Lumbercat: Cute Idle Tycoon Guide and Tips & Tricks

Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon Game Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about the Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon game, a casual idle game about hardworking cats.

Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon is a cute and casual game developed by Treeplla that is available on Android and iOS devices. As an idle game, it is very familiar to the other games in this genre, where there’s only little effort needed to succeed in this game. Players will only need to wait for their hardworking cats for decent progress if they wish to. However, it all comes down to good management to get to the endgame more quickly than others.

If you’re one of the new ones finding a way to succeed in this game rather quickly, don’t worry. This Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon guide will provide helpful information, tips, and tricks to get a massive jump start in this game.

Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon Gameplay

In this idle game, you’ll need to manage a team of hardworking cats to produce lumber products and sell them to your clients. Not only that, players can also provide extra construction services to their customer cats, which can also yield significant rewards.

Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon Gameplay
Image via Treeplla

Machinery in Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon

The machinery is the one your cat workers use to provide lumber materials and products. Each type of machinery boasts different functions, creating an efficient production line throughout your factory. However, players must acquire the raw materials before using machines. These materials come from the Lumbercats and Planter cats, which cut and plant trees simultaneously.

Debarker Machinery in Lumbercat
Image via Treeplla

Here are all the machinery and their functions to help players differentiate each one.

DebarkerRemoves the bark from logs.
SawmillProcess circular logs into flat Sawn Timber.
CuttingCuts Down the Sawn Timber into Lumber.
SandingTurn Lumber into Finished Wood.

It is also worth noting that if a player builds another machinery adjacent to the first one, the final product will be changed to match the type of machinery they built. For example, if they construct Cutting machinery next to the first Sawmill, that production line will produce and can only sell Lumber instead of Sawn Timber.

Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon Levels & Stages

The overall game progression of Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon revolves around producing raw materials and products, making profits out of them, and using them to purchase essential upgrades. Players can also progress through different seasons or areas to multiply their income. It is necessary to reach the end game, so it is crucial to take note of it.

Levels and Stages in Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon
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Upgrades In Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon

Worker Cat, Machinery, and vehicle upgrades are necessary for the most efficiency in this game. Players can either head to the enhancements tab on the top-right of the screen or select a machine to start upgrading. Additionally, these upgrades require gold, so players must save up to succeed.

Here are all the necessary upgrades and their effects to help players determine each.

Production FacilityUpgrades
Worker CatsRevenue, Production Rate, and Amount
MachineryMachine Revenue and Speed
VehiclesVehicle Speed, Capacity, and Amount

Best Starter Upgrades For Beginners in Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon

In the game’s early stages, Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon has several upgrades to choose from. Beginner players might need some standards or clarifications about which ones are the best in general. So, here are some of the best starter upgrades for beginners to get the most efficient production line.

The Worker Cats

Worker Cats in Lumbercat
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These cats are one of the most essential units in the game, especially in the early stages. They are the ones that produce raw materials that are needed for the machinery to process. If there is a shortage of these materials, the machinery will halt its processes, and that will be wasted time and money.

Machinery Speed Ups

Cutting 1 in Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon
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In order to provide a final product, the machinery must process the harvested wood first. This can take a moderate time, significantly if you haven’t increased its machine speed yet. However, this upgrade isn’t cheap, and players can prioritize increasing their revenue first. Although it requires a fortune, the investment will be worthwhile after seeing your profits.

Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon Tips & Tricks

Now that we’ve learned the basics of this game from our Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon guide, we’ll tackle some easy to advanced tips and tricks to get beginner players started in this game.

Hire and Collect Manager Cats

Production Manager in Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon
Image via Treeplla

These cats are an essential part of your factory. Not only is it a requirement for an enhancement, but it also increases the revenue of the facility they manage. These are also responsible for speed upgrades, so be sure to upgrade them if you can.

Don’t Forget the Store Freebies

Free Crates in the Shop of Lumbercat
Image via Treeplla

Be sure to visit the store occasionally, as they provide special free goodies for players. These goodies can range from free cat crates, which you can collect cats from, to a particular currency called diamonds. These diamonds are the ones players use to buy different kinds of crates, so saving and collecting them is also necessary.

That’s the end of our Lumbercat Cute Idle Tycoon guide. By following our guide, you’ll be paw-some enough to avoid any cat-astrophe that will ruin your lumber mill factory easily. Additionally, visit GameMastersHQ for more guides like this. We also have reviews, news, and gaming codes of your favorite games, so don’t miss out.

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