Era of Conquest Warfare Ultimate Beginners Game Guide!

Era of Conquest
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An addicting new real-time strategy game that resembles old mechanics of the RTS genre with a twist of online capabilities.

Era of Conquest: Warfare is a real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by 4399 Games and was recently released on October 27, 2023. Its mechanics and gameplay resemble classics of this genre, like Battle Realms and Command and Conquer, but with historical legends. Moreover, being an RTS game, players need to strategize beforehand with their available troops to succeed in this game.

Era of Conquest also has online capabilities, including a vast map players can explore with their troops and online friends. With cross-platform capabilities, this game is also available on iOS, Android, and PC platforms.

In this Era of Conquest beginner guide, you’ll know everything about the game, from gathering materials to overall game progression.

The Era of Conquest Warfare Gameplay

Era of Conquest is a free-to-play open-world multi-civilization strategy game where players can choose one of the12 civilizations and build their kingdom from the ground up. The game’s ultimate goal is to conquer the world and become the Supreme Ruler. Once you have chosen a civilization, you must start building your kingdom. It includes gathering resources, researching technologies, and training armies. Moreover, players must also create various structures, such as barracks, houses, and walls.

Era of Conquest gameplay guide
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Additionally, beginner players can start by beating local areas, defeating rebels, and building outposts. Players can control their troops by clicking which area or troops of enemies they want to attack, as this game has a point and click controls.

Lineup Boost Era of Conquest
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The Era of Conquest also revolves around strategizing, so its gameplay is mainly planning and team building. Beginner players can select the “Boost” button, which improves the overall lineup score by switching or upgrading your team by the game. The boost button is the Up Arrow beside the Lineup Score, as seen in the image above. Additionally, you must select your preferred civilization first to plan on what materials to focus on.

What Are the Civilizations in the Era of Conquest Warfare?

Players must choose their starting civilization, and this Era of Conquest beginner guide will help them which one to choose. These civilizations have different innate perks, which include boosts when gathering such materials. Moreover, the Era of Conquest has vast options to choose your starting civilization. However, you must choose carefully, as you cannot change your civilization once players have already decided.

Era of Conquest Civilization guide
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Here are the civilizations that players can choose from.

CivilizationCivilization Bonus
Roman+20% Iron 
British+10% Grain
+10% Stone
French+20% Wood
Chinese+20% Grain
Korean+10% Wood+10% Iron
Japanese+10% Grain+10% Wood
Arabian+20% Stone
Germanic+10% Wood+10% Stone
Russian+10% Stone+10% Iron

Players can obtain additional resources depending on the civilization that they choose. With this in mind, this can benefit players in base building or recruiting troops. Players can also focus on gathering materials that don’t have an additional percentage when collected to compensate for the fewer materials gathered.

Gathering Materials for Your Civilization in Era of Conquest Warfare

Materials in the Era of Conquest are essential, as it is used for almost any kind of structure and recruitment in the game. These materials include grain, wood, iron, and stone. The facilities consume an equal amount of materials, so gathering them all at the same rate is essential.

Era of Conquest Civilization guide
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Players can gather these materials by building structures that gather them after a while. For example, you can collect Iron from Iron Mines or Grains from the Farm. The amount of materials that it can accumulate depends on what level the structure is. This mechanic also makes upgrading and building multiple resource-gathering structures essential, so upgrade and build more regularly.

Structures in the Era of Conquest Warfare

There are several structures to build in Era of Conquest, and beginners might need clarification about what to upgrade and develop first. In this Era of Conquest beginner guide, we will tackle each structure and its function to your civilization.

Structures in the era of conquest
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Here are all the economic structures you can build in the Era of Conquest.

StorehouseMaterials Storage
FarmProduces Food or Grain
QuarryProduces Stone
LumberyardProduces Wood
Iron MineProduces Iron
Gold MineProduces Coins

Levels and Stages in the Era of Conquest Warfare

Era of Conquest has a vast map, which contains a lot of enemies, resources, and other empires. Players can freely explore an area near them, given they have the time to travel to each location.

Structures in the era of conquest
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In Era of Conquest, players gain experience by completing various tasks, such as building structures, training units, and defeating enemies. As players gain experience, they will level up. Each level provides players with various rewards, such as new resources, technologies, and units. Players can also unlock new features and content as they level up.

Leveling up Your Heroes in Era of Conquest Warfare

In this Era of Conquest beginner guide, players will know the importance of leveling up heroes. These heroes have skills and abilities that may give them an advantage in battle. The skill’s overall functionality or the hero will also upgrade if you level them with their abilities.

leveling up your heroes in era of conquest
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However, there are no manual ways to level up your heroes, like using a level-up card or experience (EXP) coupons for your heroes. The only way to level them up is by doing battles. Your heroes gain experience by defeating enemies and also by doing missions.

Players can also allocate their EXP points in either strength, defense, intelligence, or agility. With that said, knowing which points your heroes needed the most is essential. For example, Hojo Tokimune relies heavily upon physical damage, so leveling his strength stat up would be a favorable choice.

Additionally, here are the stats a hero can get and its functionality.

Stat/Hero PointsEffect
StrengthAffects Physical Damage
DefenseAffects Physical and Tactical Defense
IntelligenceAffects Tactical Damage
AgilityAffects the hero’s attack order

Best Heroes in Era of Conquest

There are several heroes in Era of Conquest that players can choose from. From the king of Sparta, Leonidas, to the Roman uncrowned king, Caesar, this Era of Conquest beginner guide will show you the best heroes you want to summon if you’re just starting. 

Caesar, The Uncrowned Emperor

In the Era of Conquest, Caesar is a legendary Roman general who is known for his military prowess and his ability to inspire his troops. He is also an influential diplomat who can form alliances with other civilizations.

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Additionally, Caesar is also a six-star rarity and a legendary hero in the Era of Conquest. He has an active ability called Purple Robes, which heals two of your units each round. The healing effect is increased depending on how low the unit’s forces are. Additionally, suppose the healing target is under a negative status effect such as disarm, silence, shock, or exhaustion. In that case, Purple Robes has a 50% chance to purify all adverse status effects from that unit. In short, Caesar is a powerful healer who can also cure adverse status effects. He is a valuable asset to any army, and his Purple Robes ability can be instrumental in turning the tide of battle.

El Cid, Sword of Revival

El Cid is among the most overpowered heroes, especially in the early game. This low-investment hero can produce a lot of damage, with the health bar of a single enemy dropping immediately. This is thanks to its ability, “Sun Knight,” which deals enormous damage when the enemy is already burning.

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However, players must pair El Cid first with another hero that inflicts burn. For example, Mary Tudor’s skill, “Unforgiving Trial,” inflicts burns on enemy troops and also deals additional damage when they are already burning. This hero, Mary Tudor, is essential to pair with him, as she enables El Cid to output tons of damage. However, remember that Mary Tudor’s agility must be greater than El Cid’s because she needs to inflict a burn first.

Gearing up your Heroes in Era of Conquest Warfare

In this Era of Conquest beginner guide, we also tackle building your heroes. You can start gearing up your heroes by clicking the “Hero” tab between Gallery and Skill on the lower right part of your screen.

leveling up your heroes in era of conquest
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Players can select their heroes’ weapons, armor, treasure, and accessories. They can also filter and sort these items to organize or find what fits best on their chosen hero. These items can also increase the hero’s effectiveness, especially in battles, because they upgrade the hero’s stats.

In-game Currency and Purchases

Era of Conquest also has in-game currency and purchases like other online games. The game uses a Gem as a currency to summon or buy things and services like instant finish of buildings. The game also has its battle pass that rewards players with different additional items as they level them up.

In-game currency era of conquest
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Additionally, there are also bundles and promos that players can take advantage of, especially when they are starting the game. These starter bundles can help players get started, especially the Leonidas bundle, where they can purchase a Hero great for the early game with a cheap price tag.

The Era of Conquest Warfare Tips and Tricks

Now that we know the basics of the game through our Era of Conquest beginner guide, we will tackle more advanced tips that may help beginner players get started.

Build and Upgrade your Civic Center and War Hall

In the Era of Conquest, the Civic Center and War Hall are two of the most valuable structures players should prioritize building and upgrading. Civic Center provides more upgrades and structures to build if it is leveled up. On the other hand, the War Hall is where your team composition is based, as it can also upgrade the number of troops you can deploy.

Building Civic Center and War Hall Era of Conquest beginner guide
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However, leveling your Civic Center and War Hall requires certain conditions. You can see all the requirements when you click the Civic Center and the upgrade option. Also, remember that you don’t need to force-finish when building, especially when it needs gems or coupons. In the Era of Conquest Warfare, patience is also the key.

Explore the Mists regularly

In this Era of Conquest Warfare beginner guide, we’ll tell you how essential it is to explore your local area regularly. In this game, there are a lot of places that need some exploring to do, especially if you are a beginner. Exploring the mists can yield a lot of resources, which players essentially need at the start of the game. It can also provide players with some materials for their Tapestry to complete. 

Scouting in the Mists
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Tapestries are collections of items or art that represent certain countries. These tapestries can players only be found by exploring the mists. Players can also find structures that can be built as outposts, aiding them troops without needing to march from the base. Additionally, these structures are located along the local areas of your civilization, so please keep that in mind.

That’s the end of our Era of Conquest Warfare beginner guide. This guide will serve as basic knowledge on how to play the game. By following this comprehensive guide, you can conquer each land while facing each challenge professionally.

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