Bug Heroes Tower Defense Game Guide

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Tower defense is arguably the best subgenre of strategy games. Killing endless waves of enemies, strategically placing your troops, and then holding the line is as satisfying a feeling as any. It’s almost like you’re fighting in a war yourself. Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is one such new tower defense mobile game that was released on November 29, 2023, for Android. Versions for iOS and Steam (PC) on the other hand, are still in development but should arrive soon.

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is actually a spin-off of the original action game Bug Heroes 1 & 2 for mobile. It takes the best parts of the series and recreates them for a tower defense setting.

Entomophiles in particular will love the theme of insect warriors, as well as the stellar strategy gameplay. Having said that, here’s a complete Bug Heroes: Tower Defense game guide that tells you exactly what the experience entails and what you should know about it.

Bug Heroes Tower Defense Gameplay – Fun New Twists On A Classic Genre

The basic premise of Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is like any other game of its subgenre. You protect a base, the food stash, from invading insects in sets of 15, 30, or 60 waves by placing unique towers.

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense gameplay
Image: Foursaken Media

What is new and innovative here is that you’re actually in control of a character while the towers automatically attack, so unlike other tower defense games, in Bug Heroes you also play an integral role during the waves instead of just in-between them. It’s such a simple yet insane idea that exponentially increases the amount of fun you have.

The towers have a huge variety too, and they can be bought with screws that are randomly dropped during waves or can get obtained by killing enemies. 

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense bosses
Image: Foursaken Media

Oh, and at the end of every level there’s a huge boss, but they are really easy to beat as by the time they appear, your towers will be quite powerful and your characters will have their “Ultimate Attack” bar filled up. The Ultimate Attack one-shots them, so no worries there.

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Bug Heroes Tower Defense Characters, Abilities & Towers

Characters in Bug Heroes: Tower Defense are called Heroes and they are stylized as insect-like creatures, and each of them is distinct. Some characters like the Ant use guns during combat, while others like the Spider are restricted to melee only.

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense heroes honey bee
Image: Foursaken Media

At the start of the game, you’ll have one character unlocked already, and you can acquire more by progressing further. Heroes also have abilities such as turret deployment, smoke screens, and other special attacks which can be manually used at any time. 

And as characters gain experience by participating in levels, you can upgrade them with Gold which increases their stats, and gets them a new immensely powerful ability too.

How To Unlock New Characters

Unlocking characters in Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is pretty straightforward. While hovering on the map screen, you’ll see some “Houses” or stages that have characters marked on them. 

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense heroes
Image: Foursaken Media

In order to acquire these characters, you simply need to collect enough keys, unlock the respective House, and then complete the first level. Another way of getting some characters is buying them with Gems or Keys, provided you’re given the opportunity to do so.

Since we’ve got your back, here are three of the best characters in Bug Heroes you should work on getting.

HeroesClass/TypeNoteworthy StatsHow To Unlock
WormGrenadierLow on health but has high damage output skills.Unlocked by completing a specific House
MothEnchantressMassively heals the entire party with her numerous healing skillsPurchasable with 750 Gems, Unlocked by completing a specific House, Obtainable through Battle Pass
Honey BeeCommanderHas multiple skills that can be used to summon helper minionsUnlocked by completing a specific House

Towers & Upgrades how to unlock more

And now comes the bread and butter of any tower defense game: the towers. There are 18 unique towers in Bug Heroes: Tower Defense. They can be unlocked by completing levels, so the only way to get them all is through constantly pushing forward.

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense towers
Image: Foursaken Media

Furthermore, like characters, each tower can be upgraded during levels. Upgrades vary from increase in range to more damage, and faster reload speed. Test them all and find what suits the current stage best.

And speaking of stages, that leads us into the stages and levels section of this Bug Heroes: Tower Defense game guide.

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Bug Heroes Tower Defense World Exploration, Houses & Levels

You’d expect that Bug Heroes: Tower Defense might have a tower-like progression system, however, the world in Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is essentially represented as a neighborhood. Quirky right? Since this is a game about insects after all, choosing a rodent-infested map is an amazing idea.

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense map screen
Image: Foursaken Media

After you complete the tutorial, you’re introduced to the map. At first, the entire thing is shrouded in clouds. However, as you complete the stages, you’re rewarded with “Keys” which you can use to unlock new stages or Houses that have better rewards and characters.

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense map screen characters
Image: Foursaken Media

For more context, stages are referred to as Houses in Bug Heroes: Tower Defense. The Houses contain multiple levels that you can clear for rewards. Alternatively, you could call them “floors” like I do if you want.

Survive these floors and you’ll unlock characters, Keys, Gold, and Gems. Plus, all your equipped characters will gain some experience points.

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Inventory, Recourses, And Upgrading In Bug Heroes: Tower Defense

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably figured out the basic currencies and resources in the game.

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense currencies
Image: Foursaken Media

These consist of Gold, Gems, and Keys. Neither of them is hard to come by nor difficult to understand. Here’s a table telling you everything there is about them.

RecourseUseObtained by
GoldUsed to level up HeroesCompleting levels, Can be exchanged with Gems in the shop, Battle Pass, Crates
GemsUsed to unlock new charactersObtained by completing levels, Can be purchased from the shop, Battle Pass
KeysUsed to unlock new HousesObtained by completing levels

Is There A Battle Pass System In Bug Heroes: Tower Defense?

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense battle pass
Image: Foursaken Media

Additionally, there is also a Battle Pass mechanic in Bug Heroes: Tower Defense. Buying it isn’t necessary or recommended. At the moment, you can only get a single unique character through the Battle Pass, Moth, and even she can be obtained by completing a specific House later in the game.

The upside to owning a Battle Pass would be the buffs it gives your characters. Other than that, you’re not missing out on much.

Bug Heroes Tower Defense Best Tips & Tricks 

Every tower defense game always has a couple of tips to get the job done easier, so here are two important ones you should know about Bug Heroes: Tower Defense.

You can spam abilities, if you want

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense abilities
Image: Foursaken Media

Though not recommended, spamming abilities is an easy way to clear levels. When you have multiple Heroes unlocked, each of them will have abilities that can be used during combat, but they’ll have cooldowns of at least 20 seconds.

A way to go about this situation would be to use the Hero’s ability and then switch out to your other characters and then use their ability. You can continuously keep on using overpowered abilities and not have to worry about enemies reaching the food stash.

There are plenty of camera tricks

camera settings in Bug Heroes
Image: Foursaken Media

Bug Heroes does try to brief you on the camera settings during the tutorial, but since the tutorial is so packed, you will likely forget some of them. Here are a few important camera tips and tricks you should always keep in mind.

  • Pressing the camera icon in the bottom left corner changes your view from top-down to 3D, albeit controlling your Heroes becomes harder.
  • You can pinch to zoom in and out at any time
  • Clicking on an enemy will enable lock-on. A handy tip especially useful when a specific enemy gets too close to the food stash.

Final Thoughts: A Whacky Spin On Tower Defense

While Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is very fun to play, at its current state, it is far from the level of games like Genshin Impact and Reverse: 1999. The content in it will last you many dozens of hours. But during your time playing, you’ll feel a lot could be improved upon. Especially the game modes as at the time of writing, only the basic story mode is available.

However, that’s understandable since it was released so recently. It’s almost a done deal that Foursaken Media will continue to support it with updates and patches. Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is still an enjoyable game for strategy fanatics. There’s a ton in it that caters to every gamer here. If you’re searching for a wonderful title to spend your time in, this would be an awesome choice.

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