must find his contract to free him, wreaking havoc to lure out and assassinate Al-Ghul.

Regardless of your choice, you must use Enkidu once again to trace the exact location of what you need. It’s up to you. The easiest one is finding the merchant’s products and taking them out of the Caravanserai, so let’s use that method.

Helping The Merchant

To find the merchant’s products, go to the secret entrance, get inside the Caravanserai, kill the guard there, and go to the right. Go up the stairs, use the Eagle Vision to reveal two guards up there, and kill them.

Climb the structure and kill the two guards you’ll see up there. Now, there are two more guards on the other side of the building. Kill them all and get inside again.

Next up, there’s a guard at the left, feeding chickens. You can lure him with a whistle to kill him. Be careful, as there are two more guards near him. Progress until you find a small opening where the merchant’s product is. There are two more guards there; kill them.

Pick up the box and run away! Image By Ubisoft.

Now that you have the box, you can return to the upper part of the Caravanserai, jump from the wall, fall outside, and search for the merchant to return his products.

Assassinating Al-Ghul

To thank you, he’ll get inside the Caravanserai alongside his workers and will get near Al-Ghul’s balcony to start screaming like a madman. This will lure Al-Ghul out, so it’s your time to shine.

Climb to the balcony from the left or the right side. Now, reach and assassinate Al-Ghul without getting noticed.

Your time is over, Al-Ghul. Image by Ubisoft.

As a reward, you’ll unlock the Assassin’s Focus, and you’ll get three Skill Points.

Congrats! You have assassinated Al-Ghul! But that’s not all here. It turns out Nehal, your old friend from Anbar, is still alive. As you are still very sorry for what happened there, you decide to travel to Anbar and see if she’s still in your old hideout.

My Old Home

This mission is pretty simple yet arduous, as you have to travel to Anbar by foot. As you reach the place, go and find the hideout marked on the map. Nehal is there, and she’ll tell you that she remembers a weird symbol from the artifact both stole at the Winter Palace, and she asks you for help to decipher the mystery.

A happy reunion! Image by Ubisoft.

That’s it; for now, you can’t do much about that, as you need to continue the game to unveil that case.

Click here to get a guide for your second assassination. You might need extra help with what’s coming up.

Do you have any doubts? Are you struggling with the game, or are you enjoying it? Please let me know in the comment section below! I’m more than pleased to give you extra help!

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