How To Get Clay In Stardew Valley

How To Get Clay
Image Source: ConcernedApe

In Stardew Valley, clay can be used to craft several items and even structures called Silos, which allow you to cut grass and keep it as hay. It can be tricky to find, but worry not; all the methods of obtaining it are listed below.

Method 1: By Tilling Dirt

Artifact Spot
An Artifact Spot – Image Source: ConcernedApe

Early on in the game, the best way to collect clay is to till dirt or sand with your hoe. Clay can be found anywhere in the game as long as there’s dirt to till. 

Look for Artifact Spots, which are tiles that have worms, stems, or twigs. These tiles are guaranteed to produce an item when dug up using a hoe.

Method 2: By Cracking Open Geodes

Geode Cracking
Cracking Open Geodes – Image Source: ConcernedApe

Clay can also come out of Geodes with a 1/16 or 6.25% probability. That probability applies to all Geode types, whether it’s a regular Geode, Frozen, Magma, or Omni.

Method 3: By Receiving It As A Gift

Feast of The Winterstar
Feast of the Winter Star – Image Source: ConcernedApe

Jas, Leo, or Vincent may also gift you some clay during the Feast of the Winter Star, the event on the 25th of Winter. Of course, this relies heavily on RNG, and it’s a once-a-year thing.

Method 4: By Mining Clay Nodes

Clay Node
A Clay Node – Image Source: ConcernedApe

This is the most consistent way of obtaining clay but is only available in the later stages of Stardew Valley. When broken with a pickaxe, Clay Nodes are guaranteed to produce clay. However, they can only be mined at the Ginger Island Dig Site.

Gaining access to Ginger Island requires you to access the room behind Willy’s Fish Shop and repair Willy’s boat. 

To enter that room, you must first finish all Community Center Bundles or accomplish the Joja Warehouse Community Development Form.

To repair Willy’s boat, you need 200 pieces of Hardwood, 5 Iridium Bars, and 5 Battery Packs.

Once at Ginger Island, you can find the dig site to the West of the Island Field Office, but you must first repair a broken bridge using 10 Golden Walnuts.

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