Dynasty Warriors: Overlords Ultimate Game Guide

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo
Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is a weapon-based combat game developed by none other than Koei Tecmo, the developers behind successful games like Attack on Titan and Bladestorm. Released in August, DW: Overlords is currently available for download on Google Play and iOS App Store

The Dynasty Warriors franchise, which originally debuted in 1997, has not only delivered a fascinating series of games but has also evolved into a global phenomenon with thousands of ardent fans. This action role-playing game is centered around the lore of the Three Kingdoms, where your main mission is to either unite or conquer these Kingdoms. To achieve this feat, you must master the game’s strategic combat system and be able to hold your own against the many factions residing in this world.

Game Mechanics

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

DW: Overlords is a combat-centered game where you take up the role of recruiting various heroes for your cause. The heroes you gather will be the deciding factor in your encounters, as their skill sets directly influence your effectiveness in the game’s battles.

If you’ve played other games in the Dynasty Warriors series, you will notice quite a resemblance in various sectors, such as gameplay and different game mechanics. At the start of the game, you’ll go through a tutorial phase to learn all the basic controls.

Fortunately, DW: Overlords features simple controls where you can move your player by using the joystick on the left side of the screen and deploy attacks using the controls on the right side of the screen. The tutorial phase will also teach you the various combinations that you can use in your encounters to deploy deadly attacks. 

Further, the game lets you decide between two view perspectives:

  1. Immersive View (3D)
  2. Classic View (2.5D)
Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

In DW: Overlords, you’ll also be able to own a wide variety of characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses that you can use to slice up your enemies to earn skill points and reach the main boss of the mission. Killing multiple enemies loads various charge attacks, which you can use to clear up herds of enemies. Moreover, you will be rewarded with silver coins and gold ingots throughout the game by completing quests and watching storyline videos – these ingots will further aid your journey in defeating the main bosses. 

DW: Overlords feature two main modes as well, the story mode and the PvP mode, where players can play against each other on a server. Moreover, through the Joint War feature, players will be able to invite their friends and form a team to take down all the foes the game throws at them and earn various rewards. That said, this feature only becomes available once you reach level 41.

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

You can also take part in various side quests, like the Government Affairs, to earn a series of idle rewards. If you get your salary on the basis of productivity, then you’ll be allowed to earn more ingots and XPs through troop training. However, all these rewards are related to the progress of your main story. So, make sure you keep progressing and fighting the bosses.

Characters & Abilities

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo
Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

You will be controlling various playable characters in Dynasty Warrior: Overlords. However, we suggest going for high-ranked and top-tier heroes from the start. This is because the top-tier heroes are more powerful and useful throughout the main storyline of the game.

The recruitable characters in DW: Overlords have been divided into five tiers based on their strength levels. 

  1. Tier S

Tier S constitutes the most powerful characters with the best combo skills available in the game. You’ll be getting various overpowered heroes under this rank; some of them are listed below.

Rank Hero Names
S TierZhao YunXiahou DunTaishi CiSun Ce
  1. Tier A

The tier A characters are also a powerful asset in the game and can easily wipe out herds of enemies. However, they aren’t are strong as the Tier S ones. These characters include 

Rank Hero Names
A TierZhuge LiangYuan ShaoXiao QiaoMa Chao
  1. Tier B

We can categorize the tier B characters as the average characters that have the ability to support the teams but not single-handedly carry the team fight. Some of these players are:

Rank Hero Names
B TierZhou YuLady HuangZhang LiaoSun Jian
  1. Tier C

Tier C characters lack the basic sets of skills and abilities that are necessary for beneficial functioning in the team. Even though they can’t compete with most units solo, they can benefit you in a team environment:

Rank Hero Names
C TierZhang FeiXu ChuXiahou YuanLiu Bei
  1. Tier D

Tier D characters are the ones you should avoid picking up. Not only are these characters poorly equipped, they lack performance on the battlefield as well. To name a few:

Rank Hero Names
D TierDian WeiZhang JueBao SanniangGuan Yu

The S rank is the top tier, while the D rank is the lowest. So, if you are looking to have an overpowered skillset by your hand, then a hero from the S rank is your way to go. 

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

You should also note that each character possesses a different weapon and varies by a number of factors, such as:

  • Survival
  • Damage
  • Control
  • Team
  • Agitation

So make sure to choose the character that suits your playstyle. Mostly, you’ll see the Tier S and A characters wielding the strongest and most useful weapons in the game.

Levels & Stages

The game will start with the main story, where after the tutorial phase, you will follow various objectives and progress through the story to earn rewards and use these rewards to unlock characters of various ranks and abilities. When it comes to the level design of the game, each level follows a similar pattern where you have to take down the hoards of enemies that come your way until you reach a boss fight. 

Throughout the story, you will also come across various story videos. We suggest watching these videos as they will often reward you with gold ingots. These ingots are very useful in the recruitment process, so make sure you attain all the chances you encounter to get them.

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

As you follow the objectives shown on the screen, you’ll go through various wars and encounters. This will progress you through the story and reward you with various perks, which you can then later use to unlock other characters.

Equipment & Upgrades

DW: Overlord doesn’t feature any separate buyable weapons. Instead, each character comes equipped with its own weapon, which has different attack styles and damages. Moreover, each playable character has different Charge Attacks. And this is one of the main reasons why top-tier rank characters should be preferred in the game since the weapons they wield deal significantly more damage than lower-tier characters. 

Simultaneously, you can use various wraps and skins for your playable character to give them a personalized look. This gives the game a more dynamic and personal touch for the players. 

Moreover, DW: Overlords allow you to use the gold seals to buy top-ups for your character. These top-ups help you throughout the game in various combat aspects by buffing up your character. These packages can also be bought at a discounted price, which would be way cheaper than its actual store price. This can be done by visiting the game’s official website and going into their shop. 

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

Daily tasks

If you are looking for a way to earn more resources in a faster way, make sure to complete all the daily tasks the game has to offer. These tasks are presented on a daily basis. So, if you want to become better with the best ingots, summoning tickets, and so on, make sure to finish these daily tasks as a beginner. 

Moreover, these tasks help you earn your rank and help you reach a higher level through your gameplay, boosting your progress in DW: Overlords.

Attack Combinations

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

The game features various attack combinations, which can be unleashed by pressing various buttons in a specific manner. The main examples of these combinations are the charge attacks 1,2 and 3. Fortunately, these three charge attacks in the game are taught in the tutorial phase of the game.

During encounters, you need to strategically use these charge attacks and the ultimate attack of your weapon to demolish herds of enemies and move toward your objective.

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

In-game Currency & Store Purchases

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

The game rewards you with gold ingots and silver coins, which can be used to make in-game purchases and recruit characters. However, the DW: Overlords also offers various perks and upgrades to buy online through store purchases on their website. 

Moreover, players can also buy gold ingots through the online store and use those gold ingots to buy top-tier recruitables. You can also purchase various packs from the shop to get various upgrades and different characters. This is an easy way to boost yourself through the game and add SSR generals to the list of your playable characters. 

Dynasty Warrior: Overlords via Koei Tecmo

Tips & Tricks

If you are a beginner to the DW: Overlords, you can follow these tips to gain an advantage in the game and acing encounters throughout the storyline:

  • Focusing on unlocking top-tier ranks through the game
  • Remember to Top Up yourself by buying packages to help your combat experience in the game
  • Completing the main story to get high rewards and ranks
  • Redeeming DW: Overlords Gift Codes to get multiple rewards
  • Focusing on level-up rewards so you won’t miss any free rewards
  • Try to get into the highest rank you can for combat assistance 
  • Don’t forget to use the ultimate power of your weapons at the right moment.
  • Keep an eye out on the Growth Fund, this lets you get various rewards on your progress.
  • Lastly, make sure to complete all Daily Tasks as they are an easy income of rewards that can be used throughout the game.


In conclusion, Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is a great combat-faced mobile game available on both Android and iOS platforms. It allows you to have deep solo sessions as well as possess the feature of playing with your friends. If you liked our ultimate guide, be sure to check out our guides on Heir of Light Eclipse and Animal Lords Merge & Rumble.

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