Assassin’s Creed Mirage – Assassinate Al-Rabisu Guide

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This can be considered the second chapter of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. It takes place in Abbasiyah, and your objective is to assassinate Al-Rabisu, a scholar who hides in the House of Wisdom.

Case 1: The Missing Brother

The chapter starts with you heading to the Assassin’s Bureau in Abbasiyah. It’s guarded by Tabid, a Hidden One member you might recognize from the prologue. He tells you that the former well-reputed House of Wisdom is now a snake nest, and one of the Banu Musa, Ahmad Ibn Musa, is missing. Here’s when our adventure through Abbasiyah begins.

House of Wisdom

Your very first mission in this chapter is to travel to the House of Wisdom. The place is located on the map, so it’s easy to find.

Welcome to the House of Wisdom! Image by Ubisoft.

You’ll find Fazil Fahim, the commander of the House of Wisdom, trying to calm down a group of people after a fire destroyed a number of important books. He doesn’t know where Ahmad is, but you start looking for him.

Suspicious old man… Image by Ubisoft.

Ahmad’s Workshop

If you want to find Ahmad, you first must find his workshop. Use your Eagle Vision to locate the Kahraman, Fazil Fahim’s right hand. He’ll tell you where to find Ahmad’s workshop.

Shortly before getting inside, Nehal will catch you up. She won’t tell you much. Then, you’ll get inside the workshop. It’s time to look for clues! Use your Eagle Vision to find them.

One of Ahmad’s works. Image by Ubisoft.

After discovering everything, an assistant will appear, asking if he can help you out. This is Hamid. You’ll ask him if he knows where Ahmad is, and he’ll take you to him.

But it all was a trap! Hamid set you up with some guards, and you know must take them down. The two without armor are easy to defeat, but for the bigger one, try to be very attentive to his moves. You’ll defeat him by parrying all of his attacks.

Hamid! You sneaky Rat! Image By Ubisoft.

After defeating the guards, you’ll interrogate Hamid. He set you up as an order from his superior, a Masked Man, and you decide to spare his life. Hamad’s job is to keep everyone far from discovering an important excavation site. It’s really suspicious, so it’s time to reach that place.

Excavation Site

Locating The Place And Finding Opportunities

The place is very hidden, and you can’t really locate it with Enkidu because you won’t know where to start. So, this is the exact place you must go:

This is the Excavation Site location. Image by Ubisoft.

As soon as you arrive, the game asks you to find opportunities to enter, so it’s time to use your Eagle Vision or Enkidu to locate them. The first one is a man working, and the second one is a group of Mercenaries who can help you out by creating a distraction if you pay them with a Power Token. I don’t recommend doing it; you won’t use them.

This is the man you have to locate. Image by Ubisoft.

As you locate and talk with the man, he’ll tell you that you must avoid chests and tools. And as you need to find info about Ahmad, you need to find those chests! It’s time to use Enkidu again!

Finding The Chests

Use Enkidu and place it over the center of the Excavation Site, and use its skills to find all the chests. It’ll leave you with something like this:

These are the three hidden chests. Image by Ubisoft.

The chest I marked with a red circle is the important one, so let’s get it. The best way is by reaching it from the upper zone, where no one will detect you, and the guards are all facing the site, so you can easily kill them. Try to reach this zone:

Step on the tarpaulin to attract the guards’s attention. Image by Ubisoft.

As you are in the tarpaulin, start whistling, and the guards will come. Kill them, get down, and open the chest. You’ll find a letter inside. It comes from Doctor Hassan, and it’s asking Ahmad to help him with an investigation. The doctor can be found in the Bimaristan, a big hospital, so it’s time to go there. Use the fast travel to reach the zone easily.

The Doctor

Locating Doctor Hassan’s Office

The mission is to find the Doctor and ask him for Ahmad. Get inside the Bimaristan and use your Eagle Vision. You’ll quickly find a big door in the right hallway. This is Doctor Hassan’s office, but the thing is that it’s blocked. You must find the key, so use your Eagle Vision, and you’ll locate a nurse with the key. She’s easy to find and pickpocket.

This is Doctor Hassan’s office. Image by Ubisoft.

Get inside the office and use your Eagle Vision once again. You’ll eventually discover Doctor Hassan is a member of The Order under the name of Al-Azhdaha. You must kill The Doctor if you want to find Ahmad and, therefore, reach and assassinate Al-Rabisu.

Locating Doctor Hassan

Go outside the office and reach the stairs. You’ll find a group of people talking, so sit on a bench nearby and listen to them. They’ll let you know Doctor Hassan is in his private laboratory, and it’s locked up there. It’s time to go upstairs.

This next part is complicated, and it solely depends on your skill. There’s a terrace on the second floor, and it’s crowded with guards. Step on the door at the right side and start whistling to the four guards there and take them down one by one. Then, advance. Keep reducing small groups of guards until you reach the laboratory.

If you have to engage in battle, don’t worry; the guards are so far away from each other that you have a chance to battle without getting outnumbered. Nonetheless, here’s a quick guide for the basics of engaging in battle properly and without getting into problems.

I recommend reaching the door by climbing from the other side, sending the guard without armor to sleep with a dart, and assassinating the armored guard by jumping at him.

As you have access to the door, read the message next to it; it says there’s a broken window you can use to get inside.

Assassinating Doctor Hassan

Get to the other side of the laboratory. It’s a hallway where you can access the rooftop of the building easily. This last zone is filled with guards, so be careful.

It’s not easy to reach Hassan’s lab. Image by Ubisoft.

Kill the guard next to the staircase and head to the right. Use your Eagle Vision to locate the laboratory in case you get lost.

As spaces here are smaller, if you kill a guard, you’ll alert the rest of them. There are two guards next to the laboratory. Distract them to take them down. There’s a third guard going around that zone, so you might want to kill him as well.

Now, for the window. It’s this one:

This is the broken window you are looking for. Image By Ubisoft.

Get inside, jump at the chandelier and aim down. Then, kill the evil doctor. After that, Ahmad, the lost brother, will appear. He was working with Doctor Hassan, but the thing is that he didn’t know Hassan was a member of The Order. It was a harsh mistake but not a betrayal, so you decide to let him go. 

End with Hassan’s reign of terror. Image By Ubisoft.

There’s a second case to complete if you want to find and assassinate Al-Rabisu. Let’s get into it.

Case 2: Follow The Fiery Trail

As you know, The Order is creating an evil machine and using the most capable scholars to do so. Remember that fire that left a pile of books in ashes? Well, it’s now time to investigate why those books are so important that someone had to burn them down.

The Caretaker of Books

Finding The Library

You must go back to the House of Wisdom. There, you’ll know that a scribe named Hunayn is missing and some books with a foreign language no one managed to decipher. People there are also looking for the Caretaker of Books, who’s hidden behind many guards in the library.

I think these books weren’t in the fire. Image By Ubisoft.

The library is a restricted zone, so you can’t just get inside from the door in the hallway; you must look for another way to get inside. Climb the House of Wisdom from outside and reach the marker on the map. You’ll be in a hallway where you’ll eventually find an open window that leads to the library. Get inside.

You should be in this hallway. Image by Ubisoft.

Finding the Caretaker

The first thing you see inside the library is a staircase. Go down there. Now, use your Eagle Vision to locate all the guards on this lower floor. There’s a guard with a horn you must kill first, and some other lesser guards sitting down and keeping the place “safe”.

If you step right where I took the picture above, you’ll see there’s a scaffolding at the left wall where you can step and watch the guards’ movements. The best moment to kill the bigger guard is when he’s alone next to a desktop.

Focus on this guard. Image by Ubisoft.

After killing him, you can either progress through the lower floor and get up the stairs, or you can get back and head forward. You’ll see two guards near the second staircase; lure them out of there and kill them. Continue through that hallway, and you’ll find another staircase. Go down this time, but be careful with the guards of the zone.

The caretaker is in a small room. He’s dead, but he left some clues of what happened in case someone found him. Your next destination is the Scriptorium.

The Scriptorium

Getting Inside The Scriptorium

The Scriptorium is crowded with guards and a marksman throws arrows at Enkidu, so don’t use him here. At least he offers you the best way to get inside the Scriptorium. Find this exact wall and climb it up:

This is the best way to get inside. Image by Ubisoft.

It’ll let you directly behind the marksman so you can kill him. Here you’ll also hear that there’s a scribe imprisoned in the place; he’s trying to decipher a weird-looking book and hasn’t done anything else since he arrived. That’s probably Hunayn, the scribe who disappeared. It’s time to free him!

Freeing Hunayn

Stay exactly there where you are. A guard will eventually reach the Marksman’s body; kill him. Then, peep at the balcony next to where you killed the Marksman; you’ll see an armored soldier there, and he has the keys to free Hunayn, so kill him. Don’t leave the balcony yet; take a look in front. You’ll notice a door there; that’s where you must go.

This is the guard with the keys to open the door in front of you. Image by Ubisoft.

Get inside the building, loot all you see there, and go down the stairs. There are two guards downstairs; you can lure them upstairs by whistling, or you can send one of them to sleep and kill the other one. Now at the door, start whistling to lure all the guards outside to kill them, one by one. It’s a tedious process but the easiest way to do it.

As the three outside get killed, the last two are easy to take down by engaging in battle. There’s no easy way to kill them, but they won’t attract any more guards.

Get inside the door and meet with Hunayn. A lady named Zahra imprisoned him here to decipher one of those missing books from the House of Wisdom. As the cutscene ends, use your Eagle Vision to look for clues on where to find Zahra. You’ll find a letter upstairs with the exact location of Zahra, so it’s time to see why she wanted to understand those books so badly.


Go to the marked point on the map: Zahra’s house. You can freely explore it as there are no guards. Use your Eagle Vision to find a building with keys on it. You can get inside through the back door. Now that you have the keys, explore the entire site. All that you need is in the building with stairs; you’ll get inside via a broken window you’ll detect with the Eagle Vision.

Inside, you’ll find a letter from Al-Rabisu to Zahra, who runs under the name of Al-Zarik, so she’s a member of The Order, and you must kill her if you want to assassinate Al-Rabisu.

Now go to the zone marked; it’s a roof where you can see how Zahra arrives. Let the lady talk, and follow her steps until you see her practicing with a knife on a dummy. That’s the best moment to attack. Wait until she gets alone and go for the kill. Then, run to the Bureau to inform Tabid about what you found.

The guards will eventually leave. Image By Ubisoft.

Assassinate Al-Rabisu at the Great Symposium

Al-Zarik and Al-Azhdaha are dead; you only need to assassinate Al-Rabisu. Basim figured out that the only one who fits into Al-Rabisu’s description is Fazim Fahil, the House of Wisdom’s caretaker. There’s an event in the House of Wisdom; that’s your best chance to assassinate Al-Rabisu.

Attend Al-Rabisu’s Conference

Locate the Kahraman (he’ll be marked) and talk with him. Al-Rabisu’s conference will start soon. In the meantime, use your Eagle Vision to locate people and learn more about the event. You’ll have to go through an eavesdrop to locate Abid, the poetess, and therefore talk with her to see if she’s related to the Order. She’s not. But it’ll trigger the event where you’ll get to the conference and meet Al-Rabisu for the first time.

The Kahraman reveals to Al-Rabisu that Zahra and Hassan got assassinated, and he runs away. It’s time to find him!

And you’ll be the next. Image by Ubisoft.

Find Al-Rabisu’s Hideout

The first step to assassinate Al-Rabisu is to find this exact place and talk with the gatekeeper. He’s protecting Al-Rabisu’s office and will only let you enter if you complete the passphrase. Now, go up the stairs at the left side of the gatekeeper.

This is the guard you must talk to. Image By Ubisoft.

Here, you’ll find two workers talking about a missing book that is very important. It’s time to look it up! Go down the stairs, where the gatekeeper is, and then go to the hallway at the right. Then, turn to the right again, and you’ll reach an open zone. Here, go to the left and climb the wall of the House of Wisdom until you find a balcony. You should be in this place:

This is the balcony you’ll find after climbing the wall. Image by Ubisoft.

The book you are looking for is behind the wooden dressing screen. Use your Eagle Vision to locate it. Now that you have the book, return it to the gatekeeper, choose “Are Those Who Shall Return”, and he’ll let you get inside.

Assassinate Al-Rabisu

Al-Rabisu is not in his office. Use your Eagle Vision to locate some libraries you can move. They’ll give you access to a basement.

The basement is behind this library. Image by Ubisoft.

It’s easy to explore, but be aware that it’s filled with guards. You can lure them out by whistling or letting them see you briefly. You’ll eventually reach this door:

You’ll assassinate Al-Rabisu behind this door. Image by Ubisoft.

Now, get inside the cage in the middle and go through a hole in the wall you’ll find there. Here you’ll get a prisoner costume to avoid getting noticed. The rest is easy; follow the guard until they set you in the Great Work machine. Then, Al-Rabisu will appear. He’ll use you on his machine, but you can avoid getting killed if you assassinate Al-Rabisu when he gets near you. It’s just a cutscene.

Your time is over, Al-Rabisu. Image by Ubisoft.

After killing him, quickly go through the door the game marks, and you’ll complete the mission.

There’s a second way to assassinate Al-Rabisu, and it’s by getting inside the basement. Here’s a great video from FP Good Game that shows all the process.

Did you assassinate Al-Rabisu? Are you enjoying Assassin’s Creed Mirage? Let me know in the comments below!

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