Nikke: Goddess of Victory Beginners Game Guide!

Nikke: Goddess of Victory (Image via Shift Up)

If you’re a fan of anime-inspired shooter games set in a dystopian world, Nikke: Goddess of Victory is a game you should not miss.

Developed by Shift Up and published by Level InfiniteNikke: Goddess of Victory is a sci-fi third-person-shooter title and a gacha game that burst onto the scene in November, 2022. Available on PC, iOS, and Android, it presents a post-apocalyptic story where humanity, ravaged by the invasion of Raptures, has been forced to seek refuge in the deep underground. In high hopes of ultimately defeating the Raptures, Nikkes are deployed to the surface of the earth to fight the Raptures under your control. 

Form a squad of five female soldiers called Nikke, wielding a wide range of weapons and abilities, and take down Raptures one by one or all at once. 

Find out how to become the best commander by learning the ins-and-out of the game, how to build your team, beat each stage, and more in this Nikke: Goddess of Victory guide. 

How to play Nikke: Goddess of Victory

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is a mix of a third-person shooter and an idle game. By definition, playing an idle game allows you to progress through the game with minimal interaction, and this is something Nikke: Goddess of Victory has, thanks to its AI auto-aiming feature and passive income. However, this isn’t always applicable, especially in more difficult stages, and becoming stronger in the game will take a lot of time and grinding.

This game requires you to strategically form multiple well-coordinated teams of weapon-wielding Nikkes to defeat enemies. The game will allow you to enter different stages of varying difficulty, where you will face large mechanical enemies called Raptures. In many instances, you’ll have the option to activate auto-mode, a feature that allows the game’s AI to take control of aiming and character switching on your behalf. However, when the time comes that your combat power falls short of the recommended CP, you’ll find yourself in a situation where manual aiming is not just an option but a necessity.

This goes to say that in order to finish levels and stages, team composition and spending resources to build Nikke shall be your main priority. 

Aside from engaging in combat, players can also start conversations with all Nikke, know their story and build relationships with them. 

Combat Power

Combat Power in Nikke: Goddess of Victory increases as you build the characters in your team and will become a dynamic reflection of your teams’ collective strength. Regularly upgrading your characters, their gear, level, skills and more will allow you to defeat bosses on time. 

In every dungeon and game mode, a recommended CP will be set and entering with a CP lower than it will cause you to suffer a stat penalty. This means that when facing these enemies, the system will automatically reduce your stats, making your damage a lot weaker and will make you more squisher. 

Characters in Nikke: Goddess of Victory

This shooter-sci-fi RPG is perfect if you’re a fan of waifus with irresistible figures and aesthetically pleasing designs. Throughout the game, you will meet multiple Nikkes, each possessing unique personalities and identities, which can range from innocent and adorable to seductive and intimidating. This alone makes almost each one of them, especially the SSRs a must-have. 

However, it might be best for players with limited gems to also take their abilities and kit, and the needs of their team into account before pulling for them.

Nikkes are divided into different rarities, burst types, roles and factions, and all of these will matter when building your team. Each character you will get will either be an R, SR, or SSR type. As a rule of thumb, SSRs are generally much stronger than the rest.

They make use of two skills and one burst skill. What it does depends on their class, and finding the synergy between them and other Nikkes will be the perfect formula to easily ace each stage, without dying.

Burst Type 

Each Nikke has different burst types and as a general rule; a team should have at least one of each type to activate Full Burst Mechanic. 

  • Burst 1
  • Burst 2
  • Burst 3


There are three different classes available in the game:

  • Attacker: Attackers generally have higher attack power and they are also the main damage-dealer. 
  • Defender: A defensive class that makes sure that the team survives.
  • Support: Supporter characters on the other hand help the team by providing buffs, heals and CC. 

With all of the classes included in your roster, defeating and winning each skirmish will be a piece of cake. A team without a DPS will suffer from the damage-deficit while the lack of supports and tanks will compromise your survivability. 


Weapons also play a vital role in combat in Nikke: Goddess of Victory. Much like weapons in real life and any other game, there are suitable weapons in various situations. For instance, if you’re trying to eliminate multiple opponents that are floating near each other, a team with characters that wield Rocket Launchers will be your best option. Meanwhile, shotguns are better during close-quarter combat. 

Listed down below are the weapons and their range values.

  • Shotgun: 0% to 25%
  • Submachine gun: 15% to 35%
  • Mini gun: 35% to 55%
  • Assault Rifle: 25% to 45%
  • Sniper Rifle: 45% to 100%
  • Rocket Launcher: Any range

Game Modes and Stages in Nikke: Goddess of Victory

Being a shooter game, the whole gameplay will revolve around combat and skirmishes. 

Players will start off by entering the campaign mode, which not only allows them to progress through the main story, but also unlocks new features, game modes and stages in the game. By opening new content, you will have more sources of materials and equipment. 


Campaign follows the main story, and is divided into different chapters and stages. 

Tribe Tower

As the name suggests, this is Nikke’s tower mode where each level becomes more difficult than the previous floor. 

Synchronous Room

A series of games with increasing difficulty. Clearing each stage allows you to pick buffs for your team to make them stronger. 

Lost Sector

A mix of combat and solving puzzle, where the player has to unlock treasures to obtain multiple rewards. 


Interception requires you to fight a large and tanky boss, and your damage dealt will determine your rewards. 

Nikke Goddess of Victory: Is it a Gacha Game

Yes, Nikke: Goddess of Victory is considered as a Gacha game. If you’re a spender, rest assured, there’s plenty to spend on here.

Nikke uses a premium currency called Gems to buy in-game content and to recruit Nikke. You can obtain Gems by finishing in-game content as part of the rewards or spend money for it through micro-transactions.

For light spenders, the 30-Day Supply is recommended as it will provide 100 Gems per day. Aside from it, players can directly convert their money to gems with additional rewards, depending on the package that you’re taking.
After collecting 300 Gems, players can head to the Recruitment tab to try to get their preferred characters.

It’s all up to the player whether they want to remain as an F2P player, or spend money on the game. However, since it’s a gacha game, where spending is more than welcome, it is best for players to think twice before swiping their cards so as to not suffer from regret soon after. 

Tips and tricks

After knowing the basics of the game, here are several tips that can come in handy in your games. 

Know your opponents

In several cases, you can easily clear levels and stages without manually controlling your characters especially if you have an optimized team and high combat power. However, in game modes in which auto-mode is not allowed or difficult stages, you will be left with zero option but to control your characters. 

If that’s the case, make sure to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the Raptures. Try to determine when they’ll land their most devastating attack and hold cover while it’s up. On the flip side, most Raptures have their own weakness often highlighted by a red or yellow circle. When it is exposed, manually aim and shoot it to either prevent it from landing a hard-hitting blow or to deal higher damage. 

Additionally, using the right weapons will also cut it.

Optimize your team in Nikke: Goddess of Victory 

In team building, burst and team synergy matters. Ideally, teams should consist of at least one Burst I, Burst II and Burst III to be able to unleash Full Burst. Activating Full Burst is necessary as it exponentially increases your damage for 10 seconds, which is necessary rather than recommended in most cases. 


In Gacha games, rerolling most of the time is the best option especially if you want your whole experience since the start to run a lot smoother. Rerolling happens when a player creates another account and wish for their preferred characters, mostly the meta ones to appear. That way, they can start off the game with stronger games making it easier to progress through the game.

Complete daily runs and quests

Nikke: Goddess of Victory does require grinding to build the perfect team needed to survive and clear stages on time. Having that said, making sure that you claim all available resources within the day is crucial. This includes completing all available stages in different game modes, and claiming resources on Outpost Defense and finishing events. 

Increase CP

Combat Power dictates whether or not the stage will be easy. As mentioned in the previous section of this guide, Nikke will impose a stat penalty upon entering a stage with higher recommended CP, making it nearly impossible to gain progress. But fret not for as long as you’re completing campaign stages and daily runs, you will rarely run out of resources. 

That’s everything you need to know about Nikke: Goddess of Victory as a beginner. The game may seem intimidating at first with the large number of factors to consider when building your Nikke and teams, and when clearing stages. However, by following this guide, everything will be much easier. You can also rely on our Nikke Goddess of Victory tier list to know the best Nikke characters and Nikke Goddess of Victory codes to redeem free rewards.

Did this help? Let us know in the comments and share with us your favorite Nikke! Also, don’t forget to visit Game Masters HQ to know more about your favorite games.

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