Genshin Impact Tier List – Best Characters for 2023

Genshin Impact Tier List
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Looking for the best genshin characters to add to your team? Look no further as this Genshin Impact Tier list is all you’ll ever need.

As HoYoverse introduces new regions and content in Genshin Impact, new characters also arrive. Each of these characters has their own strengths, and they certainly have their reasons for you to include them in your team. Whether it’s their aesthetics, animations, or game-breaking abilities, these characters can tempt you to spend your primogems on them.

However, with the regular release of characters in Genshin Impact, it may not be optimal to spend all your Intertwined Fates on every character. This is especially true if you’re a free-to-play (F2P) player; you should only select characters you plan to use.

Now, if you’re on the search for new characters to add in your team, or just curious which characters are currently dominating in the meta, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s a reliable Genshin Impact Tier List ranking every character from SS to C, depending on their strength and overall viability. 

Genshin Impact Tier List

Presented below is the complete Genshin Impact Tier List. Characters at the top of the list are considered the strongest in the current meta, while the ones below are underperforming characters.

SSNeuvillette5 StarHydroCatalystMain DPSFontaine
SSAlhaitham 5 StarDendroSwordMain DPS Sumeru
SSKazuha5 StarAnemoSword Sub DPS/SupportInazuma
SSRaiden Shogun5 StarElectroPolearmMain DPS/Sub DPSInazuma
SSHutao5 StarPyroPolearmMain DPSLiyue
SSAyaka5 StarCryoSword Main DPSInazuma
SSYelan5 StarHydroBowSub DPSLiyue
SSZhongli5 StarGeoPolearmSupportLiyue
SSNahida5 StarDendroCatalystSupportSumeru
SSKokomi5 StarHydroCatalystSupportInazuma
SSBennett4 StarPyroSwordSupportMondstadt
SSXingqiu4 StarHydroSword SupportLiyue
SSXiangling4 StarPyroPolearm Main DPS/Sub DPSLiyue
SAyato5 StarHydroSwordMain DPSInazuma
SNilou5 StarHydroSwordSupportSumeru
SLyney 5 StarPyroBowMain DPSFontaine
SMona 5 StarHydroCatalystSupportMondstadt
SShenhe5 StarCryoPolearmSupportLiyue
SBaizhu5 StarDendroCatalystSupportSumeru
SWriothesley5 StarCryoCatalystMain DPSFontaine
SVenti5 StarAnemoBowSupportMondstadt
STighnari5 StarDendroBowMain DPSSumeru
SDendro Main Character5 StarDendroSwordSub DPSNone
SWanderer5 StarAnemoCatalystMain DPSSumeru
SKuki Shinobu4 starElectroSword SupportInazuma
SFischl 4 StarElectroBowMain DPS/Sub DPSMondstadt
AAlbedo5 StarGeoSwordSub DPSMondstadt
AYae MIko5 StarElectroCatalystMain DPS/Sub DPSInazuma
AXiao5 StarAnemoPolearmMain DPSLiyue
AYoimiya5 StarPyroBowMain DPSInazuma
AJean5 StarAnemoSwordSupportMondstadt
AKeqing5 StarElectroSword Main DPSLiyue
AEula5 StarCryoClaymoreMain DPS Mondstadt
AItto5 StarGeoClaymoreMain DPSInazuma
ACyno5 StarElectroPolearmMain DPSSumeru
AChilde5 StarHydroBowMain DPSLiyue
ALayla4 StarCryoSwordSupportSumeru
AFaruzan4 StarAnemoBowSupportSumeru
AGorou4 StarGeoBow SupportInazuma
ASara4 StarElectroBow SupportInazuma
ADiona4 StarCryoBowSupportMondstadt
AMika4 StarCryoPolearmSupportMondstadt
ASucrose4 StarAnemoCatalystSupportMondstadt
ABeidou4 StarElectroClaymoreMain DPS/Sub DPSLiyue
ARosaria 4 StarCryoPolearmMain DPS/Sub DPSMondstadt
AThoma4 StarPyroPolearmSupportInazuma
BDehya5 StarPyroClaymoreMain DPS/Sub DPSSumeru
BDiluc5 StarPyroClaymoreMain DPSMondstadt
BKlee5 StarPyroCatalystMain DPSMondstadt
BElectro Main Character5 StarElectroSwordSub DPSNone
BKaveh5 StarDendroClaymoreMain DPSSumeru
BYunjin4 StarGeoPolearmSupportLiyue
BBarbara4 StarHydroCatalystSupportMondstadt
BCandace4 StarHydroPolearmMain DPS/SupportSumeru
BChongyun4 StarCryoClaymoreMain DPS/Sub DPSMondstadt
BFreminet4 StarCryoClaymoreMain DPSFontaine
BHeizou4 StarAnemoCatalystMain DPSInazuma
BKaeya4 StarCryoSwordMain DPS/Sub DPSMondstadt
BLisa4 StarElectroCatalystMain DPS/Sub DPSMondstadt
BLynette4 StarAnemoSwordMain DPS/Sub DPS/SupportFontaine
BSayu4 StarAnemoClaymoreSupportInazuma
BYanfei4 StarPyroCatalystMain DPS/SupportLiyue
BNingguang4 StarGeoCatalystMain DPSLiyue
CAnemo Main Character5 Star AnemoSwordSub DPS/SupportNone
CGeo Main Character5 StarGeoSwordSub DPSNone
CHydro Main character5 StarHydroSwordSub DPSNone
CAloy5 StarCryoBowSub DPSNone
CDori4 StarElectroClaymoreSupportSumeru
CQiqi4 StarCryoSwordSupportLiyue
CNoelle4 StarGeoClaymoreMain DPS/SupportMondstadt
Razor4 StarElectroClaymoreMain DPSMondstadt
CXinyan4 StarPyroClaymoreMain DPS/SupportLiyue
CAmber4 StarPyroBowMain DPS/Sub DPSMondstadt

Best Genshin Impact Characters for Patch 4.1

In this Genshin Impact character tier list, you will find several characters who stand out than the rest. Whether it’s their ability to delete opponents instantly, enhance survivability or their top-tier utility, these characters excel in various ways.


Genshin Impact tier list Kazuha
Image via HoYoverse

If you’re looking for a versatile character that can further boost your damage and provide reliable crowd control to easily group enemies, this Genshin Tier List will recommend Kazuha. This Anemo character is one of the greatest supports to have and can be deployed in various elemental team compositions, such as an Ayaka freeze team or a Childe international team.


Genshin Impact tier list Alhaitham
Image via HoYoverse

Alhaitham is an on-field DPS and arguably one of the best main DPS characters in Genshin Impact at C0. The Dendro sword user excels in both Spread and Hyperbloom teams, and can deal a significant amount of damage even with low investment.

Raiden Shogun

Genshin Impact tier list raiden shogun
Image via HoYoverse

Raiden is among the best characters in Genshin Impact, as she has plenty of things to offer to the table. She’s a great battery for characters requiring energy, and a sub DPS to plenty of teams. In terms of damage, Raiden is also a great main DPS especially at C2, Steelbreaker.


Genshin Impact tier list  hutao
Image via HoYoverse

Since her release, Hu Tao has consistently ranked as one of the best damage dealers in the game. Initially, she might be a bit challenging to play because, in order to maintain continuous and decent damage, players must consistently keep her HP at below 50%, which can be pretty risky. However, pulling for the Pyro Polearm nuker is absolutely worth it. Her kit allows her to deliver an astonishing amount of damage even at C0, particularly when she’s part of a vaporize team alongside Xingqiu and/or Yelan. Much like Neuvillette, she is a self-sufficient DPS that can heal herself when she casts her ultimate.


Genshin Impact tier list Zhongli
Image via HoYoverse

The Geo Archon has been always at the top for years already and considered as one of the best supports in Genshin Impact. What makes him an S Tier character in this Genshin Impact tier list is because of his shield ability that is undeniably the best one so far. It is so thick that it can block strong attacks that other shielders like Diona and Noelle cannot withstand. 

Genshin Impact Tier List Criteria

Here are the following criteria for each tier:

SS: The Strongest! SS-tier characters currently dominate the game. Having them in your team increases your chance of defeating opponents way faster and easier.

S: Viable characters. S-tier characters are strong, but not as broken as the ones as SS-tier. These characters can perform better especially when paired with characters that synergize with their kit. 

A: Good characters. Characters at A-tier are average characters which may require higher investments such as 5 star weapons, and great characters to be effective. 

B: Out of meta characters. These characters are less effective, and usually not great on their own. 

C:  Less effective characters. Completing in-game content using these characters can be a lot challenging compared to other characters. Replace these characters as soon as you get better characters in the higher tiers. 

That concludes Game Master HQ’s Genshin Impact Tier List. Tier lists serve as a guide, showcasing characters that are dominating and those that are less effective. Picking characters at the top of this tier list can make the completion of each battle and stages easier. However, do not let this tier list stop you from getting the characters you’ve always wanted. After all, everything will all boil down to preference and enjoying the game should be a priority. 

In order to easily progress in Genshin Impact, use our Genshin Impact Beginner’s guide for some tips and tricks, and Genshin Impact Codes to enjoy free rewards such as Primogems.

For more game news, guides, reviews and tier lists like this, be sure to check out Game Masters HQ

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