Dust Lands Ultimate Game Guide

Dust Lands is a post-apocalyptic multiplayer build & battle game for Android published by Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd

The gameplay is heavily story-driven and combines exploration, base building, and action. 

Story and Game Progression 

The game starts you off with two main characters, Ren and Hannah, in a desolate wasteland crawling with dangerous mutants. 

Much of early game will involve following instructions in the dialogue. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong Ltd.

As they begin exploring, they come to learn that they are near a ruined bunker, and that there are in fact other survivors that can help them along. 

However, the ramshackle state of the bunker leaves them all in danger of mutant attacks, so they’ll need to gather resources and manpower to rebuild it, and create a secure refuge. 

As the story unfolds, you’ll also learn about a shady entity called “The Iron Curtain,” and find clues about their actions and motives.

Tasks and Chapters 

Gameplay during the early chapters of this game is pretty much paint-by-numbers: the game will tell you exactly what you need to do next, with markers on the map indicating what resources you need to pick up, or structures you need to build or upgrade. 

Keep an eye on the list on the left of your screen, as it tells you what tasks you need to complete to finish chapters and move the story along. 

Each completed task rewards you with valuable resources. 

The list of tasks on the left side of your screen. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 

Exploring Your Bunker

Exploring your bunker is very important, especially in the early game. Scattered around your bunker are supplies like food and steel, as well as cogbits, the game’s currency. 

Make sure to collect the various resources scattered around your bunker. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 

You’ll also find prompts from your bunker’s various residents, asking you to supply them with food or complete certain tasks. Occasionally they’ll even alert you to some mutants that have managed to sneak in, triggering a battle. 


Right at the start of the game, you’ll be introduced to the battle screen. Basically it will involve your heroes facing off against mutants in a typical action RPG fashion. 

Initially, you’ll only have Ren and Hannah, but you’ll be able to enlist more heroes as you progress through the game. 

Beneath your heroes’ portraits, you’ll find their HP (green) and Energy (yellow) meters. Once the Energy bar is full, you can tap on the portrait to unleash that hero’s special ability. 

Apart from that, your heroes will pretty much fend for themselves. In fact, later on in the game, you’ll have the option to turn on “Auto” mode for that battle, which lets it play out AFK. 

The battle screen. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 


The game has a wide variety of resources and items you can collect as you explore the bunker, win battles, and complete tasks. 

  • Cogbits is the game’s currency. It can be used to purchase resources and instantly finish unit training, and building upgrades and builds. Later on in the game, you can use it to relocate your bunker on the world map.
  • Steel is used to repair and upgrade the various buildings in your bunker, and research tech trees in the Research Center. You’ll also need steel to train troop units. 
  • Food rations are used for building upgrades as well as to research tech trees in the Research Center. 
  • Experience Books can be spent to give a specific hero more experience, allowing them to level up faster and become more powerful in battle. 
  • Exploration Permits are used to perform Explorations from the Recce Base to bring back random rewards, and even new heroes. Advanced Exploration permits  
  • Speed Ups allow your various tasks to be completed faster. There are Training, Construction, Research, and General Speed Ups, and they vary in the amount of time they reduce as well. These become invaluable as higher-level building upgrades and units can take much longer to complete.

Bunker Buildings

Central to Dust Lands is your bunker and its many structures, which all start out ruined and will have to be repaired one by one as you progress through the chapters. Each structure has a specific purpose in the game. 

A bunker with numerous buildings already up and running. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 
  • HQ – The main bunker building and the first thing you rebuild from the wreck. This lets you specify certain modes, e.g. to prioritize production of certain resources, or go into defensive mode. 
  • Smelter – Produces steel beams over time. You can tap on it periodically to collect. 
  • Warehouse – Safeguards your stock of steel, food, water, and oil. Upgrading the warehouse increases the amount of these resources it can keep safe.
  • Food Factory – This produces food rations over time. You can tap on it periodically to collect. 
  • Recce Base -This allows you to set out on Explorations, which can bring back resources and even new heroes. 
  • Research Center – The research center opens up three tech trees for you to research: Battle, Develop, and Economy. 
  • Barracks – These buildings produce various units for your troops. There are three types of barracks: melee, ranged, and motor.
  • Hospital – Heals your injured units.


During one of the early chapters, you’ll be introduced to the Campaign section. This lets you challenge battle stages in a linear fashion, with victories rewarding you with various resources. 

Occasionally the main storyline task list will require you to beat certain levels in the Campaign in order to complete a chapter. 

The Campaign icon on the lower right of your screen. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 
The Campaign screen. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 


Since user input during the battles isn’t a huge factor in Dust Lands, it’s important to take the time to prepare for these battles beforehand, and make sure you have the strongest team possible. 

Get to know your heroes’ fighting style and stats by clicking on the Heroes icon in the bottom right to see their profiles.  

Your hero page. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 
The Heroes icon. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 

Leveling up  

Every time you win a battle, the heroes that participated will receive experience points that allow them to level up. 

But you can also fast track a hero’s leveling through Experience Books, which are items you earn through tasks and explorations. You can spend these books to give them additional experience. Tap on the plus sign next to the hero’s EXP bar on their profile page to do so.

This is a great option if you have a newly acquired hero that has promising stats, and you want to help them catch up on levels with the rest of your party. 

Obtaining New Heroes

You can get new heroes in Dust Lands by performing Explorations through your Bunker’s Recce Base. 

Advanced Explorations have a small chance of dropping a new hero. 

Meanwhile, both advanced and normal explorations can drop Hero Shards. Once you have collected enough shards of a certain hero, you can summon them through the Heroes page. 

Summoning a new hero after you’ve collected enough shards. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 


Another way to boost your heroes’ strength is by giving them equipment. 

You can obtain equipment as Patrol Rewards from the Campaign page. These rewards accumulate passively (capped at a certain period of time), so make sure to check back and claim them every few hours. 

Collect Patrol Rewards by tapping this on the Campaign screen. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd.

You can equip your heroes from their individual hero page. Tapping Auto Equip automatically selects the best gear you own that is appropriate for their class. 

World Map

At some point you’ll gain access to the World Map, which lets you explore the wastelands outside of your bunker. 

Throughout these vast lands, you’ll find an abundance of resource points. You’ll want to send your troops out to these resource points to collect supplies and bring them back to your bunker. Gathering these resources can take varying amounts of time. 

The World Map, where you can fight battles on a grander scale with your troops. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd.

However, you’ll also find many dangerous mutant enemies, of varying strength. Depending on how strong your own force is, you may want to attack some of them for rewards. 

Sending Out Troops

You can tap on an enemy or resource point to send your troops to it. It will prompt you to select a hero to command those troops, and the number of units to send. 

Sending out troops with one of your heroes leading them.  Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 

Rescue Radio 

Once you’ve unlocked the Rescue Radio, it will give you access to a large number of “events,” which are tasks outside of your main campaign storyline. 

These could be anything from simply tapping to collect some resources, delivering resources to some point on the map, or even battling some mutants on the world map. 

Rescue radio events are quite rewarding, so it’s definitely worth it to check in and complete these tasks when available.

The Rescue Radio screen. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd.

Research Tech Trees

There are three tech trees that you can research to keep improving efficiency in your bunker and the strength of your troops: 

Battle — These improve the stats of your troops, and lets you unlock troop units 

Develop — These improvements make your bunker’s buildings more efficient. Upgrades like increased training and construction speed, additional deployment queues, increased hospital healing capacity are here. 

Economy — These upgrades allow your facilities to produce resources faster. 

Researching the tech trees. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 


Once built, the Alliance Hub lets you join alliances, which are teams of other players. 

Once you’re in an alliance, you can request assists to speed up your building, upgrades, and research. 

You can also easily assist allies by tapping on the handshake icon when it appears. 

A handshake icon indicates an opportunity to give or receive help. Image: Games Hub Hong Kong, Ltd. 

You can also participate in cooperative events organized by your Alliance on the World Map to receive various rewards. 

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