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Call of Dragons is a massively multiplayer online RPG for mobile and PC. It’s a giant fantasy city-builder where you command legions of Troops and conquer neighboring areas, make alliances, attack other players, gather resources, and progress a story along with doing every other thing such a game offers. Call of Dragons was originally released on March 25, 2023, however, thanks to developer FARLIGHT’s continuous support, it’s expanded into an even bigger MMORPG that is rocking a 5 million+ install base.

Given how humongous city-builders are, and with Call of Dragons being way larger, as a new player you might feel lost, overwhelmed, and taken up by a feeling of sensory overload. It’s not easy figuring things out on your own, and if that’s how you’re feeling right now, this Call of Dragons game guide is exactly what you need.

Call of Dragons Gameplay – Command And Conquer

When you first boot up Call of Dragons, you need to choose one of three available races. All three have different Troops and statistics and impact your playstyle, but not to worry as you can change races once you acquire a Faction Change Ticket later in the game. Once you’ve selected your race, good luck, you’re now made chieftain of a small city in a giant fantasy world that is being corrupted by the Darklings as we speak.

Call of dragons races

It’s your job to develop your settlement and transform it into a thriving city, train Troops at camps, join alliances, participate in raids, and beat all of the Darklings threatening the lands. At a time you can train hundreds of different Infantry, Spearmen, or Wyvern Riders and have them battle against patrolling mobs nearby and also in far corners of the gargantuan open world. Once you have a Hero selected and have already trained Troops, you can create a Legion and send it off to war. 

However, Fights happen automatically for the most part. But during them, you are still responsible for activating skills. Not to mention that strategy and preparation is half the battle. In the start, most of your battles will be 10 or 20 Troops fighting against enemy mobs, but when you reach late-game scenarios, you’ll be engaged in literal wars with a thousand NPCs fighting against each other in real-time.

Gameplay call of dragons

Although the battles in Call of Dragons aren’t the first of their kind in the genre, they definitely happen on the grandest scale ever and you’ll be amazed at how jam-packed they become later on.

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Call of Dragons Characters & Abilities

There are two types of units in Call of Dragons: Troops and Heroes. Troops are units that you train in the hundreds and they form the basic might of your army. They can be of various types including Axemen, Spearmen, and Mages. 

Call of Dragons Characters & Abilities

Alternatively, Heroes play a different role albeit it is just as important. Unlike Troops, Hero characters are only a few and each of them is unique and has a level, rank, specific stats, and a set of skills that can be used during battle, provided you have assigned them as your “Legion” or army commander. Heroes also possess a vast Talent system that further modifies their stats and depending on how strong and leveled up your Hero is, your army’s capacity, might, and attack power will increase.

Best Heroes In Call of Dragons

There are a total of    Heroes in Call of Dragons and they are categorized into three tiers: Elite, Epic, and Legendary.

As you play Call of Dragons, you’ll be able to unlock new types of Troops through the Military Tech tree (discussed below) whereas new Heroes are obtained via Events, Hero Recruitment Chests, and similar methods.

hero chests cod

While the Epic and Elite Heroes are easier to get, they aren’t that powerful. For Legendary Heroes it’s the complete opposite, so you should prioritize getting one of them as soon as possible. Here are the best Heroes in Call of Dragons you should set an eye on from day 1.

LegendaryTheiaOverall, PvP, Support
LegendaryHoskOverall, Rally, Precision
LegendaryEmrysCavalry, PvP, Mobility

Call of Dragons Maps, World Exploration, Levels & Stages 

The map in Call of Dragons is divided into several regions which you can view by zooming out. As you expand your settlement and play the campaign story missions, you’ll unlock the ability to scout new regions and see what they have in store.

Other players’ bases, mobs, secret enemies, high-tier loot, and such are all randomly scattered throughout the world. Out of all the city-builders I’ve played, Call of Dragons has the largest map and amount of content.

Call of Dragons Maps, World Exploration

As Call of Dragons is an open world game, so there isn’t a single route to follow. Instead, the game is divided into different game modes. There’s the Tales main story mode, the Dragon Trail which acts like a secondary campaign, Alliance battles, Events, and much more. Here’s a table detailing all the game modes available.

Game ModePremiseHow To UnlockRewards
TalesThe main campaign that plays out across the open worldUnlocked from the startResources, Characters
Dragon TrailA secondary campaign where you battle in select levelsUpgrade the WilderbergResources
AlliancesAlliance or PvP battles against other playersUpgrade the WilderbergResources
ConversationsA side quests mode with unique rewards Requires you to unlock the specified Hero firstResources
EventsUnique events added by developers throughout the year in which players can earn rewards.Unlocked from the startResources, Characters

All game modes offer something unique, let it be cutscenes and dialog that continue the overarching plotline or quests that reward you with a new Hero unlock. There’s always some exclusive reward attached to make them worth your while.

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Call of Dragons Items, Resources & Settlement Upgrades

Upgrading your settlement and keeping an eye on your resources is just as important as expanding your empire, Call of Dragons is a city-builder adventure game after all. Research and Resources are the crux of Call of Dragons. These two are separate systems, and while they are interconnected in some aspects, let’s look at them individually.

Without enough resources, you won’t be able to upgrade your town hall the Wilderberg, create new buildings, upgrade them, train Troops, or better your defenses. The primary resources in Call of Dragons are Wood, Gold, Keys, and Gems.

All of them can either be purchased with microtransactions, obtained by murdering some Darklings, participating in Events, playing through the Dragon Trail campaign, or other game modes. Here’s a table telling you the use of each resource and how to attain more of them.


Resources cod
ResourceUseHow To Get
OreCrafting materialBy playing any of the available game modes
WoodCrafting materialBy playing any of the available game modes
GoldCrafting materialBy playing any of the available game modes
GemsPremium in-game currency for speeding up the crafting process, unlocking characters, and upgrading structures instantly Purchasable via microtransactions, login regards, task rewards, and quest rewards in the main campaign 
KeysRequired to open Hero ChestsTales main campaign, Dragon Trail


Call of dragons research

On the other hand, Research is a system that introduces two skill trees that directly impact your settlement in one way or another. The two skill trees within Research are Economy Tech and Military Tech.

As the names suggest, upgrades in the Economy tree increase your XP gain, combat points recovery, shorten construction times for architecture, and similar nuances. Whereas Military Tech upgrades unlock new Troops for you and strengthen your army. Both Research and Resources are integral to your playthrough and how easy-going your time will be depends on how much you invest in them.

Call of Dragons Tips & Tricks

There’s a tremendous amount of challenge in Call of Dragons. However, having a strong Hero leading your Legion always seems to do the trick. All that said, here’s some advice that will give you an edge in combat.

Don’t Be Hasty With Hero Skill Unlocks

Call of Dragons Tips & Tricks

Every Hero in Call of Dragons has several skills. While the more the merrier is the saying in RPGs, here there is a little drawback to having all of them unlocked. Whenever you exchange Bakhar Tokens for skill upgrades, the game will automatically choose 1 random skill to upgrade.

The first skill of most characters does the highest damage, so instead of ranking up your characters and unlocking more skills, it’s far better if you don’t rank them up. This way, whenever you hit upgrade, only the first skill will be upgraded because there is no other skill available for the game to assign the upgrade. This lets you outsmart the game and focus on maxing out one skill at a time, which, believe me, results in your Legion becoming far stronger.

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Conclusion – A Visually Unique But Not Too Different of An MMO

If you haven’t played a city-builder before, especially on mobile, odds are you’ll love every second of Call of Dragons. Its art direction is visually striking and coherent, always making sure that this indeed is a fantasy world you’ve found yourself in. The upgrades, resource systems, skill trees, and alliances, all those mechanics are highly detailed and serve as the foundation for Call of Dragons’ RPG promises.

Call of dragons

However, if you’ve tangled with the city-builder RPG genre in the past, Call of Dragons feels like more of the same at times. In fact, apart from some aspects, Call of Dragons seems like a reskinned version of Survival Tactics Zombie State and Rise of Kingdoms. It’s definitely not the first city-builder that invented a large open world with alliances, Troops, base management, and whatnot.

While it is surely fun at times thanks to its interesting story, dramatic cutscenes, and high-quality voice acting and graphics, Call of Dragons will feel a little repetitive to those players looking for something totally new. But if you love the genre deeply enough to overlook the gameplay loop, Call of Dragons serves as a pleasant change of scenery.

That’s all for our Call of Dragons game guide. For more detailed guides on the latest PC and mobile games, visit GameMastersHQ.

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