Champions Arena Battle RPG – Ultimate Beginners’ Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

Champions Arena Battle RPG Feature Image
Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

Champions Arena Battle RPG, or simply Champions Arena, is a turn-based action RPG available on PC, iOS, and Android devices. In this game, you play as a summoner who can call forth powerful champions to fight for you.

Unleash your best champions and maximize their potential with this Champions Arena Battle RPG ultimate beginners’ guide.

The colorful graphics and fun gameplay aren’t all this game has to offer. Champions Arena also has NFT features.

Now, admittedly, NFT hasn’t had the best of reputations recently. But the NFT part of Champions Arena is completely optional. You can enjoy the game without ever having to participate in it.

Champions Arena Battle RPG Gameplay – Based Turn-Based

Champions Arena Combat
Champions Arena Battle RPG combat – Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

Combat in Champions Arena Battle RPG is similar to turn-based Pokémon. Your forces take turns attacking and defending against enemies. You use a card system to attack and mana to cast spells.

The Combat

Who gets to move first is determined by a champion’s speed (SPD) stat. Also, certain abilities in the game will allow champions to increase their “turn gauge”. This means they get to jump ahead in the order of who attacks first.

To perform a move, you must select a card from the lower left side of your screen. Each champion has three performable attacks or abilities plus one passive ability. The attack/ability your champion performs depends on the level of the card you choose. 

For example, let’s take a look at Leopold, one of the champions given to you for free in the tutorial. If it’s Leopold’s turn to attack and you select a level 1 card, he will perform a Normal Attack. Level 2 cards will trigger his Leap Attack, and level 3 cards will trigger his Fierce Rush.

Tip: Generally speaking, the higher the level of the card, the stronger the attack. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, different abilities simply have different purposes. So, don’t just choose any level 3 card you see. It might be best to save them for the right champion.

How do you level cards up? Well, before selecting a card, you can move the position of one card. If two cards of the same affinity (color) and level are placed beside each other, they will fuse and become a card that’s one level higher.

Combat can be automated, but beginners really shouldn’t use it. It’s best to learn how the game works first as the difficulty does ramp up fairly quickly.

Champions Arena Affinities and Map Properties

So, the level of a card determines the action performed, but what’s the importance of the card colors? A card’s colors determine its affinity

There are three affinities in Champions Arena Battle RPG. These are Prosperity (blue), Harmony (yellow), and Destruction (red).

Each champion also belongs to an affinity. You can see which affinity a champion belongs to by looking at the color of the banner next to their name during combat or their respective character page.

If you use a card that matches your champion’s affinity, the attack or ability you perform gains an additional effect. The bonus effect will vary per attack or ability. It could buff the attack damage, give your opponents status effects, or produce some other cool effect.

The three affinities – Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

Additionally, if your champion attacks an enemy with an affinity that’s weak to your champion’s affinity, the attack will deal more damage. You can see which affinity is strong against which in the image above.

Map Properties
The three map properties – Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

Another thing to consider when picking your champions is the map properties. Think of map properties as Champion Arena’s version of weather from the Pokémon games. Each hero will get stronger or weaker depending on the map property.

Summoner Spells

Champions Arena Summoner Spell
Activating a Summoner Spell – Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

There’s one more aspect of Champion Arena’s combat to master: Summoner Spells. Summoner Spells are abilities cast by the player/summoner, not the champions.

You can equip three Summoner Spells per battle.

Summoner Spells have a variety of useful effects. They can range from healing one of your champions to having them attack sooner or giving them a damage buff.

Unlike champion attacks, there isn’t a set turn for when you can use Summoner Spells. You can use them before attacking with any of your champions, as long as you have the mana to cast it.

You can gain mana from certain attacks or abilities, usually those triggered from level 1 cards. For example, Leopold’s Normal Attack generates 1 mana; 2 if the card’s affinity matches Leopold’s.

Champions Arena Battle RPG Champions Guide

A summoner and her champions- Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

Although you’re technically playing as the summoner, it’s the champions you summon who stand in the spotlight. Your champions will do all the combat, so pick which ones to send carefully. This part of the guide will tell you all you need to know about these fearless warriors.

Champion Classes

A champion’s class determines their role in battle. There are four champion classes; here’s what they all do.

  • Caster – Uses powerful spells to damage and inflict status effects on opponents.
  • Striker – No-nonsense champions that deal high damage.
  • Supporter – Champions that provide buffs for their teammates.
  • Tanker – Heavy-duty soldiers that can take a beating.

How to Summon Champions

Summoning Champions
Summoning champions – Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

Summoning is the easiest and cheapest way of obtaining champions. Head over to your Altar Of Champions in your Estate to begin summoning. Summoning tickets are required to summon a random champion.

You get summoning tickets as rewards from achievements or quests. You can also purchase them in the shop.

Another way of obtaining champions is by purchasing them on the official Champions Arena Opensea page. You would need Ether from Ethereum to buy those though.

How to Level up and Promote Champions

Champions Arena Character Page
A champion’s character page – Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

Leveling up and promoting champions are the main ways of strengthening your champions.

Leveling up champions increases their stats. To level them up, go to your champion’s character page from the main menu. You can level up your champions there for champion experience, gold, and occasionally lapis.

Promoting champions increases their rank (stars). The higher the rank, the higher their max level and overall power. You can promote champions in the Altar Of Champions in your Estate. Promotion requires Soul Stones, which come from dismantling duplicates of the champion you want to promote.

Using Equipment

Aside from leveling up and promoting, another way to help your champions grow is through equipment.

You can equip items onto your champion on their character page. Note that the equipment piece has to match the champion’s role. Otherwise, you can’t equip it.

You can enhance equipment to increase their stat buffs. You need gold and upgrade stones to enhance equipment.

Champions Arena Battle RPG’s Best Champions

Champions Arena Top Teams
This season’s best teams – Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

It’s hard to pick the champions that are objectively the best since they all have different purposes. So, the next best thing is to look at what the top players in the Arena are running.

Arena is Champion Arena’s PvP mode. Thankfully, you can see what champions the top players in this mode are using.

Here are the top 3 champion teams for this season.

Team 1

Champion NameAffinityClassRank (Star Level)
VeraHarmonyCasterRank 5
DesdemonaDestructionSupporterRank 5
MikoProsperityCasterRank 5
ZafrinaDestructionCasterRank 5

Team 2

Champion NameAffinityClassRank (Star Level)
VeraHarmonyCasterRank 5
MikoProsperityCasterRank 5
VeronikaDestructionTankerRank 5
KageDestructionStrikerRank 5

Team 3

Champion NameAffinityClassRank (Star Level)
ZafrinaDestructionCasterRank 5
SaphirHarmonyStrikerRank 5
BarbaraProsperityHealerRank 5
DuraxDestructionTankerRank 4

Champions Arena Battle RPG Tips And Tricks

Champions Arena Tips
Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

Have a variety of champions

Having many different champions ensures that you have a team ready for every situation.

Always have forces sent out in Mayhem

Mayhem is a game mode where you can earn some good idle income. Assign champions to go on explorations and mining missions.

Don’t worry. You can still use champions for fighting even when they’re on a mission in Mayhem.

Speaking of idle rewards, always remember to collect the automatic idle rewards from the main menu!

Don’t forget to level up cards before performing a move

Seeing a level 3 card with an affinity that matches your next champion can get you hyped up to use it. It’s an easy mistake for a beginner to use the level 3 card as soon as their turn starts. However, it’s best to fuse cards before attacking if you can. Doing so will set you up for better options in future turns.

Move your cards carefully. Hastily moving cards may cause you to miss valuable opportunities, such as ranking up two cards at the same time.

Card reseter
Reset card positions with the button in the upper right Image Source: Gala Games Inc.

If you made a mistake when moving cards, don’t panic. You can always reset the cards to their previous position by clicking on the reset button just above the cards.

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