How To Get Ancient Seeds In Stardew Valley (2024)

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The Ancient Seeds which bear Ancient Fruits are the second most profitable crop right after Sweet Gem Berries in Stardew Valley. Unlike the latter which can only be planted in Fall, the Ancient Seeds grow in Spring, Summer, as well as Fall and that’s why they are the most sought-after crop in the game. 

However, Ancient Seeds have the lowest drop rate of all, and obtaining them is virtually impossible if you aren’t grinding at the right spots. Having said that, here’s our guide on how to get Ancient Seeds in Stardew Valley fast.

How To Get Ancient Seeds

Getting Ancient Seeds is a very tedious process but given that Ancient Fruits sell for 550g and exponentially higher as wine, the hassle is worth it. Here are the best ways to farm Ancient Seeds in Stardew Valley.

Ancient Seeds Stardew Valley
Image: ConcernedApe
  • Donate An Ancient Seed Artifact To The Museum – First and foremost you’ll find an Ancient Seed Artifact at some point in the game. Head over to the museum and donate it. You’ll get a recipe that allows you to craft Ancient Seeds from Ancient Seed Artifacts. Furthermore, talk to Gunther and he’ll give you a packet of Ancient Seeds to sweeten the trade.
  • Digging In Specific Regions – Excavate in The Mountain or Cindersap Forest regions. There’s a 0.7% chance of obtaining an Ancient Seed *Sighs*.
  • Seed Maker – Whenever you use the Seed Maker to produce seeds from any crop, there is a 0.5% chance that you will get Ancient Seeds instead of the seeds you want. However, this also means it might take hundreds of random tries. Alternatively, if you already have an Ancient Fruit, you can put it in the Seed Maker to gain 1-3 Ancient Seeds, further increasing your crop inventory.
  • Traveling Cart – There is a 1.26% chance of Ancient Seeds being up for sale in the Traveling Cart for anywhere between 100-1000g.
  • Killing Mobs – Killing farm bugs, grubs, and flies in the first 30 floors of the mines has a 0.5% chance of yielding Ancient Seeds.
  • Spawning Cheat – You can input the Ancient Seed ID “[499]” as your character’s name. Now whenever an NPC speaks your name during dialog, an Ancient Seed will spawn in your inventory.
  • Artifact Trove – You can purchase this chest for 5 Omni Geodes from the Desert Trader and then break it open for its contents at a Blacksmith for 25g. For an Ancient Seed, the odds are 3.7% in this one.
  • Fishing Treasure Chest – These chests are obtainable during fishing events. Catch the chest and the fish along with it to add them to your inventory. The chest has a 0.75% chance of harboring an Ancient Seed.

That’s a wrap on all the ways you can obtain Ancient Seeds. For more Stardew Valley content from GameMastersHQ, check out our guide on how to get hardwood.

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