Every Among Us Character Explained: Colors, Roles & More

Image: Innersloth

Innersloth’s tiny whodunit game is the biggest thing on the planet thanks to those little multi-color doodles everyone loves so much. The Among Us characters are iconic in the video game world. Not many people know about their origins, so in this article, you’ll find the answer to that along with everything else there is about them.

Among Us Characters Explained

The Among Us characters, better known as the Crewmates, are a group of space explorers. They look like short cartoonish astronauts who wear backpacks but lack arms. The Crewmates do seem like they are humans, however, their species has never been confirmed by studio Innersloth, so we can’t say for sure what’s actually under there.

In each game, players take control of the Among Us characters and are responsible for completing tasks aboard the spaceship. At the same time, another group of players called the “Imposters” will pretend to be the Crewmates and lurk around. Their job is to kill the real Crewmates to win the game, but if they are voted out, then the opposing team wins.

Image: Innersloth

The concept of Among Us was inspired by the social game Mafia where a group of players are killers and the others are citizens who have to figure out who the killers are and vote them out. For the space setting, Innersloth took inspiration from John Carpenter’s The Thing, a cult classic movie about a shape-shifting alien that begins killing researchers in Antarctica.

After mixing the best of both worlds, Innersloth created Among Us and today it has over 500 million downloads. And how could it not, given the interesting extraterrestrial themes and the fun gameplay loop of convincing the world that you aren’t the Imposter?

Every Among Us Character Color

Image: Innersloth

You can tell Among Us characters apart by their colors in-game. Innersloth has provided 18 colors for players to choose from and you’ll find all of them listed below.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Black
  • White
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Lime
  • Maroon
  • Rose
  • Banana
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Coral

Additionally, if you have mods like the EpicColors installed on PC or are using the Skeld mods app for Among Us on mobile, you’ll be able to get even more colors for the Crewmates. 

The colors don’t have any gameplay features linked to them. Their only purpose is so that you can differentiate between players during games because names do not appear.

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All Among Us Character Cosmetics

Image: Innersloth

Colors aren’t the only customization options available for your Among Us characters. If you want to stand out, there are plenty of cosmetic items that you can equip. Some look silly while others will give you a sense of flamboyancy over the rest of the crew.

The Among Us character cosmetics include:

  • Hats 
  • Skins
  • Visors
  • Pets
  • Nameplates

How To Unlock Cosmetics In Among Us?

Image: Innersloth

You will have some cosmetics unlocked from the beginning. New items can be bought from the shop in exchange for Stars, Beans, or Pods, currencies that can be acquired by playing the game or via in-app purchases.

The cosmetic items are cool and all but they don’t affect gameplay in any way. Or maybe they do help you since only an imposter would wear the Benoit Blanc outfit and Looking Sharp visor together.

What Roles Do The Among Us Characters Have?

There are 7 unique roles in Among Us. Some roles will let you help out the crew faster whereas another might make you a more powerful Imposter. That said, no matter what role you get, you’ll either be part of the Imposters or the Crewmates. Here’s a complete breakdown of all the roles available.

The Bad Guys

Every bad Crewmate is a good Crewmate in their own story.

The Imposter

Image: Innersloth

Abilities: Kill, Sabotage, Vent, Use, Report, Admin, Security, Doorlog, Vitals
Players Chosen: 1–3

As the Imposter, you are supposed to kill the Crewmates sneakily. You can’t complete spaceship tasks as an Imposter, so you’ll have to put up a masterful facade. Luckily, there are plenty of abilities such as Vent to help you avoid everyone and set up the perfect crime.

The Shapeshifter

Image: Innersloth

Abilities: Kill, Sabotage, Vent, Use, Report, Admin, Security, Doorlog, Vitals, Shift, Unshift
Players Chosen: 1–3

The Shapeshifter essentially plays the same role as an Imposter but has the added ability to transform into another player. You can shift colors and then kill a Crewmate in front of another player, putting all of the blame on someone else. You know what they say, if you can’t beat them, pretend to be them and cause internal paranoia.

The Good Guys

Now here’s a look at the actual good guys.


Image: Innersloth

Abilities: Use, Report, Admin, Security, Doorlog, Vitals
Player Count: 3–14

Crewmates are responsible for completing tasks on the spaceship to keep things running. Not to mention they need to avoid getting killed. Being a Crewmate isn’t as fun as the other roles but you can’t deny it’s just as important.


Image: Innersloth

Abilities: Use, Report, Admin, Security, Doorlog, Vent
Player Count: 1–14

The Engineer is a Crewmate who has the ability to Vent like an Imposter. Getting around to tasks is easier and if you get cornered by an Imposter, venting might just save your life.


Image: Innersloth

Abilities: Use, Report, Admin, Security, Doorlog, Vitals
Player Count: Variable

A Scientist’s duties are similar to a Crewmate’s, however, the Scientist can view the vitals of the crew at any moment. By viewing the vitals, an Engineer can see whether any of the Crewmates has died, and if so, they can be the first ones to report the incident and prevent further casualties.


Image: Innersloth

Abilities: Use, Admin, Security, Doorlog, Vitals, Haunt
Player Count: 0–12

When you get offed by an Imposter, you turn into a ghost and wander around the spaceship. There isn’t much for you to do then except Haunt players who are alive.

Guardian Angel

Image: Innersloth

Abilities: Use, Admin, Security, Doorlog, Vitals, Protect
Player Count: Variable

The Guardian Angel is the same as the Ghost but has the ability to protect Crewmates from the Imposter. Using the Protect ability, Guardian Angels can bestow a shield on a Crewmate and help the good guys win.

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Best Among Us Mods

Among Us is already a very good game but you can’t deny it could be even better if there were more roles and customization options. If only players from the community would make some mods to fix that – oh wait, they did.  

There are dozens of mods available on PC, and while they aren’t necessary to play the game, they sure do make it a whole lot more fun. Here are our picks of the best Among Us mods.

The Jester Mod

Image: Innersloth

Imagine if you had to get voted out in order to win. Yup, the Jester Mod does exactly that. By installing this mod, one player will randomly be picked as the Jester and his role will be to convince everyone else that he’s the imposter so that he can get voted out and win. It’s a tough role, but it’ll up the stakes that’s for sure.

The Other Roles

Image: Innersloth

Perhaps the most massive mod for Among Us is The Other Roles. It completely overhauls the game and introduces 43 new Among Us characters, a bunch of modifiers to change the game settings, and new game modes such as PropHunt. It’s the perfect mod if you’re looking to add tons of upgrades to the game.


Image: Innersloth

There can never be enough colors. With the ColorsPlus mod, you can select any color in the world for your Among Us character. Standing out couldn’t be any easier.

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