King Arthur Legends Rise Ultimate Game Guide

King arthur legends rise guide
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Here’s everything you need to know about King Arthur: Legends Rise, a newly released medieval game with stunning 3D graphics.

King Arthur Legends Rise is a turn-based gacha game developed and published by Kabam Games. It is only available on iOS and Android as of the time of writing. However, if you’re a PC gamer, you can also access the playtest on the PC platform via Steam. In this game, you control ancient heroes and legends in a turn-based mechanic while embarking on a journey inspired by King Arthur’s adventures.

If you’ve been playing turn-based or strategy games, you might already know its gameplay. However, with its seemingly new-gen graphics, it will surely fascinate new players, whatever the platforms they’re playing at.

In this King Arthur Legends Rise guide, you’ll know which characters are best to use, what to focus on, and much more.

King Arthur Legends Rise Gameplay

If you’re new to this genre, you can see it as playing chess with your opponents. You make a move on defeating enemies only if it’s your turn. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, as there are a lot of other mechanics that you should be wary of.

King Arthur Legends Rise Gameplay
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In King Arthur Legends Rise, there is a turn order in which you can see what turn your characters will act. With this knowledge, you can plan attacks to gain an advantage over your enemies. A general tip for players is that you can strategize a stun to the next enemy character that will have their turn to miss their turn forcefully. A missed turn will result in a considerable loss, no matter what heroes you use.

Each character has an innate attack speed stat, which determines the order of their turn. That said, if a character has the most negligible attack speed stat, the order in which that character acts will be far back or, worse, last. You can also see it in action under each character’s health bar. The yellow bar you see is the attack gauge. With each turn, the attack gauge fills up to the rate relative to their attack speed stat. Once filled up, it will be that character’s turn.

Favorable Elements

In King Arthur Legends Rise, there is a mechanic where you must counter a specific element to deal significant damage. This knowledge can help you one-shot enemies if you oppose their elements well. Knowing what elements are favorable to use is essential in this game.

elements in King Arthur Legends Rise
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If a character has an element advantage over its enemy, it will deal 125% more damage. On the other hand, if they have an elemental disadvantage, it will inflict 85% of the attack’s original DMG. Additionally, all other pairings, such as inflicting damage to an enemy with the same elemental affinity, will not gain or lose a portion of its original attack.

Here’s a table that features the elements’ strengths and weaknesses.

ElementStrong AgainstWeak Against

It is also worth noting that the element of each character depends on which type of relics they use. A character can switch to any elemental kind if they have the required relic of that element. Moreover, each relic has a different set of abilities to provide a different playstyle, except for its regular attacks.

Heroes in King Arthur Legends Rise

King Arthur Legends Rise currently has a handful of heroes to use. From common to legendary ones, each has unique abilities that provide value to the team. Each character in this game has different attack, defense, and attack speed values depending on their class. Each character can also have traits that increase these stats, buffing themselves or their team.

Heroes in King Arthur Legends Rise
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Hero Classes

Knowing each hero’s classes is essential for team building. Each team must have a balance of damage dealers, supports, tanks, or control heroes, depending on which type of playstyle you use. For example, if you embark on a battle without a plan, like having a team of damage dealers, you’ll face defeat soon enough.

Here are the different classes in King Arthur Legends Rise.

Offense/AttackThe damage dealer of the team
DefenseThe tank character. They also provide a shield.
ControlApply buffs, debuffs, or crowd-control.
SupportHeals and buffs the group.

A character can also have a Leader effect, providing additional stat bonuses to all allies. These types vary depending on which hero you use. Additionally, you can set which hero to lead your team by placing them in the leftmost position right before you initiate a fight.

Team settings in King Arthur Legends Rise guide
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Environmental Buffs

In King Arthur Legends Rise, heroes gain different buffs depending on the battle environment. These environmental buffs depend on the characters that you’re using. If your character prefers fighting in the daytime, and the battle environment is also at the time of Day, that hero will receive a buff accordingly.

Levels and Stages in King Arthur Legends Rise

King Arthur Legends Rise has a vast world map in which the main story and adventure reside. Players can either progress to the primary campaign or the adventure option, in which players embark on a journey to the rest of the region. They can loot, finish quests, or challenge foes to receive rewards that can also help beginner players get started in the game.

The game’s main story provides a lot of valuable rewards that beginners can use. These rewards are materials and equipment that help players upgrade their heroes. Additionally, it also has different difficulties in which players can replay. Higher difficulty means more fantastic rewards. However, they must progress the adventure quest line to a certain degree to reach a higher difficulty in the main story.

In the world map, you can also see your progress throughout your gameplay. If you’ve found a chest or other loot, an icon will be placed on the map, indicating where you found it. This is also a neat feature, as it helps track your gathered items.

King arthur legends rise guide, world map
Image via Kabam Games

You can also see the rest of the world map, which is more vast than the local map area. The surrounding regions are visible and will soon be available if you progress in the game’s adventure and story mode.

world map continents
Image via Kabam Games

Upgrading Your Heroes in King Arthur Legends Rise

In this King Arthur Legends Rise guide, we’ll move on to upgrading your characters, as it is essential if you want to progress further in the game. An easy way to get your heroes stronger is by leveling them up. And you can easily do it by heading to the Hero Management tab.

leveling up king arthur
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In Hero Management, you can finally select the hero you want to level up. A general tip is to level up a character that provides more value to your team. For instance, leveling up Arthur is a great example if you’ve just started playing the game. Arthur is excellent for his damage output and stunning capabilities, especially in the early game.

gearing up king arthur
Image via Kabam Games

Now that we’ve leveled up our hero, we would want to gear him up next to gain additional stats. Head to the equipment and choose the proper armor according to the stats your character needs. For example, if your offensive character needs an attack stat, build him with an armor set that provides attack stats.

Strongest Heroes to Use in King Arthur Legends Rise

This game has several kinds of heroes, and beginner players might need clarification about which ones to use. Moreover, there’s a rarity of each hero that determines how valuable they are relative to other ones. So, in this King Arthur Legends Rise guide, we’ll show you which ones provide the most value to your team.


Image via Kabam Games

Lot is a Legendary rarity hero with an elemental Chaos type classified as a Control type in-game. Despite being one of the most difficult heroes to obtain, Lot’s skills make the effort worthwhile. With incredible crowd-control abilities and valuable team-boosting buffs, Lot is not someone to be taken lightly. Additionally, Lot synergizes great with several heroes, having them attack at a 30% chance whenever Lot uses his first skill.


Image via Kabam Games

In King Arthur Legends Rise, Guinevere is an excellent tank character, providing a team-wide shield proportional to her max health points (HP). Her earth elemental buff increases her defense-centric abilities, which is essential to her kit. However, Guinevere is different from your typical tank, which only provides shielding for their team. She also debuffs enemies by removing active buffs at a 70% chance when she casts the “Noble Strike.” Not only that, she can also reduce the damage output of her enemy for three turns at a 70% chance when she casts “Princess’s Whim.” This utility makes her a much more valuable tank than the others.


Image via Kabam Games

Bedivere is a great offensive/attack character for dealing significant damage to the enemy. He has a higher damage multiplier than most of the offensive-class heroes in this game. Apart from having that kind of multiplier, he can also buff himself by increasing his Critical Shot rate (CS rate), making him a one-person army. He also provides debuffs for the enemy by reducing their defense when he inflicts “Twilight Haze.” That said, Bedivere has remarkable abilities aside from only outputting damage.

In-game Currency and Purchases

There are two main currencies in King Arthur Legends Rise: Gold coins and Ruby Gems. Gold coins are the game’s most commonly used mode of payment and can be collected when you complete quests or gather loot. On the other hand, Ruby Gems are the more valuable resource in the game, as it is more difficult for players to collect them than the other resources.

King Arthur Legends Rise store
Image via Kabam Games

Additionally, you can acquire a few Ruby gems by completing quests or buying them with real money. Players can then use the Ruby Gems to obtain valuable resources, such as experience materials and gold coins if they wish to. They can even skip time-gated activities, like the stamina mechanic, to help them progress faster. Moreover, these gems are also used to summon heroes and relics in Lake Avalon if a player runs out of tokens.

King Arthur Legends Rise Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve learned the basics of this game from our King Arthur Legends Rise guide, we’ll tackle some easy to advanced tips and tricks to get beginner players started in this game.

Complete Story and Adventure Quests

story and adventure mode rewards
Image via Kabam Games

Progressing and completing story and adventure missions in King Arthur Legends Rise provides players with substantial resources. These rewards help beginners to get started in the game. Additionally, much of the game’s content is locked without completing specific stages in the Adventure mode. Arena, the Market, the Forge, equipment dungeons, the EXP dungeon, the Gold dungeon, the Mages Tower, and much more are among the many areas of locked content. 

Don’t Miss Out on Freebies in the Store

store freebies
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Special offers are consistently available, enabling players to acquire resources or character summons within the game at a reduced cost. However, some promos are free but limited and can only be taken advantage of once a day or week. Therefore, players are advised to seize these opportunities as much as possible, especially when these additional resources are needed to progress in the game.

That’s the end of our King Arthur Legends Rise guide. Rest assured that by following this guide and its tips and tricks, you’ll be able to overcome the most challenging content in this game soon. Also, for more guides like this, check out GameMastersHQ. We also have reviews and news for your favorite games, so don’t miss out.

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