Genshin Impact Wriothesley Guide – Best Build, Artifacts and Teams

genshin impact wriothesley guide
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For players who have a knack for characters who deliver continuous cryo damage through a flurry of punches, Genshin Impact Wriothesley might be the one for your team. 

Wriothesley, the Administrator of the Fortress of Meropide in Fontaine, is an on-field Cryo main DPS character wielding a catalyst that loses HP as he deal damage through melee normal and charged attacks. With the right build, synergistic team and rotation, the Duke can dish out an insane amount of damage swiftly dismantling even the strongest opponents with a few hits.

Read on to learn how to use Genshin Wriothesley, best artifacts, weapons and teams in Genshin Impact.

How to use Genshin Impact Wriothesley – Talents

Unlike other catalyst characters, Wriothesley is capable of dealing damage in close-quarters combat through normal and charged attacks.

Wriothesley’s elemental skill, Icefang Rush allows him to enter the Chilling Penalty State. Doing so increases his interruption resistance, and enhances his normal attacks if his HP is above 50%. For the duration and under this condition, Wriothesley’s HP will decrease over time.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Normal Attack
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Darkgold Wolfbite on the other hand is pretty much similar to Ayaka’s elemental burst, which deals Cryo damage in a wide area for five times. This ability is perfect against Pneuma-aligned enemies as it deals Ousia-aligned damage. 

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Elemental Burst
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As you level up Wriothesley, you’ll gain access to his Ascension Passive. His A1 passive boosts his next charged attack when his HP falls below 60%, dealing 50% more damage, restoring HP, and not costing any stamina. Apart from the damage boost, players can save Wriothesley from succumbing to a devastating attack by casting his charged attack, which heals a portion of his health. However, this doesn’t mean that he no longer needs a reliable healer, such as Bennett, Charlotte, or Jean.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Charged Attack
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The second ascension passive on the other hand, grants 6% ATK each time his HP changes. 

How to build Genshin Impact Wriothesley

When farming for Wriothesley’s artifacts and his weapon, there are particular stats that players must focus on in order to maximize his damage. For the melee catalyst wielder, prioritize enhancing Attack, Critical Hit Rate, and Cryo Damage stats.

Best Genshin Impact Wriothesley Weapon

In terms of weapons, Cashflow Supervision stands out as his best-in-slot, enhancing his attack stats, normal attack, and charged attack damage. However, if you don’t have access to his signature weapon, there are alternative options you may choose to use.

Cashflow Supervision
Tulaytullah’s Remembrance
Lost Prayer of the Sacred Winds 
Tome of Eternal Flow
The Widsith
Flowing Purity

Best Artifacts For Genshin Impact Wriothesley

There are several viable artifact sets for Wriothesley, depending on your team composition, playstyle, and enemies. Ideally, maximize his kit by focusing on the following stats.

Artifact Stats

SandsATK or EM if Reverse Melt
GobletCryo DMG
CircletCrit Damage or Crit Rate
IconArtifact set
Marechaussee Hunter4 pc Marechaussee Hunter
4 pc Blizzard Strayer
4 Pc Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

Genshin Impact Wriothesley best teams

Mono cryo team 

Mono cryo team, as the name suggests includes bringing in cryo and anemo characters in a team. Aside from the individual contribution (buff and damage), Wriothesley can also benefit from their because of the energy particles and the cryo resonance. 

Much like the Reverse melt team composition, 4 PC Blizzard Strayer will not be advisable in a mono cryo team.

Reverse Melt

With a strong pyro applicator like Xiangling on your team, the Reverse Melt composition can work effectively. The Reverse Melt reaction allows Wriothesley to deal 1.5 times his damage, making it easier to clear opponents. However, it’s worth noting that as Wriothesley is an on-field DPS, you’ll need a pyro applicator capable of applying the aura while off-field.


Similar to the Reverse Melt team, you will need at least one off-field hydro applicator in order to trigger Freeze. Additionally, including another anemo for the crowd control, Viridescent Venerer shred, and swirl can be a great option. 

In this setup, Wriothesley can continuously freeze the opponents through his normal attacks and burst. Remember, though, that Wriothesley’s charged attack can shatter enemies, removing the Frozen status.

Blizzard Strayer artifact set is ideal for this type of team composition, which increases your crit rate upon hitting frozen enemies.

Fontaine is known for introducing great damage-dealers like Neuvillette and the trend seems to continue with the arrival of Wriothesley. His straightforward kit makes him a versatile choice for a variety of team compositions, rendering him a suitable pick for both beginners and free-to-play players.

That’s everything you need to know in this Genshin Wriothesley quick guide. Be sure to visit Game Masters HQ for more game news, guides, tier list, codes and reviews.

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