Legend of Mushroom Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

Legend of Mushroom Game Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about Legend of Mushroom, an addicting idle adventure game.

Legend of Mushroom is a casual and idle game developed by Joy Net Games that is available on Android and iOS devices. This game has a unique and straightforward gameplay of an idle game. However, some find it a bit complicated and feel overwhelmed, especially those new to idle games. 

If you’re one of the beginner players who wants to learn the game’s mechanics and overall tips and tricks, don’t worry. This Legend of Mushroom game guide is all you’ll need.

Legend of Mushroom Gameplay

As we’ve said, the gameplay of Legend of Mushroom is very straightforward and hard not to understand. You’ll let your shroom do all the combat work as an idle game. All you have to do is equip them with the best stats, and you’re good to go.

Gameplay of Legend of Mushroom
Image via Joy Net Games

It is also worth noting that, equipment and weapons come from the golden lamp at the screen’s bottom center part. Players can press the lamp to produce armor and equipment or use its auto feature. Additionally, using the lamp will consume lamp charges, which come from defeating enemies.

Shrooms in Legend of Mushroom

In Legend of Mushroom, you play as a shroom, adventuring across different worlds with their pets called Pals. Your shroom comprises six skill slots, which you can unlock as you progress through the game. Additionally, you’ll have to assign a class to your shroom, depending on what type of playstyle you want for your character.

Shrooms guide in Legend of Mushroom
Image via Joy Net Games

Moreover, shrooms have three primary classes from which players can choose. These primary ones further branch out to two more, making it essential to pick carefully from these.

Primary ClassesSkill
WarriorDefense and Counter
ArcherAttack, Combo, and Ignore Evasion
MageAttack and Stun

Legend of Mushroom Levels & Stages

The overall game progression is the same as other games in this genre. Players can progress in Legend of Mushroom by simply idling through the levels, as it auto-plays the game’s combat. However, they must equip upgrades from time to time. They need upgrades because they might encounter problems against more formidable enemies.

Levels and Stages
Image via Joy Net Games

Equipment Upgrades in Legend of Mushroom

Upgrading your equipment in Legend of Mushroom is an essential part of the game as you progress. It can provide better stats for your shroom, making it easier to eliminate formidable foes. Additionally, you can choose from different armor and equipment qualities or tiers, ranging from normal to Aurous tier.

Equipment Upgrades in Legend of Mushroom
Image via Joy Net Games

Here are all the equipment tiers to help players determine what to keep when upgrading.

TierEquipment RarityColor

It is also worth noting that you should upgrade your lamp to produce more high-quality gears. These types of equipment will only have a chance to drop if you upgrade your lamp. The more players upgrade it, the higher the chances they get great gear.

Additionally, you would want to keep an armor with a substats corresponding to the class you want to take in the future. For example, suppose you plan on entering the Archer class route, pick equipment with a bonus attack, combo, or ignore evasion.

Aside from the regular game progression, Legend of Mushroom has dungeons from which players can farm. These dungeons require keys to access each, providing upgrades for your character when you finish them. Below are all the dungeons and their rewards for clearing them.

Assault Lamp ThiefLamp Charges
Molten RuinsDiamonds and Coupons
Ruined Ancient CityRelic Fragments

Best Classes for Beginners in Legend of Mushroom

Legend of Mushroom has several classes and sub-classes from which to choose. Beginner players might need some standards or clarifications about which ones are the best in general. So, here are some of the best classes beginners should aim to be.


Image via Joy Net Games

This level 50 upgrade boasts substantial counter damage that lasts for 5 seconds. Its inherited high defense stat is also beneficial, especially when faced with more formidable enemies as you progress through the game. Additionally, its cost-efficient route is perfect for new players with few resources.

Axe Warrior

Axe Warrior
Image via Joy Net Games

Another warrior route on the list is the Axe Warrior. This beast is tankier than the swordsman, boasting a much higher defense than its fellow warrior sub-class. Not only that, but this class can also do massive damage with its Cocklebur Dance, dealing 1765% area of effect (AoE) damage while also increasing the counter damage.

Legend of Mushroom World Map & Exploration

Legend of Mushroom exploration mainly revolves around clearing floor levels as a casual idle game. Players explore each one and defeat bosses at the end of the level while receiving tons of upgrades and level-ups. There are also challenge floors where you face even stronger enemy bosses, enabling you to proceed to the next level when beaten.

World Map and Exploration
Image via Joy Net Games

Legend of Mushroom Tips & Tricks

Now that we’ve learned the basics of this game from our Legend of Mushroom guide, we’ll tackle some easy to advanced tips and tricks to get beginner players started in this game.

Focusing on the Main Progression of the Game

Main progression of Legend of Mushroom
Image via Joy Net Games

As you may know, the regular progression of the game provides tons of drops for your shroom. It can vary from regular to immortal or supreme gear quality. This sounds ironic, but idling through this game progression will and can provide you with high-quality gear at the end of the day.

Prepare for Boss Fights

Boss fights
Image via Joy Net Games

Boss fights in Legend of Mushroom can be challenging, especially if you’ve no better equipment. That said, you would want to prepare for boss fights every time you proceed to the levels and stages. You can start by levelling up your lamp to access higher gear tiers or run some dungeons to acquire more upgrades. Then, you would want to select armors that are better than your previous ones to upgrade your shroom’s stats.

That’s the end of our Legend of Mushroom guide. Rest assured that you’ll be heading into the late game more viably if you follow our guide. If you want more comprehensive guides like this, you can visit GameMastersHQ. We also have the latest news, reviews, and gaming codes about your favorite games, so stay updated.

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