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Grow Castle Beginner guide
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Here’s everything you need to know about Grow Castle Tower Defense, a new casual tower defense strategy game.

Grow Castle Tower Defense is a strategy and defense game developed by Raon Games, available on Android and iOS devices. However, if you wish to play this on a PC, you can download and play it with the help of emulators. At first glance, it has a linear mechanic in which you’ll have to defend and fend off any incoming attackers, such as monsters and beasts. However, monsters can and will outgrow your castle as you progress in the game, and you’ll have to stay ahead of them with the help of practical strategies and upgrades.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and have no idea where to start, don’t worry. This Grow Castle guide will provide general information, tips, and tricks to help you on your tower-defending journey.

Grow Castle Tower Defense Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is straightforward and linear. Wave of monsters and bosses will march on your castle, and you need to defend it by buying and upgrading your existing heroes and artilleries. Players can then purchase heroes and upgrade their base by defeating mobs, which provide gold and experience points.

Gameplay of Grow Castle
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Heroes, Towers, and Town People in Grow Castle Tower Defense

Heroes, towers, and townsfolks help you defend your castle. Each has its unique ability and benefit to your base. Some allow you to gather and provide bonus resources, while others can help you fight and damage enemy waves. That said, knowing all the unit types is essential to help you determine which ones you need the most for your castle build.

Here’s a list of all unit types in Grow Castle Tower Defense.

  • Heroes – The primary damage dealers of your base. They often have active abilities, can crowd-control, and can summon monsters. Moreover, they can also provide buffs such as additional damage for your team, extra gold, and experience.
  • Towers – These are your secondary damage dealers, but they can also deal enormous damage. It can also crowd-control enemies while providing buffs such as additional gold and experience.
  • Town People/Archers – These people help your castle defend it. Primarily, they are town archers, but you can upgrade them later to Town cannons or Lightning cannons. However, you must also not sleep on this unit as it can also deal massive damage when you upgrade it regularly.
Town Lightning Cannon
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Grow Castle Tower Defense Levels & Stages

The levels and stages of this game are very straightforward as well. You progress by clearing countless waves of enemies while upgrading and purchasing worthy heroes to be up to speed with the monsters. Speaking of monsters, watch out for incoming bosses you’ll meet at every five levels.

Grow Castle Guide Levels and Stages
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Unit Upgrades in Grow Castle Tower Defense

Players can upgrade by choosing a tile in their base, allowing them to change or upgrade the existing unit. The general rule of thumb on what to upgrade is to select the one who can attack multiple targets and deal massive damage or the one who can provide additional resources such as gold and experience.

Upgrading a unit in Growth Castle
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Best Heroes and Units In Grow Castle Tower Defense

There are many units and heroes in the game, and it might be confusing which ones might be worth adding to your base, especially for beginners. So, in this Grow Castle Tower Defense Guide, we’ll show you which ones are the best to use in your castle.

Below are some of the best heroes and units to add to your castle.

  • Dark Necromancer – Provides debuff to the enemy, which strips the enemy’s resistance. This way, it can improve the overall damage of your units.
  • Thor – His chain lightning attack can decimate multiple targets. He can also buff the damage of one of the best towers in the game, Thunder Tower.
  • Mirror Tower – This unique tower mimics a tower unit beside it. If you purchase and upgrade it, it can provide a 50% damage boost to the cloned tower.
Best heroes in Growth Castle Tower Defense Guide
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Grow Castle Tower Defense World Map And Exploration

World maps and exploration in Grow Castle Tower Defense are vast. You can check it by heading into the map scroll, which is found between the guild and treasure icons. After clicking, you can see the four primary world maps to explore in Grow Castle. 

Here are all the worlds and their provided buffs when you colonize each one.

WorldsBuff and perks after you colonize
OverworldProvides gold
HellTown Archer Buff
OrcCan capture Orcs to work for you
InfiniteProvides more gold than the Overworld
World Exploration in Growth Castle Tower Defense guide
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Grow Castle Tower Defense Tips & Tricks

Now that we’ve learned the basics of this game from our Grow Castle Tower Defense guide, we’ll tackle some easy-to-advanced tips and tricks to get beginner players started and progress to higher waves.

Utilize the Replay System

If you ever feel stuck at a particular wave and can’t progress further because of the difficulty, you can replay the current wave to gather gold and experience. You can then use this resource to upgrade your units, which can help you pro.

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Purchase And Upgrade Auto-Summoning Heroes

At the current meta of Growth Castle, heroes who can auto-summon are also one of the best to use. They can overwhelm and stall monsters, especially if they are most of your troops. They can also deal a lot of damage with the help of the priest hero.

Image via Raon Games

That’s the end of our Grow Castle Tower Defense guide. There may be much grinding to progress into the late game. However, knowing its fundamentals first will improve your journey heading into that. That said, if you want more guides like this, check out GameMastersHQ. We also have reviews and news for your favorite games, so don’t miss out.

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