7 Best Upcoming Indie Games of 2024

In music terms, indie games are like the coolest bands you haven’t heard of yet. They’re made by small teams with tons of heart, so you can find unique ideas and surprising gameplay in all of them. They might not have fancy graphics like Genshin Impact or Death Stranding but they do have unique stories and boundless creative freedom. Plus, they often cost less than AAA games, so you can snag a hidden gem and save plenty of bucks while you’re at it. Since the realm of independent video games is as vast as the ocean, today we’ll be looking at the best upcoming indie games of 2024 that everyone should wishlist.

7. Hyper Light Breaker

Hyper Light Breaker
Image: Heart Machine

Release Date: 2024
Developer: Heart Machine 

Hyper Light Breaker is the successor to Hyper Light Drifter which was an amazing 2D action RPG. With the sequel going 3D you just know it’s going to be a worthy follow-up. Hyper Light Drifter’s art style has always been a standout and with its 3D sequel following the same route yet adding bigger enemies and cooler visuals, Hyper Light Breaker is definitely one of the most anticipated indie games scheduled for later this year.

6. Ghost Bike

Ghost Bike
Image: Messhof 

Release Date: 2024
Developer: Messhof 

Ghost Bike is a choose-your-own-adventure story on wheels. You ride a ghostly bike and explore a ghostly semi-open world filled with intrigue and pretty sights. Your choices also change the environment and the story. Ghost Bike has the same look and feel as 2021’s Sable but with – you guessed it – bikes. So, if you were a fan of Sable, you should instantly wishlist Ghost Bike.

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5. Nirvana Noir

Nirvana Noir
Image: Feral Cat Den

Release Date: 2024
Developer: Feral Cat Den

By the same people behind Genesis Noir comes Nirvana Noir. This follow-up seems to expand upon every aspect of its predecessor, making things even jazzier as you visit different places in this adventure game. You play as a watchmaker who jumps between different realities, solving cosmic mysteries while jamming to a groovy soundtrack that hits as hard as you do. This trip through a fever dream is something to look forward to in 2024 for all those who love a detective story bathed in a colorful, mysterious, and noir aesthetic.

4. Helskate

Image: Phantom Coast

Release Date: 2024
Developer: Phantom Coast 

We’ve all missed those skateboarding games we grew up on. Luckily, Helskate is an upcoming indie game that will not just scratch that same itch but do so much more. It has a vibrant world in which you perform sick skateboarding tricks and combos all while looking super cool and killing a bunch of monsters. For all those adrenaline junkies out there, Helskate is the indie game for you.

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3. The Mermaid’s Tongue

The Mermaid’s Tongue
Image: SFB Games

Release Date: 2024
Developer: SFB Games 

The sequel to Tangle Tower, The Mermaid’s Tongue is shaping up to be equally as good if not better. It is the perfect indie game for mystery lovers. A dead captain, a creepy submarine, and a hidden curse. The Mermaid’s Tongue is a detective adventure that has it all.

2. Dead Static Drive

Dead Static Drive
Image: Reuben

Release Date: Q3 2024
Developer: Reuben

Dead Static Drive is basically an 80’s road trip gone horribly wrong. The story takes players across many creepy towns that have unsettling vibes and monsters that feel like they were pulled straight out of a nightmare. This indie horror game is a Grand Theft Auto meets H.P. Lovecraft collaboration with you scavenging, fighting, and exploring a twisted version of Americana. Now that’s a combination you never see often, so it’s clear why you should be on the lookout for Dead Static Drive in 2024.

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1. Thank Goodness You’re Here!

Thank Goodness You’re Here!
Image: Coal Supper

Release Date: 2024
Developer: Coal Supper

If you’re looking for a wholesome and fun experience, Thank Goodness You’re Here! should be at the top of your list for the best indie games of 2024. In the game, you play as a salesman who stumbles into the wacky town of Barnsworth and gets tangled up in the townsfolk’s bizarre yet comedic errands. Thank Goodness You’re Here! feels a bit like South Park, but way, way more uncanny as its art style is plucked right out of Cartoon Network’s good old days. In all my years as an indie game enthusiast, I’ve never seen a game that made me want to play it more. Everything from the goofy characters and captivating art style to the comical premise of Thank Goodness You’re Here! screams epicness, and if there was only one best upcoming indie game you could manage to play this year, this is it.

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