Dragonheir Silent Gods Beginners Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

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D&D fans have their work cut out for them with Baldur’s Gate 3 out on PC and consoles, and now Dragonheir Silent Gods out on mobile. If you’re ready to brush off your dice-rolling and role-playing skills, here’s the ultimate Dragonheir Silent Gods beginners’ guide to help you out.

The best part is, Dragonheir Silent Gods isn’t even exclusive to mobile phones. It’s already available on PC through Epic Games and will be available on Steam starting October 31, 2023.

Gameplay – Built For The Old-School RPG Player

Dragonheir Silent Gods Complex UI
An incredibly complex mobile game – Image Source: SGRA Studio

The gameplay is mainly split into two parts: exploration and combat. Most of the activities from these two aspects are affected by dice rolls. Get a high roll to get better crafting results, attacks, speech check results, etc. Getting a low roll will, in turn, give you worse results.

Exploring Dragonheir's World
Exploring Dragonheir’s world – Image Source: SGRA Studio

The exploration involves a plethora of activities such as wandering through Dragonheir’s worlds, completing quests, crafting, and even cooking. For a mobile game, Dragonheir has a surprisingly in-depth world with tons of things to do.

Dragonheir Silent Gods Combat
Dragonheir Silent Gods Combat – Image Source: SGRA Studio

The combat is very similar to Baldur’s Gate 2. You place your characters on the battlefield, and they’ll fight automatically. Whenever you want to use a hero ability, the game will pause to let you properly choose where to place it.

You can fully automate the battles, but only do so if the enemies you’re facing are far weaker than you. The game can be pretty challenging even against foes near your level.

Hero Elements And Roles

Heroes in Dragonheir Silent Gods have two kinds of classifications. Their Element, and their Role.

The main thing to consider with elements is Elemental Affinity. There are three elemental factions in the game that change every season. For example, as of the time of writing this guide, Fire and Poison are in the same faction. 

You will get buffs when you have three heroes in the same elemental faction on your team. Even more buffs will be added if all five of your heroes are in the same faction. Furthermore, you can enhance the buffs you get by spending Affinity Solvent in the Elemental Affinity section of the Psychicore.

Another thing to consider is that some enemy types are resistant to certain elements. If you face off against those enemies, be careful with which heroes you choose to fight with.

Here are all the Element types in Dragonheir:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Necrosis
  • Poison
  • Radiance

A hero’s role or type will determine what they do during fights. It’s also a huge factor on where you should place them before starting a battle.

Here are all the Hero Roles in Dragonheir:

  • Dauntless – The DPS class. Great at dealing huge amounts of damage through just their basic attacks.
  • Defense – Tanky heroes that are great at protecting the rest of your team.
  • Frost – Slows down foes with frost. Also deals more damage when using abilities on enemies afflicted with frost.
  • Poison – Heroes that specialize with dealing DoT through poison.
  • Rally – Heroes that use a special resource known as Rally to boost attacks and spells.
  • Summon – Heroes that summon undead creatures to fight for them.
  • Support – Heroes that excel at buffing allies and de-buffing foes.
  • Wild – High damage spellcasters that boost the damage of fellow Wild heroes.

How Dragonheir Silent Gods Progression Works

Dragonheir Character Stats
The character screen where you upgrade heroes and equipment – Image Source: SGRA Studio

You progress through Dragonheir Silent Gods by playing the main story. But even the story aspect isn’t that simple. 

Dragonheir has something called a “Season System”. Every three months, the game will restart. Some of your data will be carried over, but apparently, the story will start over. Although the game is still pretty young, so what stays and what will be reset may still change.

Equipment, Resources, & Upgrades

Dragonheir Silent Gods Camp
The camp is where you manage all your heroes and items – Image Source: SGRA Studio

You can get most weapons, heroes, armor, and items in the game through quests, challenges, the main story, and a bunch of other sources. 

Heroes level up by fighting or using EXP potions. You can upgrade armor and weapons by spending gold.

Dragonheir Silent Gods has one in-game currency that you can only get by purchasing it with real-life money: Dragon Crystals. For now, though, the only use for these is to convert them to another in-game currency. The only benefit is that they don’t get reset once a season ends.

How To Obtain New Heroes and Armor

Dragonheir Silent Gods Hero Summoning
Summoning a new hero in Dragonheir – Image Source: SGRA Studio

The most common way to get new armor pieces is through quests, events, or by crafting them. Go to your camp and select the anvil to craft random armor pieces. The higher the level of the anvil, the better the quality of the armor you can craft.

Heroes are obtained by using summoning dice or the otherworld horn in your camp. Occasionally, heroes will also join you from quests.

If a hero you summon turns out to be one you already have, the duplicate will be converted to Imprint Stones.

Dragonheir Silent Gods Tips And Tricks

Decide early on whether or not you want to play F2P

If you want to get good gear and heroes quickly, you’ll unfortunately have to shell out some cash. Constantly summoning new heroes or purchasing equipment and materials will eventually give you what you want.

If you’re planning on going purely Free to Play, get ready for the long haul. Learn to be satisfied with using Rare and not Epic or Legendary heroes.

Learn how Dragonheir Silent Gods’ RNG works

If you want to get the most out of your time, learn the drop/spawn rates of heroes and important items. Don’t be afraid to look them up individually.

A neat example is the drop rates for heroes using Heliolite Dice. The percentages are listed below.

TypeCostHero QualityProbability
Heliolite SummonsHeliolite DiceLegendary3%

Fear not: 

  • If you haven’t summoned a legendary hero 34 times in a row, the 35th summon is always a legendary hero! 
  • If you haven’t summoned an epic hero 6 times in a row, the 7th summon is always an epic hero!

Here are the drop rates for Starlight Stone Dice

TypeCostHero QualityProbability
Starlight InvocationStarlight Stone DiceEpic3%

Frequency of hero summons for Starlight Stone Dice – Source: SGRA Studio

Fear not: 

  • If you haven’t summoned a Rare hero 4 times in a row, the 5th summon is always a rare hero! 

Position your heroes well before battle

Dragonheir Hero Positioning
Sometimes, the battle is won before it even begins – Image Source: SGRA Studio

How you place your heroes could be the difference between victory and defeat. Learn your heroes’ roles and whether they’re better suited in the frontlines or at the back.

As a general rule-of-thumb:

  • Defense and high-damage melee characters are better in front
  • Support and spellcasters are better kept at the back.

You can also tap at your foes before pressing challenge to see what type of units they are.

Go through the training grounds in your camp once it’s unlocked. It will tell you all you need to know to master combat.

Don’t go too wild experimenting with the cooking system

Dragonheir Silent Gods Cooking
The game lets you cook – Image Source: SGRA Studio

If you’ve played Skyrim, Dragonheir’s cooking system is similar to Skyrim’s alchemy system. You mix various ingredients to cook up potions and meals. Each dish can have dozens of possible recipes.

However, there is one big difference, recipes in Dragonheir aren’t permanently recorded. Only the last five recipes for each dish will be recorded. Once you discover a sixth recipe for a specific dish, it will replace the first recipe you discovered. So, try to find the recipe that requires the least amount of ingredients for your desired dish.

Of course, you could always record useful recipes on your own by writing/typing them out. You can also find recipes in-game by talking to characters and buying recipe books from merchants. Recipe books can be viewed in the Quest Item section of your inventory.

Here are some of the best basic recipes that beginners quickly cook:

Fish and ChipsAll heroes +4% ATK & +4% DEF for 600s2 pcs common meat (any) + 2 pcs common fish (any)
Smoked HamAll heroes +10% ATK for 600s4 pcs common meat (meat)
Beast SaladAll heroes +4% ATK & +10 Accuracy for 600s1 Beast Meat + 2 Brussel Sprout
Basic Tonic PotionFully heal 1 hero2 Regen Grass
Delicate Tonic PotionHeals entire team2 Red-leaf Regen Grass

Note that the order of ingredients does not matter. Also, these are just some ways to make these dishes. There are probably dozens of other recipes for each dish listed above.

Get into character and have fun

Dragonheir check
Drinking battles: One of Dragonheir’s many side activities – Image Source: SGRA Studio

Being a game that’s strongly reliant on luck or RNG, there will be times when you’ll fail dice roll checks. It happens. Don’t try to go for a “perfect” playthrough, just let whatever happens happen.

Also, try exploring and backtracking a lot. Items and characters might suddenly appear in unexpected places, even when there’s no quest directing you there. You’ll be surprised with what you might find when going back to an area you already thought you completed.

Dragon Heir Silent Gods Top Heroes For Beginners

Dragon Heir Silent Gods has so many heroes to choose from. Of course, some are better than others. However, some of the best heroes are legendaries which will make need a ton of luck and grinding to obtain. Here’s a list of relatively easy-to-get, yet incredibly useful, heroes for beginners.

RarityHeroElement & RoleHow To Get
N/AMain CharacterFire/Ice/Lightning – N/AStory
EpicHorrusFire – DefenceDaily Check-In Reward (Day 3)
RareLorariiPoison – PoisonSummoning Dice
RareHeksandraPoison – SupportStory
RareNeddaFire – WildSummoning Dice
RareRepheIce – SupportSummoning Dice

Here’s a tier list of heroes for more experienced players:

RarityHeroElement & RoleHow To Get
LegendaryAusterIce – FrostHeliolite Dice Summons
LegendaryNastjenkaLightning – DauntlessHeliolite Summoning Dice
LegendaryPremtsaNecrosis – PoisonHeliolite Summoning Dice
EpicGariusRadiance – SupportSummoning Dice
EpicNathanielLightning – WildSummoning Dice
EpicVoreshIce – SupportSummoning Dice

Now that you have all the information to get you started, get out there and roll! Do you have any more tips that can help out fellow Dragonheir Silent Gods newbies? Feel free to comment them down below!

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