Dungeon Hunter 6 – Ultimate Beginners’ Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

Dungeon Hunter 6 Feature Image

Dungeon Hunter 6 is the latest entry in one of the mobile gaming industry’s most well-known franchises. At least, that’s how it looks on the surface. Even though it holds the title of Dungeon Hunter, this game is almost completely different from any other Dungeon Hunter game.

Instead of being a traditional action RPG, it’s now closer to an idle Chinese MMORPG. The gameplay is now less hands-on, making it a casual game for people without enough time to fully invest in a game. If that caught your attention, read this Dungeon Hunter 6 beginners’ guide to help you navigate through this unusual entry.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Gameplay – The Game Does The Work For You

Dungeon Hunter 6 Combat
Dungeon Hunter 6 combat – Image Source: GOAT Games

Out of all the games in the series, Dungeon Hunter 6 is the biggest departure from the series in terms of gameplay. Fans of previous entries in the series are in for a shock.

As stated earlier, the game is pretty similar to some other Chinese mobile MMORPGs. If you’ve played Darkness Saga, you’ll recognize that it’s a game that’s practically identical, gameplay-wise.

Virtually everything in the game can be automated. If you’re too busy, the AI can take care of the exploration, combat, upgrades, and most quests for you.

What’s great is that all the automation is optional. If you want to take control, you can just use the trackpad whenever you want. However, during combat, you must tap the “Auto” button on the lower-right side of the screen to fully gain control. Otherwise, your hero will still automatically attack even though you can control their movement.

Dungeon Hunter 6 UI Guide

Dungeon Hunter 6 UI
Screen congested much? – Image Source: GOAT Games

Another aspect that Dungeon Hunter 6 has that’s identical to Darkness Saga is the user interface (UI). This UI format is popular among Chinese MMOs but is a total headache for anyone unfamiliar with the genre.

Based on the image above, here’s a guide on all the UI currently visible.

  1. Profile – The section that shows your profile picture, current level, progress towards the next level, hero class, and battle power. 

Tap on your profile pic to see your Badge level and get rewards for leveling it up. You can also change your name and gender there.

  1. Game Assistant – A useful tool when you don’t know where to find something. If you forgot how to do your daily quests, upgrade your lieutenants, or anything else, tap this button. It will open up a directory that will lead you to where you want to go.
  2. In-game Shops/Offers/Events – These buttons will take you to various offers for resources, lieutenants, and equipment. These cost real money.
  3. Assorted Game Features – A hodgepodge of buttons that lead to different features in the game. This is where you can summon lieutenants and receive rewards for completing various tasks throughout Dungeon Hunter 6.
  4. Expand Game Icons – You haven’t seen anything yet. Tap on this icon to reveal even more UI that will lead you to other features in the game.
  5. Minimap – Tap on the minimap to view a larger and more detailed map of the area. During battle, the minimap will also help you distinguish friend from foe. Enemies will appear as red icons in the minimap.
Main Menu
A more organized menu – Image Source: GOAT Games
  1. Open Menu – This will open up a main menu of sorts. This is basically just a better way to view the game’s features. It’s much more organized and easier to understand. Use this rather than the buttons to the left if you’re feeling confused.
  2. Backpack – The Backpack will open up your inventory. This is where you can equip or dismantle armor and weapons.
  3. Events – As you can probably tell, this is where events, both upcoming and present, are displayed.
  4. Daily Events/Challenges – Remember to complete as many Daily Challenges as you can. These give away lots of useful rewards such as diamonds and Summoning Scrolls.
  5. Available Upgrades – This button will let you know if there’s anything you can currently upgrade. Check up on this regularly. Keeping your equipment and lieutenants constantly upgraded is incredibly important.

Sometimes, a yellow treasure chest icon will appear beside this. This indicates that there are available rewards you haven’t collected yet. Tapping on the chest will lead you to those rewards and allow you to collect them.

  1. Game Modes – This is where you can see and access the various game modes Dungeon Hunter 6 has to offer.
  2. Chat – Communicate with players from all around the world through this.
  3. Camera Distance – Tap on this button to change how far the camera is from the ground. Choose from Low (L), Medium (M), and High (H).  Most of the time, it’s best to keep the camera high. The screen is confusing enough with all the UI, so the more you can see, the better.
  4. Summon Mount – Outside of combat, you can summon a mount to help you travel faster. The game has a ton of different mounts such as horses, tigers, lions, and even giant dogs! You’d have to unlock them first though.
  5. Quests – This is where all your current objectives are located. Want to automate a quest? Tap on an objective. Your hero will automatically travel to where you need to go and do the quest. Or, if the quest is in a different game mode, the game will tell you exactly what buttons you need to press to get there.

Combat UI

Combat UI
UI during combat – Image Source: GOAT Games

The game’s UI will change from when you’re roaming around to when you’re in combat. Here’s what’s different.

  1. Boss Details – These will only appear during boss battles. It gives you some details about the boss, such as their name, level, and life bar.
  2. Lieutenant Abilities – tap on the respective lieutenant icon to trigger their combat ability.

In some game modes, you are only allowed to have one lieutenant present at all times. During these modes, the lieutenant icons will be displayed vertically instead of horizontally. Tap on a lieutenant icon to switch them in with your current lieutenant. 

  1. Attacks and Abilities – This is where your basic attack and ability buttons are. The dodge button is also located here.
  2. Automate Combat – Tap here to switch between three combat modes: Auto, Semi-Auto, and Manual.
  • Auto: Your hero will automatically track down most enemies, attack them, and use all available abilities and lieutenants during combat.
  • Semi-Auto: Similar to Auto, however, your hero will only perform basic attacks. The abilities and lieutenant skills must be triggered manually.
  • Manual: You have full control of all your hero’s movements, attacks, and skills.
  1. Lieutenant Following Feature – Supposedly, a button you can toggle on and off when you want your lieutenants to follow you around or not. This feature doesn’t seem to work though. Or it might have a different purpose that’s still unknown.

If you are fighting multiple enemies, a yellow crosshair icon will appear below this. That crosshair is the targeting button that will allow you to change which enemies to prioritize attacking.

  1. Damage Statistics – This is where you can see which of your forces deal the most damage. If you’re playing co-op, you can also compare your damage output with your teammates’ here.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Best Lieutenant Lineups

Lieutenant Lineup
Lieutenant lineup – Image Source: GOAT Games

Lieutenants are the companions that run alongside your hero and help you in battle. They are arguably just as important as your hero. Choose your lieutenants wisely if you want to maximize your strength in the game.

Fortunately, the game has a feature that allows you to see the current top players in the world. Aside from their heroes, you can view their lieutenant lineups to copy them if you have the means to.

Here are the current best lieutenant lineups in Dungeon Hunter 6.

Team 1RarityRole
Archmage HerbertSSRDMG Buff, Heal
Rime LadyURInvulnerability Counter, Burst
Demonic WolfSSRBurst, Execute
Team 2
Archmage HerbertSSRDMG Buff, Heal
Demonic WolfSSRBurst, Execute
Red ProtoceratopSSRTaunt, HoT
Team 3
Archmage HerbertSSRDMG Buff, Heal
BridgetSSRBurst, Weaken
Ser CharlieSSRBurst, Shield Counter

Dungeon Hunter 6 is still a fairly new game, so the strongest combination of lieutenants is bound to change. If you think the meta has changed, you can check it out for yourself.

To see what lieutenant lineups the top players are using, tap on the “New Server Carnival” icon on the top right of the screen. If you don’t see it, you might have to tap on the expand icon to reveal it.

Then, tap on the speech bubble talking about heroes broadcast, which will reveal the current top players.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Heroes Guide

Dungeon Hunter 6 Heroes
All hero classes Image Source: GOAT Games

There are currently five heroes, with a sixth one on the way. These are the Archer, Assassin, Mage, Warrior, and Boon Sister. The Shaman is set to come in a future expansion.

Honestly, choosing your Lieutenant lineup may be more important than your hero class. But that’s not to say that your hero class doesn’t matter. Heroes are still the most customizable and valuable single unit in your troop.

Here are all the hero classes currently available in Dungeon Hunter 6. Each hero class has four base abilities, which can be further upgraded, and one passive ability.

  • Archer – Long-range heroes with high DPS but low defense. Archers are best paired with tanky, melee lieutenants to maximize your proficiency.
  • Assassin – Long-range heroes that excel at taking down wounded enemies. They have high damage and moderate defense.
  • Mage – The area of effect (AoE) specialist. Mages will rain down hell on the entire battlefield, damaging as many opponents as they can.
  • Warrior – For the players who want to get right up in your face. Warriors are melee experts who can take as much damage as they can deal.
  • Boon Sister – The support class. If you like healing your teammates and buffing them up, this is the class for you.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Tips And Tricks

Dungeon Hunter Tips
Image Source: GOAT Games

Don’t be afraid to automate combat

You unlock automated fighting at Level 18. Use it.

Automating fighting is admittedly not as efficient as manual fighting, because your character doesn’t dodge attacks in auto mode. However, it’s still plenty good enough unless you’re severely underpowered. 

Plus, automated combat does have some advantages over manual combat. For one thing, your abilities will immediately activate once their cooldown timers run out, so absolutely no time is wasted.

The most obvious advantage, of course, is that you can leave the game running while you do something else. Perfect for gamers who are too busy to put 100% concentration into the game.

Auto Mode Dodge
You can dodge attacks manually in auto mode: GOAT Games

Also, if you’re only automating combat because you don’t feel like repeatedly tapping on your abilities, you can still tap the dodge button. So, you can leave the fighting to the AI but still dodge incoming attacks whenever you see them coming.

Try to ignore the microtransactions… or not

Decide early on how much you want to invest in the game. That is, if you want to spend any money at all. 

Love it or hate it, the fact of the matter is, Dungeon Hunter 6 has tons and tons of microtransactions. They aren’t exactly subtle about it either. A lot of the UI buttons on the screen will direct you to purchase resources, lieutenants, or items that cost real money. Pop-ups that advertise these special offers also show up several times.

If you want to go free-to-play (F2P), check the UI guide above to know which UI buttons are just offering you sales. They’re annoying but just try to ignore them as best as you can.

Take it slow

The game is simply too much to take in all at once. It’s best to take things slow and focus on only what you have to do. If you’re unsure what to do, ignore everything else on the screen except for the essentials like quests, movement, and attack.

Keep claiming rewards from the Online Reward wheel

Rewards Wheel
The Online Reward Wheel: GOAT Games

The online reward wheel can be claimed every ten minutes while the Dungeon Hunter 6 app is open. You can claim it eight times each day. It’s a pretty easy way to get resources.

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