Darkness Sage – Ultimate Beginners’ Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

Darkness Saga Feature Image
Image Source: Leniu Games

As you get older, your schedule fills up, and you don’t get as much time for gaming anymore; that’s where games like Darkness Saga come in. Released on August 14, 2023, Darkness Saga is an idle action RPG for Android.

If you’re too busy to play the game, no worries! Darkness Saga practically plays itself for you. Of course, if you do have some spare time and want to be in control, you can turn off Darkness Saga’s auto mode to play the game manually.

Now that may sound simple, and once you get the hang of it, it is simple. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the genre, you can easily get overwhelmed with all the UI and niche mechanics. Read this Darkness Saga ultimate beginners’ guide to help you get started.

Darkness Saga Gameplay – Automations Galore

Darkness Saga Combat
Darkness Saga combat – Image Source: Leniu Games

Virtually everything in the game can be automated. From the exploration to the combat, to completing missions, to looting, and even when upgrading gear.

Despite all that, it’s good to have a basic understanding of how the game plays for when you want to do it manually. Like most mobile RPGs, you move your character using a trackpad on the lower-left side of the screen. 

You’ll only need movement for exploration though. There really isn’t a point to moving around during combat, unlike with other RPGs. You can’t dodge enemy attacks, and moving will only prevent you from concentrating on using your offensive abilities.

To fight, you use your abilities on the lower-right side of the screen. You can spam your basic attacks, but abilities need to cool down first before you can use them again.

How The Automation Works

Auto mode will be on by default. On the bottom part of your screen, you’ll find a button that says either “Auto” or “Cancel”. Click on it to turn auto mode off. To turn it on again, click the same button during combat.

To automate exploration and quests, simply tap on the quest you want to do on the left side of your screen. Your character will then head over to where you need to go and do the quest for you.

Darkness Saga UI Guide

Darkness Saga UI
The average screen in Darkness Saga – Image Source: Leniu Games

One of the most jarring things for a first-time player would probably be the incredible amount of User Interface (UI) icons on the screen. Mobile phone screens are already smaller than traditional monitors, so filling it up with tons of UI can be really disorienting.

The fact that the English is poorly translated in some parts of the game doesn’t help either.

Darkness Saga UI 2
Image Source: Leniu Games

Below is a list of all the UI visible in the image above. Get yourself acquainted with them so you won’t be as confused when booting up the game.

  1. Profile – This is where you can see your current level, how many diamonds you have, and how much health you have left. You can tap on the profile image of your character to view your stats and equip some cosmetic items.
  2. Battle Modes – Tap on this to change your battle mode. Battle Modes determine who you can or can’t attack in the open world. By default, your Battle Mode is set to Peace, which means you cannot attack other players, only enemy NPCs.
Battle Modes
Battle Modes – Image Source: Leniu Games
  1. Buffs – This is where you can see how many buffs your hero currently has applied. Tap on it to know specifically what those buffs are.
  2. In-game shops/offers/events – These options will all take you to different deals and events that Darkness Saga is promoting. Note that some of the offers you’ll find here cost real money.
  3. World Server – You can enter the main server of the game here once you’ve reached level 250.
  4. Boss Battle – Here you’ll fight powerful monsters to progress through the main quest.
  5. Additional Options – Tap on this to display even more customization options for your character, pets, and equipment.
Darkness Saga UI 3
Even more UI! – Image Source: Leniu Games
  1. Bag – Tap on this to enter your inventory and manage your stuff.
Darkness Sage inventory screen – Image Source: Leniu Games
  1. Attacks and Abilities – Should you choose to do the combat manually, this is where all the buttons you need are.
  2. Auto Mode – You can switch auto mode on and off with this button.
  3. Communication – This is where you can chat with other players on your server and is where you can interact with your friends in the game.
  4. Trial – A special mode where your character will face endless hordes of enemies. You will continue to gain loot here even when you don’t have the trial screen open. Collect the loot any time you want.
  5. Trackpad – Use this to control your character’s movements.
  6. Screen Lock – This will prevent accidental touches to your screen so you can keep the game going while your phone is in your pocket or bag.
  7. Settings – Adjust your graphics and audio settings here. You can also block players, modify your idle settings, and do a bunch of other stuff here.
  8. Quests – This is where you can view your current objectives. If you want to automatically complete them, tap on the mission you want. Then sit back and relax.
  9. Guardian Trials – This is another special game mode where you fight powerful boss monsters. Beating an entire set of bosses will reward you with a Spirit. 

A Spirit is basically an alternate form that your character can transform to and get a whole new set of abilities. To transform into your Spirit, tap on the big glowing ability on your ability wheel.

If you’re wondering why some of the UI buttons are missing for you, just keep playing for now. More UI options will appear as you progress through the game and unlock new modes and content. In fact, there are a lot more UI options than these further into the game, but this should be enough to help new players get their bearings.

Darkness Saga Tips And Tricks

Image Source: Leniu Games

Use auto mode when fighting bosses/difficult enemies

Darkness Saga Boss
Darkness Saga Boss Screen – Image Source: Leniu Games

The combat in Darkness Saga is all about spamming abilities and attacks. It’s hard to do that manually when there are multiple abilities. Setting the game to auto mode during difficult battles ensures that your abilities will trigger the instant that they’re ready.

When you’re feeling lost, concentrate on just the objective/s listed on the left side of the screen.

With so much going on, it’s easy to forget what you were doing during your previous session. Whenever you’re not sure what to do next, doing the main quest is always a safe bet to progress. Ignore everything else for now.

Save fighting players for later.

Switching your Battle Mode to Force, All, or Conserver will allow you to fight other players whenever you want. Beware though, being too aggressive will result in your name turning red. Once this happens, anyone, no matter their Battle Mode, will be allowed to attack you. So, only start being aggressive when you have a high enough level to fend off tons of players.

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