Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Assassinate Al-Pairika Guide

Image by Ubisoft.

This is the third chapter of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. It takes place in Karkh, and the objective is to assassinate Al-Pairika.

If you are looking for a guide on how to assassinate Al-Rabisu, here’s a guide on how to do it.

Intro: Coins & Daggers

Locate the Assassin’s Bureau in Karkh and enter. Here, you’ll meet Rebekah and Roshan. They talk about Karkh being heavily corrupted; the authorities seize the goods that arrive in Karkh and steal them.

The Hidden Ones think The Order is behind the tough rules for the merchants, and if they are implicated, they’ll for sure be in the Dai’rat Al-mal, a grand auction that takes place in the Bazaar. Your mission is to get inside the auction and discover what’s happening from inside.

You must get inside the grand auction. Image by Ubisoft.

Basim knows a guy, so it’s time to meet him.

Case 1: Coins, Corruption, and Tea

An Old Friend

To complete this mission, you must go to the zone marked on the map. You’ll eventually find a man named Kong, who is a long-time friend of Basim.

Kong! Long time no see! Image by Ubisoft.

Basim asks for help, but Kong says he’ll only help if Basim retrieves a crate of leaves he needs. It’s a fair exchange, so let’s look it up. 

From now on, you’ll really need a tool named Noisemaker. This is a bomb that doesn’t hurt but makes a lot of noise, and it alerts the guards. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, you should, as it’s extremely useful.

You’ll really need this for the upcoming missions. Image by Ubisoft.

After getting the Noisemaker, go to the marked point. You’ll see it’s a Restricted Area, so you must act quickly.

Finding The Leaves

There’s a guard at the door, so you must climb to the top of the tower, toss a Noisemaker far enough from the door to alert the guard at the door, and when the guard leaves his spot, get inside the building and quickly climb the ladder you’ll see there. There’s a guard next to the ladder; kill him.

Toss the Noisemaker exactly here. Image by Ubisoft.

Kong’s leaves are behind a couple of wooden structures you can move. Unbar the door in front of the box, grab the box, and return the leaves to Kong.

As you arrive, he’ll tell you that he’ll participate in the Grand Auction. As you ask him to grant you access to the event, he’ll ask you for another favor. The authorities ransacked his products from China, and he says the products are in a warehouse ruled by the Harbormaster. That’s your next mission.

Confiscation Warehouse

Finding The Warehouse

Kong didn’t give you an exact location for the Confiscation Warehouse, so you must find it. The best way is by offering Luca, a merchant and Kong’s rival, a Merchant Token Favor in exchange for information.

You’ll get this and more Token Favors by pickpocketing. After giving Luca the Merchant Token Favor, he’ll give you the exact location of the Confiscation Warehouse, which’ll appear marked on the map.

Luca knows something. Image by Ubisoft.

Getting Inside

Head there and reach the main entrance. There are mercenaries who can help you by creating a distraction, but there’s a better way to get inside. From the entrance, go to the right; you’ll see two guards under a gate.

These are the guards you must take down. Image by Ubisoft.

If you have darts, use them to send the guards to sleep. Don’t forget to kill them! You can also use throwing knives or whistling at them; the idea is to clear the area. After getting rid of the guards, go through that hallway and turn to the left when you see a terrace with a rope attached to it. Go to the building in front of you.

Finding Clues

Your mission is to find hints of who’s the Harbormaster; to do that, you need to find three notes. The first one is on the lower floor of the building I told you to enter. As you get it, go back to the hallway and continue. You’ll eventually see this tarpaulin, the one in front of Basim.

This is the tarpaulin you are looking for. Image by Ubisoft.

The note is there, but that zone is plagued with guards. Go to the rooftop of the building in front of the tarpaulin; you’ll find several gunpowder jars that blow up there. Now, take one of them and toss it near the tarpaulin; it’ll attract some guards. Grab another jar and wait until you see a big group of guards investigating what’s happening. Toss the jar at them, and they’ll die. Repeat the process until you clean the area, then go and grab the note.

This is the best way to get rid of the guards. Image by Ubisoft.

The last note is in the building in the following picture. Get inside through the window you can see and grab the note. With it, you discover the Harbormaster is an Order member, and you must kill him.

The building with the last note. Image by Ubisoft.


Killing Al-Kullulu is actually not hard! Go to the location marked on the map and use Enkidu. It’ll get almost shot by a Marksman, and he’s exactly in the best place to enter the zone, so reach that exact wall, climb it, and kill the Marksman.

There are guards near that same wall, but you can lure them out or just ignore them.

As you kill the Marksman, you can use Enkidu. It’ll let you mark the Harbormaster. He’s near where you enter the zone; go there.

Al-Kullulu and two guards. Image by Ubisoft.

You’ll be on a balcony, and Al-Kullulu is protected by two guards. You can whistle to lure them; don’t worry, Al-Kullulu won’t hear a thing. When the zone is clear, go and kill him.

Case 2: Of Toil and Taxes

Al-Kullulu is dead, but the Bazaar is still under the authorities’ strict control. The merchants get constantly ransacked. It’s time to investigate who’s pressuring the merchants.

The Bazaar

Go to the Bazaar and use your Eagle Vision to find a stall that’s getting looted by guards. It’s exactly this one:

This is the stall you are looking for. Image by Ubisoft.

The best way to get rid of the armored guard is by bribing him so they leave.

Now, free the lady and talk with her. She’ll tell you that the taxes are getting higher over time. She also had a shipment delayed. It was coming from the South Road alongside merchants that will participate in the grand auction, so she asks you to find them. 

Stranded Merchants

Finding the Merchants

You’ll see a mark on the map that it’s pretty far in the wilderness. You must head there. You can use a camel to mount or go on foot. It’s up to you.

The merchant’s camp is easy to see. They got threatened there, so you must investigate the zone. This is what you are looking for:

These are the four hints at the Merchant site. Image by Ubisoft.

Leading The Merchants

The threat is clear; if they continue through the southern path, they’ll die. So Basim offers to escort them to the gates if the merchants get attacked.

Eventually, a group of mercenaries will attack the merchants, and you must defend them. The group consists of three weak warriors and an armored leader. The weak trio are easy to take down via parrying, and the armored guard has a maze.

Whenever the guard stomps with his maze, stand behind him and attack his back.

This is the moment when the guard exposes his back. Image by Ubisoft.

The rest of the mission is simple; you’ll escort the merchants to the gate, and at the end, they’ll tell you what they know. 

The merchant let you know that Al-Anqa threatened them, and Al-Anqa is the Tax Collector who lives in a mansion in Karkh. You must pay him a visit!

Al-Anqa is behind the threats. Image by Ubisoft.

Tax Collector’s Mansion

Go to the location marked on the map and get inside the mansion. There’s a main house where you’ll find Al-Anqa. To get inside, you will need a key, which is held by a guard on the eastern side of the main house. Use your Eagle Vision to locate him.

This is the main house you are looking for. Image by Ubisoft.

The door you’ll use to get inside the house is also on the eastern side of the mansion, protected by three guards you must kill. You can engage in battle against them or kill them one by one.

This is the door that gives you access to the house. Image by Ubisoft.

The first thing you’ll see inside is a guard and a staircase. Go up, and you’ll find Al-Anqa. Kill him.

The taxes have been paid. Image by Ubisoft.

Now, you must look for hints of who was behind Al-Kullulu and Al-Anqa’s actions. You’ll discover someone that the Treasurer of Karkh, named Al-Pairika, is ordering all of this, and all just because of a hairpin. You must assassinate Al-Pairika if you want to stop all of this madness in Karkh.

Case 3: A Faceless Feather

After finishing both cases, go to the Bureau and talk with Rebekah. After that, Roshan will wait for you near the Bazaar to find and assassinate Al-Pairika.

The plan is to get into the auction as a bidder and detect the possible targets.

It’s time to find Al-Pairika. Image by Ubisoft.

Gilded Butterflies: Time to Assassinate Al-Pairika

The auction hasn’t started yet, so you must gather as much as you can about the Treasurer if you want to assassinate Al-Pairika.

Get inside the Bazaar and use your Eagle Vision. The first person you’ll find there is Kong. Upon talking with him, he’ll ask you to retrieve a valuable saucer that Luca, his rival, stole from him.

Kong is in the auction. Image by Ubisoft.

Retrieving The Saucer

Go to the marked zone on the map. It’s Luca’s shop. The first thing you’ll see inside is a door that leads to a wooden crate you can move. Use it to reach a higher zone on the other side of the room.

There, you’ll see gunpowder jars. Use them to break a wall. Then, move the crate outside the room and move it towards the entrance. Climb on it, and you’ll find the saucer. Take it back to Kong, and he’ll tell you that the Treasurer will wear robes from the East, so Al-Pairika is Chinese.

This is the saucer you are looking for. Image by Ubisoft.

Finding the Hairpin

Your second target is a foreign merchant who owns the hairpin the Treasurer is looking for.

This is the merchant who holds the Hairpin. Image by Ubisoft.

The man will take you to see the Hairpin. Now you know that if you want to assassinate Al-Pairika, you must put your hands in the Hairpin.

The Mysterious Woman

Your third target is near the merchant’s spot. Go out through the window at the back of the spot, get up a structure you’ll find in the middle of the bazaar and reach a balcony at the other side. You’ll find two women talking; sit down in a nearby chair to eavesdrop on their chat.

The mysterious lady is Qabiha, and she does perfumes for the Treasurer. Follow her until she stops in her shop. Eavesdrop on her again, then get inside and talk with the lady.

She’s Qabiha, a perfume crafter. Image by Ubisoft.

The woman will reveal that the Treasurer is named Ning.

The Auction

After that, the auction will start. This is a great moment to sell all the goods you pickpocket, as one of the ways to get to assassinate Al-Pairika is by buying the Hairpin. You’ll need 600 Durham.

The Treasurer will bid for the Hairpin, but you must win it if you want an excuse to visit and, therefore, assassinate Al-Pairika.

Ning finally reveals herself. Image by Ubisoft.

When the cutscene ends, go to the marked zone. It’s the door to enter Al-Pairika’s room. Only those who have an Ivory Coin Brooch can enter, so you must find the symbol to enter.

Finding the Ivory Coin Brooch

Get out of there and use your Eagle Vision to find the lady in the picture below. You must bribe her with a Merchant Token to get info.

This is the merchant who knows about the merchant guild. Image by Ubisoft.

After talking with her, turn around, and you’ll find a mark on the map where you can get the brooch. It’s in a Restricted Area, but you can get inside through the left wall at the entrance. No one will see you. 

Assassinate Al-Pairika

Now that you have the brooch, go to Al-Pairika’s room to meet with her. With the excuse of gifting her the Hairpin, she’ll let you have a personal talk. You’ll have the chance to assassinate Al-Pairika after a brief cutscene.

It’s time to die, Al-Pairika. Image by Ubisoft.

All you must do after that is run away, and the chapter will end.

Here’s a video from FP Good Game that shows all the process in case you are stuck with a certain part of the last mission.

Did you assassinate Al-Pairika easily, or did you have problems finding her? Let me know in the comments below!

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