Command & Conquer Legions Guide, Tips & Tricks

Command & Conquer Legions Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about Command & Conquer Legions, a mobile version of the classic real-time strategy game.

Command & Conquer Legions is a base-building and strategy game developed by Level Infinite. If you’re an iOS user, you might want to wait for its release, as the game is only available on Android devices. Although the game inherits the Command & Conquer name, it has a slightly different approach regarding its gameplay mechanics while adding multiplayer capabilities to the mix. With that said, you might confuse yourself as a new player from the game’s original franchise with many things going on.

If you’re one of the new ones trying out this relatively new game, don’t worry. This Command & Conquer Legions beginner guide is all you’ll need, providing general information and other tips and tricks to get you started.

Command & Conquer Legions Gameplay

As mentioned, this mobile version of Command & Conquer has quite a different gameplay relative to its primary franchise. Its core gameplay is still about base-building, strategy, and managing your resources, but with added online playability. Players can now team up with others to form massive alliances that can result in an all-out war against other alliances.

Command & Conquer Legions Guide
Image via Level Infinite

This game also has mini-games other than its regular capture and defend gameplay. Listed below are all skirmish battle modes that other players might also want to progress.

Mech FuryA top-down survival where you fend off enemies.
Global ConquestA real-time strategy gameplay where you defend or attack enemies.
Core BattlefieldA PVP team battles with leaderboards.

Officers in Command & Conquer Legions

Officers in this game are an essential character or unit, as they lead your troops in battle. Each one has innate perks and roles that determine what kind of leader they are. Some excel in leading artillery troops, while others specialize in gathering resources. That said, you must first know which type to deploy them in battle efficiently.

Here are all of the perks available in Command & Conquer Legions.

Perk NameDescription
ArtillerySpecialized in leading artilleries
LeadershipSpecialized in leading rallies
TankSpecialized in leading tanks
InfantrySpecialized in leading infantries
Multi-TalentedSpecialized in leading troops of mixed units
VersatilitySpecialized in boosting troop strength through various means
Clear OutTechnical in wiping CABAL Cyborgs
GarrisonSpecialized in leading Garrison Troops
SiegeSpecialized in launching attacks on other Commander’s bases
GatherSpecialized in leading troops for gathering

Command & Conquer Legions Levels And Stages

This game has the same progression as mobile 4X games, where you explore, expand, and exterminate surrounding enemy bases. Players can gather resources by deploying troops to encompass resource points or enemy forces. Then, they can use said resources to upgrade and expand their base to help prepare for defeating more formidable foes.

Levels and stages in Command & Conquer Legions
Image via Level Infinite

Upgrading Your Officers in Command & Conquer Legions

Officers are a vital part of deploying troops for battle. Their base stats should also be upgraded if you want to progress further in the game. That said, you can head to the Officers tab to select an officer you wish to upgrade or level up. Players can also upgrade their star rank and skills to level their stats further.

upgrading officers in Command & Conquer Legions
Image via Level Infinite

Best Officers in Command & Conquer Legions

Command & Conquer Legions has several officers to choose from. Beginner players might need some standards or clarifications about which ones are the best in general. So, here are some of the best heroes to use in Command & Conquer Legions that new players should aim to get.

Carlos Mendoza

Carlos Mendoza in Command & Conquer Legions
Image via Level Infinite

This SSR unit is a siege and attack officer, great for attacking other players’ bases. He is the best in his class primarily because of his ability to reduce enemy attack and defense while also dealing severe damage to the enemy.

Kilian Qatar

Killian Qatar
Image via Level Infinite

This other SSR unit is one of the best tank-type officers in the game, mainly because she has one of the top killings for CABAL Cyborgs. She also increases the march speed of her tank troops, which is excellent for overall map exploration.

Command & Conquer Legions World Map And Exploration

As a mobile 4X game, Command & Conquer Legions world exploration is quite vast. Players can view the entire map through the satellite tab on the lower left of the screen. Then, players can see resource points, such as iron deposits and oil fields, to gather materials for their bases. They can also scout other bases if they plan to capture and attack other players for a hefty amount of resources.

World Exploration in C & C
Image via Level Infinite

Command & Conquer Legions Tips & Tricks

Now that we’ve learned the basics of this game from our Command & Conquer Legions guide, we’ll tackle some easy to advanced tips and tricks to get beginner players started in this game.

Increase the Production of Your Resources

Upgrading Steel Mill
Image via Level Infinite

We all know by now that this game isn’t just a real real-time strategy (RTS) game but a base-building game at its core. So, to get ahead, you must increase your resource production to develop your base faster, especially in the early stages. As a result, players must build and upgrade their steel mills and oil rigs as much as possible to produce lots of materials.

Scout and Plan Your Attack

Basic Mobility research lab investigation

Due to the game’s vast exploration, players can scout close and distant lands to prepare for what’s coming to them. That said, preparing according to what they’ve investigated is vital for them to calculate whether it is possible to attack them in the first place. Always remember that calculated risk is better than going in uninformed.

That’s the end of our Command & Conquer Legions guide. After following our guide, you can master what good commanders do and what not to do. Also, for more guides like this, check out GameMastersHQ. We also have reviews, news, and gaming codes about your games, so stay updated.

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