Evertale Game Guide, Tip & Tricks

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Evertale is a turn-based RPG developed by ZigZaGame for Android and iOS. It currently sits at 5 million+ downloads, and for good reason. Evertale’s quirky art style, stellar voice acting, and Pokemon-ish gameplay are the key ingredients to its success, and if you haven’t played it already, odds are you’ll love it.

Loaded would be an understatement for Evertale. Its semi-open world is full of monsters waiting to be captured and secrets lingering to be discovered. But because Evertale’s so jam-packed, most new players will have trouble fitting in. Luckily, that’s where our Evertale game guide comes in.

What’s The Story of Evertale?

An evil god created an event known as the “Pandemonium” which takes place after a set amount of years. During the Pandemonium, monsters and terrifying creatures pop up all over Erden. Chosen warriors that have the power of the “Crest” serve as humanity’s heroes, and this is where you come in.

It’s your job to end the Pandemonium, and as the story unfolds, you take control of various protagonists across a 10-arc plotline.

Evertale dialog
Image: ZigZaGame

Now for the shocker. Evertale’s story mode will easily gobble up 20+ hours. Its story is gigantic for a mobile game, but somehow, ZigZaGame perfectly pulls it off. The story is strong. It never loses its grip, it’s well-written, and lore is spread in every inch of the game. 

Add in the multiplayer mode, side quests, and frequent new updates, and Evertale becomes a game that you might not be able to finish as soon as you hoped.

Evertale Gameplay – A Mix of Pokemon and Intricate RPG

Right at the start you’re dropped into the world of Erden where you navigate by tapping an area and your character moves there. Evertale is a semi-open world game, so many areas are giant but the scenery keeps changing every so often.

Evertale open world
Image: ZigZaGame

The camera angle is top-down, and at times switches to side-scrolling scenarios, but battles are always 2D and turn-based.

The main gameplay consists of you participating in battles with a team that has heroes and monsters in it. All characters have a set of attacks or skills. Basic attacks award you “Team Spirit” while executing a character’s special moves consumes them.

Basic and special attacks have different status effects such as Flame, Earth, and Lightning. Each skill also has a description that details what it exactly does. For example, all skills attack enemies, but some of them might add a buff or debuff to your character too.

Evertale gameplay
Image: ZigZaGame

Furthermore, when you’re facing monsters in battle, you can capture and include them in your team by pressing the “Catch” button. The lower the enemy monster’s health, the better your chances of capturing them. It’s a mechanic similar to the Pokemon franchise for those of you who are familiar with it.

Finally, you unlock different weapons throughout the game for your characters. Leveling up your units is a feature too. There is tons more that you can mess around with, but this is what the gist of gameplay is like.

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Evertale Characters – Gotta Catch ‘em All

There are two types of characters in Evertale: monsters and heroes. All characters are ranked in tiers from SSR (the best) to R (the worst).

Each of them has skills, passive skills, unique animations, normal attacks, and lots more. However, monsters also have the ability to evolve and gain new skills if leveled up enough.

Evertale Characters
Image: ZigZaGame

Character types in Evertale include:

  • Wind: Best against Storm, but weak to Fire.
  • Fire: Best against Wind, but weak to Water.
  • Storm: Best against Water, but weak to Wind.
  • Water: Best against Fire, but weak to Storm.
  • Light: Best against Dark, and neutral to other elements.
  • Dark: Best against Light, and neutral to other elements.

Best Characters In Evertale

nagi evertale
Image: ZigZaGame

Here are three of what we think are the best characters in Evertale.

Tier Character NamePowerHealthSpeed
SSRKing Arthur49k300k350

How To Unlock New Characters In Evertale

Hero characters in Evertale can be unlocked through Summoning. Once you have enough Soul Stones, you can go to the Summons tab and select any of the dozens of available packages to try your luck at a character.

Evertale Summoning
Image: ZigZaGame

As for Monsters, most of them can only be obtained by fighting and capturing them during battle. However, during the course of the story, you will also be given opportunities to pick a few for free.

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Levels & World Exploration In Evertale

Erden is an enormous semi-open world area. Fights and battles begin automatically as you progress the story by moving your character across the map toward the next objective marker.

Evertale Story mode
Image: ZigZaGame

Story mode is the meat of Evertale. New characters, epic battles, weapons, areas, and lore all await here.

The PvP “Battalion” is the other game mode available in Evertale. It’s a multiplayer mode and players can access it after they complete chapter 2. But in this mode, while you earn rewards such as currency and items, you don’t get any new weapons or characters. Additionally, you can also join Alliances in multiplayer and participate in clan events.

Evertale PvP “Battalion”
Image: ZigZaGame

The story mode is where you will be doing most of the progression and then you can compete with other players in the PvP.

Evertale Inventory, Equipment, & Resources

There are plenty of currencies, items, and equipment in Evertale. Items mainly consist of potions and materials such as gems needed to upgrade, temporarily increase, or restore the stats of a character.

Evertale Soul Stones 
Image: ZigZaGame
CurrencyUse How To Get
Soul Stones Has various uses including Summoning characters, and purchasing itemsPurchased from the shop with real-life currency, log-in reward, task rewards
GoldUsed for leveling up unitsObtained via battles in story mode, task rewards, shop
Ore of PotentialUsed to upgrade weaponsObtained via log-in rewards, story mode missions, task rewards, shop
Fruit of PotentialUsed to upgrade charactersObtained via log-in rewards, story mode missions, task rewards, shop

Evertale Tips & Tricks

Here’s one Evertale tip that every player should know.

Read The Descriptions, They Matter More Than You Could Imagine

One thing I wish I had known earlier before playing Evertale is that the descriptions are too important to miss. Some character attacks may apply a debuff to your character, and if you don’t know that beforehand, you might think you’re about to win but end up dying instead.

Evertale Tips & Tricks
Image: ZigZaGame

What’s also worth noting is that some attack skills can be chained with attacks in your future turns. An example is that the poison skill of one character applies a debuff to a target, but it does negligible damage. However, when you attack the enemy in your next turn, they will take massive damage even from basic attacks.

Reading every attack’s description is really important for that reason, and that’s the first thing you should do whenever you unlock new characters or weapons in Evertale.

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Conclusion – One of the Finest Modern-day Mobile Games

Evertale is one of the best mobile games, period. It offers both a captivating story mode and multiplayer PvP that keeps things fresh. The gigantic cast of characters, maps, and game modes further add to the feeling of bewilderment. All in all, Evertale becomes a journey that will stick with you long after you put down your mobile.

Evertale sr character
Image: ZigZaGame

It’s a must-play for fans of both Pokemon and the old-school Final Fantasy games. We couldn’t recommend it more, and hopefully, this guide has helped by giving you a heads-up about the world and what awaits.

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