Bug Heroes Tower Defense Tier List – Best Characters For 2024

Image: Foursaken Media

Placing the right towers and characters is the crux of any tower defense game. If you’ve started playing Foursaken Media’s Bug Heroes Tower Defense recently, here’s an ultimate tier list breaking down what you need to get your hands on first.

Bug Heroes Tower Defense is a tower defense game as you know. However, there’s one giant twist in it: you also play as a character during waves when enemies attack. Your role here isn’t just limited to placing towers and seeing the action unfold, you’re a big part of the game at all times and that’s why Bug Heroes is so fun. 

But what’s fun at first will quickly become daring as the latter levels are unimaginably tough. Since controlling the characters is more essential than placing the towers, starting a stage with the wrong team will cost you the victory. But before we get into the tier list, you might want to check out our Bug Heroes Tower Defense guide that details all mechanics, resources, and tips and tricks to help on your journey. 

If you’re new to the game, or simply bewildered by the introduction of the Heroes (character selection) system, here’s a complete Bug Heroes Tower Defense tier list that ranks every character. 

Bug Heroes Tower Defense Tier List

Below you’ll find the Bug Heroes: Tower Defense tier list which ranks all 10 Heroes in the game. Those placed in the S-tier are the best of the best, while we’d suggest refraining from using those in lower tiers because of their complexity or simply because they’re underpowered.

TierHeroHero TypeAttack TypeAbilities
SHoney BeeRanged, MeleeArea of EffectLeadership, Ant Colony, Comrades
SMothBuff, RangedArea of EffectRegeneration, Enchanting Aura, Greater Heal 
SBeetleMeleeArea of EffectWarrior’s Rage, Adrenaline, Taunt
APillbugRangedSingle targetHunker Down, Exploding Shells, Piercing Rounds
ASlugRangedArea of EffectSticky Welding, Battery Discharge, Slime, Dash
AAntRangedSingle targetCraftsman, Porta Turret, Plasma Cannon
AWormRangedSingle targetThe Worminator, Land Mine, Kamikaze
BSpiderMeleeArea of EffectCall of the Clan, Ninja Smoke, Cloak and Dagger
BFlyRangedSingle targetGamble, Quick Draw, Bullet Tornado
BTermiteMeleeArea of EffectArchitect, Junk Smash, Food Cultivator

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Best Bug Heroes Tower Defense Characters For 2024

The above tier list gives a quick insight into the best characters in Bug Heroes: Tower Defense. However, for those of you who want more, here’s a detailed explanation of why some Heroes are clearly better than the rest.

Honey Bee: S-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense honey bee
Image: Foursaken Media

The Honey Bee is the most overpowered Hero in Bug Heroes Tower Defense. His abilities have high output damage and surprisingly low cooldowns, making him an absolute beast at any point during the game.

Moth: S-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense moth
Image: Foursaken Media

Moth’s the only character in-game that has multiple healing abilities. She can tank a lot of damage because of that and her offensive abilities aren’t that bad either. Placing her in S-tier was an easy choice, and if bosses are giving you trouble, get her first. 

Beetle: S-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Tier List, Beetle, S-tier
Image: Foursaken Media

The Beetle is presented as a very early unlock in Bug Heroes Tower Defense. You’ll be given the chance to choose Spider or Beetle, but after personally testing both of them, Beetle is the clear winner thanks to his completely broken build. One hit from Beetle will virtually end an enemy wave, so it’s pretty clear why he’s an S-tier.

Pillbug: A-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Pillbug
Image: Foursaken Media

Pillbug’s nicknamed the Gunner in Bug Heroes Tower Defense, and it’s quite easy to see why. Activating his Hunker Down ability makes him shoot 3x as fast and if enemies are endlessly approaching, you can even the odds by summoning two more Gunners just like him, the Gunner Squad.

Slug: A-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense slug
Image: Foursaken Media

In this case, Slug doesn’t mean slow, it means zapping your enemies with an electric gun. Sick abilities, a large health bar, and electrifying ranged attacks are three reasons why Slug’s such a well-balanced character in Bug Heroes, but not so much so that he can called an S-tier character.

Ant: A-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense ant
Image: Foursaken Media

Ant’s the starting character in Bug Heroes Tower Defense. Many will believe he’s weak because of that, but properly level him up and you’ll be shocked to see just how powerful he truly is – A-tier powerful.

Worm: A-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Tier List, Worm A-tier
Image: Foursaken Media

The Worminator is perhaps the most versatile Hero to have in your team. Worm’s a slowpoke as you’d expect, but what he lacks in movement speed, he makes up for in bonkers damage. His epic grenade launcher will annihilate approaching waves. 

Spider: B-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense spider
Image: Foursaken Media

While he’s a cool character, Spider ranks as a B-tier character in our Bug Heroes Tower Defense tier list. Spider’s attacks are quick and may massively damage your opponents, but his lower health pool becomes a big problem in the latter part of the game. Newcomers will want to avoid Spider until they get a hang of things.

Fly: B-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Tier List, Fly B-tier
Image: Foursaken Media

Fly’s a character you should avoid as well. While he’s agile and fast, his guns don’t pack as much of a punch as some of the other heavy hitters mentioned above. Maybe test him out after you’ve got the others?

Termite: B-tier

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense termite
Image: Foursaken Media

Another Hero you need to stay away from is Termite. We’ve got nothing against this character, but being able to build weak towers and having low-damage attacks doesn’t exactly get you in anyone’s good books.

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Bug Heroes Tower Defense Tier List Criteria

Here is the criteria for our Bug Heroes Tower Defense tier list.

  • Tier S: These characters are must-haves if you want to win. A single S-tier character will shred your enemies in seconds, so if beating the game is all you care about, make haste to obtain them.
  • Tier A: Some Heroes are well-balanced, neither too weak nor too strong, and come with some super cool abilities. We’re ranking them in the A-tier. They aren’t overpowered, but more often than not, they will get the job done.
  • Tier B: These characters aren’t the strongest, but some players might like them. They are unique in the sense that they have different abilities, and while they won’t land you guaranteed victories, they are fun to experiment with.

That’s a wrap on the Bug Heroes Tower Defense tier list. More characters will likely be added later down the line. But for now, this tier list is perfect for those who have just started out. The above-mentioned rankings will help you choose the best Heroes and you’ll easily blast through the entire game. However, even the B-tier characters will shine under the right circumstances, so don’t let us hold you back from trying them out!

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