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Here’s everything you need to know about Grow Empire: Rome, a casual base-defending game.

Grow Empire: Rome is a strategy and tower-defense game developed by Game Station Studio, available on Android and iOS devices. As a casual game, it has a straightforward mechanic, which you’ll only have to defend yourself from incoming hordes of enemies. Although it may vibe similar to other games in this genre, this game is more proactive as you’ll have to counter the incoming enemy unit.

That said, if you’re confused about this mechanic or want to know more to get started in this game, don’t worry. This Grow Empire: Rome guide will provide all the necessary information and some tips and tricks.

Grow Empire: Rome Gameplay

As mentioned, this game has casual gameplay in which you must defend your base by summoning and upgrading units and your castle to counter incoming enemy hordes. However, players must heavily utilize this counter mechanic as it is the bread and butter to progress further into the game.

grow empire: rome gameplay
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Here’s a table about the strengths and weaknesses of each unit type in Grow Empire: Rome.

UnitStrong againstWeak against

Players can choose which to summon after seeing the enemy type above the screen. Then, they must summon a unit that can counter to eliminate the horde effectively. However, they must not spam-click any unit just to spawn anyone, as it has a long cooldown, especially at the early stages.

Units and Heroes in Grow Empire: Rome

These units are the ones that will fight and defend your castle, which you can summon or upgrade if needed. They have different attacks and abilities that buff your other units to efficiently clear enemy hordes.

Listed below are all the unit types in Grow Empire: Rome and their basic descriptions.

  • Swordsman – They have neither advantages nor weaknesses, making them a great overall damage dealer regardless of enemy units.
  • Spearman – Great against cavalry or horse riders. It has a melee-range attack and uses a polearm or spear to deal damage.
  • Cavalry – They are fast horse riders who are good against ranged units and can close gaps quickly.
  • Ranged – Strong damage dealers that can attack at a distance. They are good against melee characters, such as Spearman.
  • Heroes – They are more formidable units than common ones that can buff other allies while also dealing significant damage to the enemy.
  • City Archers – These are your archers within the walls of your city. They defend by shooting arrows at a distance.
Units Progression in Grow Empire: Rome
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Grow Empire Rome Levels & Stages

In this game, you must eliminate endless waves of enemy forces to progress further. At the same time, you’ll gain gold and experience by defeating these opponents, allowing you to upgrade your castle to get up to speed against growing enemy units. Additionally, there will be a boss at every ten levels, so watch out and prepare accordingly.

Levels and Stages in Grow Empire: Rome
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Unit Upgrades In Grow Empire: Rome

Players can upgrade a unit in this game by heading into the Units or Generals tab. On the other hand, if they want to improve their bases, such as the walls, archers, towers, or catapults, they can simply upgrade it to the right-side part of the screen after every wave.

Upgrading Units in Grow Empire: Rome
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The general tip regarding upgrades is to level up all basic units, which you can have no weak links if you want to counter enemy units. Additionally, you can upgrade your base or the General’s skills to avoid leaving them behind.

Best Heroes in Grow Empire: Rome

In this game, there are several generals for players to choose from. Additionally, due to it being many, they may also confuse themselves about which ones to pick, especially if they’re a beginner. So, in this Grow Empire: Rome guide, we’ll tackle some of the best heroes to get.

Listed below are some of the greatest heroes to use for your empire.

  • Roman Commander – He can increase the number of your attack troops under his leadership, which is excellent for overwhelming enemy units.
  • Vesta – This hero increases the troops’ attack speed, which results in more overall damage.
  • Ripper – He has excellent area of effect (AoE) damage that can hit multiple enemies and is also suitable for clearing enemy waves.
Heroes List in Grow Empire: Rome
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Grow Empire Rome World Map And Exploration

The World map and exploration in this game are moderately vast. You can check it by heading to the Map tab. There, you can view the Invasions and Rebelions map. The invasion map comprises empires you can invade and develop, providing gold every minute. Meanwhile, you’ll have to defend your colonies by rebellion forces in the Rebelions map.

Invasion Map in Grow Empire: Rome
Image via Game Station Studio

Grow Empire: Rome Tips & Tricks

Now that we’ve learned the basics of this game from our Grow Empire: Rome guide, we’ll tackle some easy-to-advanced tips and tricks to get beginner players started and progress to the late game.

Invade Colonies More Often

Invading other colonies in the Grow Empire: Rome is essential for racking up gold as much as possible. With enough developed colonies, you can gather a whopping amount of gold, which you’ll need for city, units, and skills upgrades.

Colony Upgrades in Grow Empire: Rome
Image via Game Station Studio

Upgrading the Swordsman Early

A unit with neither advantages nor disadvantages is optimally great at early waves. Upgrading them will provide benefits without massive risk because there’s no considerable disadvantage at any enemy. You can rely upon them anytime, especially if you haven’t unlocked a unit type that can counter the incoming enemy force.

Swordsmen in Grow Empire: Rome
Image via Game Station Studio

That’s the end of our Grow Empire: Rome guide. With the proper knowledge of its basic mechanics, you’ll be heading into the late game without much difficulty. That said, if you want more guides like this, check out GameMastersHQ. We also have reviews and news for your favorite games, so don’t miss out.

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