Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How To Fast Travel

Image Credit: Insomniac Games

As fun swinging around New York is in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, fast travel is a feature you’ll use often because of the gigantic city map. However, unlike the previous two games, fast travel isn’t unlocked from the get-go in Spider-Man 2. 

You’ll need to do a couple of Spidey things before you can use the feature, and here’s a total rundown of the requirements.

How Do You Unlock Fast Travel In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

To unlock fast travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you will need to complete side activities in districts. New York is divided into about a dozen smaller districts and each of them has a progress bar that offers three different rewards depending on the percentage it’s been filled up.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fast travel district map
Image Credit: Insomniac Games

The bar fills up when you complete side activities such as Photo Ops, Marko’s Memories, and Prowler Stashes. Once the district progress bar is half-filled, you will have unlocked fast travel as a reward. Though you should keep in mind, that the feature will only be limited to the current district. To fast travel to other districts, you must complete side activities in those districts too.

How To Fast Travel In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Once you have fast travel unlocked for a district in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, open up the map screen and hover the cursor over the area you want to go to. Hold down the Triangle button and presto, you will have fast-traveled to the district in 1.33 seconds without any loading screens whatsoever.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fast travel
Image Credit: Insomniac Games

Fast travel is insanely fast in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and if you’re far from your destination there’s no reason not to use it given how quick and snappy it is. Having said that, swinging from tower to tower as Peter and Miles provide another level of satisfaction, so maybe getting those traversal skills in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 is what you should be looking at.

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