Merge War Super Legion Master Guide and tips & Tricks

Merge War Super Legion Master guide

Here’s everything you need to know about Merge War Super Legion Master, a fun, casual army auto-chess.

Merge War: Super Legion Master is a blend of auto-chess, strategy, and action of a game developed by Funovus, available on Android and iOS platforms. Gameplay-wise, it is unlike your usual auto-chess. Instead, you’re in for some candy crush-type gameplay where you match units to upgrade them.

If you’re a beginner, you might confuse yourself about its gameplay first, but don’t worry. This Merge War Super Legion Master guide will provide all the information, tips, and tricks to help you get started.

Merge War Super Legion Master Gameplay

It is an auto-chess game at its core, with a bit of a tricky mini-game to place a unit on the field. Players must summon a unit and then combine matching ones to upgrade and merge them into a better unit. Moreover, the two characters should be identical in level and quality to join and upgrade.

Merge War Super Legion Master gameplay
Image via Funovus

Depending on the unit type, a particular tile will be upgraded when you upgrade a character. Players must determine which unit type will be the frontline, middle, and backline.

Troops In Merge War Super Legion Master

Troops in this game are the units that players summon on the battlefield. However, summoning a unit is random; you need luck to get the right type in a particular position. Each unit will vary in stats and must be placed in an excellent position to be effective in the field. That said, determining each position is essential for defeating foes effectively.

Decks in Merge War
Image via Funovus

Here are the unit types and their optimal positions in the field.

RoleOptimal Position
Tank/Melee FighterFrontline
Ranged Damage DealerMiddle

Merge War Super Legion Master Levels and Stages

Each stage in this game consists of a floor you must clear to reach the next stage. Then, players must defeat waves of enemies on each floor, facing a boss or a formidable wave, ultimately earning gold and experience in the process. These resources will be the materials needed to upgrade the talents and stats, such as additional damage and health for all of your units.

Levels and Stages in Merge War
Image via Funovus

Deck Upgrades

In this game, your troop units are called decks. These decks are the ones that you should upgrade to gain better stats in each one. That said, levelling them up as soon as possible is essential to being the best version of their stats. If you’re wondering how to upgrade them, you can head into the Cards tab between the Base and Shop.

Deck upgrades
Image via Funovus

Best Beginner Units In Merge War Super Legion Master

This game has many units and troops, which might confuse beginners when picking the best fit for their decks. So, in this Merge War Super Legion Master guide, we’ll show you which ones are worth adding to your arsenal as a newbie.


Footman in Merge War Super Legion Master
Image via Funovus

This tank is versatile and one of the best units to add to your deck. It can soak up a decent amount of damage as a frontline. If you’ve levelled it up to at least level four, it will regenerate 5% of its max HP per second, adding more sustainability to its kit.

Fire Wizard

Fire Wizard in Merge War Super Legion Master
Image via Funovus

This mage deals tonnes of damage with its fireball at a distance. It can also cast a firestorm with 200% damage in an area of effect (AoE). Although it has a lot of firepower in its arsenal, front liners must protect it because it is squishy or has low max HP.


Dragon in Merge War Super Legion Master
Image via Funovus

This beast is versatile for being tanky, a damage dealer, and a ranged type in one unit. It can also deal with an area of effect (AoE) while also stunning enemies after casting its ability, Meteor. It is also a good meat shield for back liners due to its decent amount of max HP, making it an optimal mid-unit.

Merge War Super Legion Master World Map and Exploration

The overall exploration of this game lies within its stage progression. As of writing, the game is only at stage five, each having 20 floors. The game is progressively getting higher in each one, so levelling up your decks is necessary if you want to reach the later stages. Stage one proves to be the starter due to its easy difficulty. Learning the mechanics at this level is also necessary for future levels.

World Map in Merge War
Image via Funovus

Merge War Super Legion Master Tips & Tricks

Now that we know the basics of this game from our Merge War Super Legion Master guide, we’ll tackle some easy-to-advanced tips and tricks to get you started and spice up your gameplay.

Level up Your Troops as Much as Possible

leveling up your deck in merge war
Image via Funovus

Levelling up your unit upgrades its overall stats, which is essential to facing formidable enemies in the game’s later stages. Although you may have the best deck loadout, you must level them up to make them useful against strong enemies and bosses. Make sure to level them up as soon as you get copies of them from critical chests and stage rewards.

Watch Out for Freebies in the Shop

Free Rewards in the Store
Image via Funovus

The game’s shop has a lot of good in-game stuff that players can buy. However, it also holds many free rewards and value packs. Value packs are discounted bundles, which are good deals if you want to spend real money on this game. Moreover, players can scroll down to view free rewards, given that they’ve watched the ad to claim them.

That’s the end of our Merge War Super Legion Master Guide. Although stage six hasn’t been released yet, you’ll reach the latest level through practice and learning with our guide. That said, if you want to know more about guides like this, check out GameMastersHQ. We also have reviews and news for your favourite games, so don’t miss out.

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