Girls Evo Ultimate Game Guide

Girls Evo is an idle RPG gacha game for Android, from LoongCheer Game. It features a storyline campaign mode, as well as several other PVE and PVP battle modes, giving you many different ways to earn resources and strengthen your team. 

If you’re in the market for a new gacha game to amuse yourself with, or find yourself drawn to the cute sprites in this game, here’s a guide to help you find your way around, especially if you’re new to the genre! 

Note: At the time of this writing the game is still in early access, so various aspects of its gameplay may change before launch. 


The game’s story revolves around the relationship between the realm of monsters and the realm of humans. The two are intertwined: as matter is destroyed in one realm, matter is created in the other. 

However, in the gaps between these two worlds, a feud arose between two powerful masters. Their war began to bring about chaos and destruction in both the world

One day, you are informed by a monster called Whitenight that you are the designated master whose “Power of Domination” (yes, really) makes you the only one capable of averting the destruction of the worlds. 

The Power of Domination. Image: Loongcheer Game

If you’re feeling a little confused, don’t worry—a friendly monster named Chubby will hold your hand and guide you step-by-step early on in the game. 

Chubby the Penguin. Image: Loongcheer Game


The idea for its gameplay is pretty standard for games in this genre: collect randomly dropped characters hoping to get rare powerful ones, send them to battle, collect resources, and level up your characters to form the strongest team possible. 


The battle stage looks like what you’d expect from any turn-based RPG, with multiple slots for your party.

In the pre-battle screen you can select monsters and rearrange them in the lineup. Image: Loongcheer Game

However, as this is an idle game, you can pretty much just skip playing this entirely by tapping on the fast-forward button to save time.

At the end of the round, if you’ve won, you’ll get a screen indicating the rewards you got and which of your monsters was the MVP. 

You can also access a damage table to see how well your individual monsters did. 


The Stage mode is where you fight the battles that advance the main storyline, in a linear fashion. At various points you will come across some boss levels with harder enemies and greater rewards. 

Idle Gains 

Towards the bottom right of the Stage Screen you’ll find the Idle Gains button. Here you can claim a number of rewards that the game lets you accumulate over time. These include gold, Character & Monster EXP, Diamonds, and gear. 

The idle gains are capped after a certain amount of time, so be sure to tap every couple of hours to claim your rewards. 

The Stage screen. The Idle Gains is encircled on the bottom right. Image: Loongcheer Game

Main City

Tapping on the Main City Button gives you access to various buildings, each with a different purpose. These include: 

  • Summon – One of the most important buildings here, this is where you’ll be acquiring most of your new monsters. 
  • Arena – This is a PVP game mode that lets you challenge other players. Winning battles rewards you with Arena Points, which you can trade for monsters and monster shards in the Arena’s own shop. 
  • Astrology House – Here you can make “wishes,” which can bring you various resources. Each time you make a wish, you also gain Astrology Points that you can trade for other items. You get a new chance to make a wish every 3 hours.  
  • Monster Sync – This lets you pick additional monsters to match the level of your higher-level monsters. The Sync Level is set to your 6th highest-level monster; any monsters you select to be synced will effectively have that same level without you having to spend actual Monster EXP on them. SYNC ENERGY
  • Sky Tower – In this PVE mode, you play a battle on each “floor” of the arena, with the team of enemies getting more and more difficult as you go higher up the building. Certain level milestones will bring special rewards.
  • Institute – Where you can combine gear to 
The PVP Arena. Image: Loongcheer Game


The gameplay in Girls Evo revolves around obtaining powerful monsters and making them more powerful, in order to build a strong team. 

The Monster page where you can see your monsters according to combat power, and filter according to type. Image: Loongcheer Game


The monsters in Girls Evo game fall into three categories (which are disingenuously named, but should be familiar to players of the genre): 

  • UR (Ultra Rare) – These are the ones you hope to roll. Interestingly, in this game these top-of-the-line monsters are the ones that can eventually evolve into human form (the “Girls” part of the game name, essentially). These monsters start out at 5 stars.
  • Super Super Rare – These aren’t the best, but will do well enough to fill out your team, especially if you need certain roles. 
  • Super Rare – The weakest of the bunch and aren’t rare at all. 

You can get multiple copies of the various monsters anytime you roll for one. 


Reminiscent (to put it mildly) of some wildly successful monster-evolving media franchises that we know and love, the monsters in Girls Evo are also categorized according to factions or elements: Water (Sana), Fire (Crimson), Wind (Sue), and Earth (Akash). 

The factions. Image: Loongcheer Game

Here’s how the counters work:

  • Wind beats water
  • Water beats fire
  • Fire beats earth
  • Earth beats wind

There are two other elements, Light (Whitenight) and Dark (Waning), which counterbalance each other. 

When a monster hits an enemy monster from a faction that it counters, its crit rate is boosted by 10% and has a 50% chance to land a Heavy Hit (+30% Damage). 


Lastly, the monsters also fall into different types according to their role in battle. These are: 

  • Controller – Excels in DPS and does magic damage.
  • Attack – Excels in DPS and does physical damage.
  • Dexterity – Does physical damage and has a high speed stat.
  • Support – Can provide various buffs to its allies. 
  • Defense – Tank meant to soak up damage in the front row; does physical damage.

You’ll generally want to have a fairly balanced team comp. As per usual, the tanky ones go in front and your glass canons stay safely in the back. 

The Monster Profiles

The individual monster page will tell you your monster’s HP, attack, defense, and speed stat. 

The most prominent number, right beneath its picture, is its Combat Power or CP. It basically summarizes how strong it is in battle, taking into account the monster’s category, levels, and gear. 

An individual monster’s profile. Image: Loongcheer Game

Leveling and Tiering Up

Winning battles and performing other tasks reward you with Monster EXP which you can spend along with some gold to level up your monsters. 

The leveling system in this game is broken down into tiers. Once you max out the levels in a certain tier, you’ll need to spend tier-up stones to proceed to the next tier (and subsequent levels). 

As a monster tiers up, a new battle skill is unlocked. 

Tiering up a monster. Image: Loongcheer Game


Starring up is another way to make your monsters more powerful. More importantly, this is how your higher-tier monsters (5+) can evolve in form. 

To star-up a monster, you’ll need to use “fodder”, e.g., a certain amount of other monsters of the same star rating and same element. 

Under the album tab of the Monsters section, you can see the forms your UR monsters can evolve into. Image: Loongcheer game

Your Character

As the protagonist of the story, you are also a playable character and can join your team in battle. 

Your own character levels up through Character EXP, which is separate from Monster EXP, but is also gained by winning battles. 

Your character page. Image: Loongcheer Game

In addition, your character wields a weapon that you can empower using Empower Essence. 

Your character’s weapon. Image: Loongcheer Game


This game has a huge number of different resources that you can gather as the game progresses. Here are some of the more important ones you need to take note or early on: 

  • Gold – This is used in leveling up your monster and purchasing items. 
  • Monster EXP – Used in leveling up monsters. 
  • Character EXP – Levels up the protagonist. 
  • Tier Up Stone – Used to perform the tier-ups required at different level milestones. 
  • Gear – Various equipment to boost your monsters’ stats.
  • Diamonds – Currency for purchasing higher-value items and resource packs. 
  • Summon Tickets – Used to randomly summon new monsters. 
  • Empower Essence – Used to empower the protagonist’s weapon. 


This is a PVE game mode with different areas where you can collect resources that refresh daily, as well challenge enemies for various rewards. 

The suburbs section has various areas that you can farm for resources. Image: Loongcheer Game

Final notes 

As of this writing, Girls Evo is still in Early Access, so we can expect various changes and fixes to the game in the near future. 

For now, if you’ve got any thoughts on this game or similar games in the genre, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

You can also check out our Gaming News section for the latest on any other early access and upcoming games you can look forward to!

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