Nikke Goddess of Victory Tier List

Nikke: Goddess of Victory.
Nikke: Goddess of Victory. Image via Shift Up

This Nikke Goddess of Victory Tier List showcases the top-performing characters currently dominating the game and offers insights into which characters you should consider acquiring or saving up for.

Nikke Goddess of Victory has been around for nearly a year and gave birth to over a hundred nikkes that you can deploy for your team. Beyond irresistible character designs, interesting stories and personality, each Nikke is sure to be unique, having their own strength and contribution to the team, whether it’s dealing damage, healing, or providing buffs. However, with the constant addition of new characters and game updates, some characters may have declined in effectiveness while others remain strong up until now.

If you’re a hardcore Nikke player wishing to have the best team to defeat all the Raptures, you should never miss this Nikke: Goddess of Victory Tier List. While following tier lists does not guarantee that you will get to destroy all of the enemies in a single blow, this can become a great way to build an ideal team that will help you clear each stage with ease.

There are over 100 Nikkes in Nikke Goddess of Victory so choose wisely. To learn more about Nikkes roles, elements and weapons, take a look at our full game guide.

Nikkes are divided into different rarities, burst types, roles and factions, and all of these will matter when building your team. Here’s all 100 Nikkes ranked best to worst with their weapon type, role, burst type, Element and Manufacturer.

Nikke Goddess of Victory Tier List: All Nikkes Ranked

Here is the comprehensive Nikke Goddess of Victory Tier List that you’ll ever need.

Each Nikke is ranked based on their overall strength, either as a damage dealer or a support, and their contribution to every battle in any game mode (PVE or PVP). This tier list is subject to change in the future, should there be any shifts in the meta due to the addition of new Nikkes and updates.

Tier Nikke WeaponRoleBurst TypeElementManufacturer
SSLiter Submachine GunSupporterBurst 1IronMissilis
SSBlancAssault RifleDefenderBurst 2WindTetra
SSCentiRocket LauncherDefenderBurst 2IronMissilis
SSNoirShotgunAttackerBurst 3WindTetra
SSModernia Machine GunAttackerBurst 3FirePilgrim
SSScarletAssault RifleAttackerBurst 3ElectricPilgrim
SSAliceSubmachine GunAttackerBurst 3FireTetra
SSA2 Rocket LauncherAttackerBurst 3FireAbnormal
SSMaxwellSniper RifleAttackerBurst 3IronMissilis
SSDorothyAssault RifleSupporterBurst 1WaterPilgrim
SSSnow White Assault RifleAttackerBurst 3IronPilgrim
SSNagaShotgunSupporterBurst 2ElectricMissilis
SRapunzelRocket LauncherSupporterBurst 1IronPilgrim
SNoise Rocket LauncherSupporterBurst 1ElectricTetra
S2BAssault RifleDefenderBurst 3FireAbnormal
SHarranSniper RifleAttackerBurst 3ElectricPilgrim
SPrivatyAssault RifleAttackerBurst 3WaterElysion
SSparkling Summer AnisShotgunSupporterBurst 3ElectricTetra
SDollaSniper RifleSupporterBurst 2WindTetra
SHelmSniper RifleAttackerBurst 3WaterElysion
SAquamarine HelmAssault RifleAttackerBurst 2IronElysion
SPepper ShotgunSupporterBurst 1WindMissilis
SDrakeShotgunAttackerBurst 3FireMissilis
SLaplaceRocket LauncherAttackerBurst 3IronMissilis
APowerRocket LauncherAttackerBurst 3FireAbnormal
AAdmiSupporterBurst 2WindMissilis
ADieselMachine GunDefenderBurst 2WindElysion
AViperShotgunAttackerBurst 2WaterTetra
ARupeeAssault RifleAttackerBurst 2IronTetra
ABay Goddess MarySniper RifleSupporterBurst 1WaterTetra
AVolumeSniper RifleAttackerBurst 1WindTetra
AMakimaSubmachine GunDefenderBurst 2WaterAbnormal
ASakuraSniper RifleSupporterBurst 1FireTetra
ALudmillaSubmachine GunDefenderBurst 1WaterTetra
AGuiltySniper RifleAttackerBurst 2WindMissilis
AMarcianaShotgunSupporterBurst 2IronElysion
APoliShotgunDefenderBurst 2WaterElysion
AQuencySubmachine GunSupporterBurst 3ElectricMissilis
ABiscuitRocket LauncherSupporterBurst 2ElectricTetra
AMaidenShotgunAttackerBurst 3ElectricElysion
AMirandaSubmachine GunSupporterBurst 1FireElysion
AViperSniper RifleSupporterBurst 3Tetra
AMiracle Fairy AnneRocket LauncherSupporterBurst 2WindMissilis
AGuillotineMachine GunAttackerBurst 3ElectricElysion
ANoah Rocket LauncherDefenderBurst 2WindPilgrim
ANovel Submachine GunDefenderBurst 2IronTetra
AMastSubmachine GunSupporterBurst 2ElectricElysion
ASugarShotgunAttackerBurst 3IronTetra
AN102Rocket LauncherSupporterBurst 1WaterMissilis
ANihilisterSniper RifleAttackerBurst 3FirePilgrim
BJackalRocket LauncherDefenderBurst 1IronMissilis
BSodaMachine GunSupporterBurst 1FireTetra
BWinter Shopper RupeeAssault RifleDefenderBurst 1ElectricTetra
BYanRocket LauncherSupporterBurst 1FireTetra
BNeroSubmachine GunDefenderBurst 2FireTetra
BSinAssault RifleDefenderBurst 2ElectricMissilis
BYuniRocket LauncherDefenderBurst 2FireMissilis
BFolkwangAssault RifleDefenderBurst 2WaterTetra
BVestiRocket LauncherAttackerBurst 3WaterElysion
BEpinelSubmachine GunAttackerBurst 3WindMissilis
BBridAssault RifleAttackerBurst 3WaterElysion
BYulhaSniper RifleAttackerBurst 3FireTetra
BSolineSubmachine GunAttackerBurst 3IronTetra
BDSubmachine GunAttackerBurst 3WindElysion
BAnisRocket LauncherDefenderBurst 2IronTetra
BAriaMachine GunAttackerBurst 2WaterTetra
BMiharaAssault RifleAttackerBurst 3WaterMissilis
BIsabelShotgunAttackerBurst 3ElectricPilgrim
BNeveShotgunAttackerBurst 3Water
BBlue Ocean Neon Machine GunAttackerBurst 3WaterElysion
BCocoa Sniper RifleSupporterBurst 1FireTetra
BBridSniper RifleSupporterBurst 3Tetra
BExiaSniper RifleSupporterBurst 1ElectricTetra
BEmmaMachine GunSupporterBurst 1FireElysion
BEunhwaSniper RifleAttackerBurst 2FireElysion
BFrimaSniper RifleSupporterBurst 1IronTetra
BMilkSniper Rifle AttackerBurst 1WaterTetra
BReiSubmachine GunDefenderBurst 1WaterTetra
BMaryShotgunSupporterBurst 1WaterTetra
BRapiAssault RifleAttackerBurst 3FireElysion
BJuliaAssault RifleAttackerBurst 3IronMissilis
Product 23Sniper RifleSupporterBurst 2WindMissilis
CSolineMachine GunAttackerBurst 3IronElysion
CRosannaMachine GunAttackerBurst 1ElectricTetra
CBelortaRocket LauncherAttackerBurst 2ElectricTetra
CCrowSubmachine GunDefenderBurst 3FireMissilis
CEtherShotgunDefenderBurst 1ElectricMissilis
CiDoll OceanSniper RifleSupporterBurst 1WaterTetra
CMicaRocket LauncherSupporterBurst 1WindTetra
CNeonShotgunSupporterBurst 1FireElysion
CDeltaSniper RifleDefenderBurst 2WindElysion
CHimenoSniper RifleSupporterBurst 2WindAbnormal
DiDoll FlowerRocket LauncherDefenderBurst 1WindTetra
DSignalSubmachine GunAttackerBurst 2FireElysion
DiDoll Sun Assault RifleSupporterBurst 3IronTetra
DSoldier FAShotgunDefenderBurst 2IronElysion
DSoldier OWSubmachine GunSupporterBurst 1FireElysion
DSoldier EGAssault RifleAttackerBurst 3ElectricElysion
DProduct 08Sniper RifleSupporterBurst 1ElectricMissilis
DProduct 12 Machine GunAttackerBurst 3FireMissilis


Since the game’s release, Liter has consistently held the title of the best supporter and best Burst I character. The Leader of the Mighty Tools boasts an unrivaled kit that solidifies her as the best choice in any game mode. As a support, Liter has everything. She provides an insane amount of ATK buff, reduces the skill cooldown of her team, and restores the cover of unit with the lowest HP.

Liter. Image via Shift Up

“The leader of Mighty Tools. Contrary to her appearance, she has already lived a long life. At present, no other NIKKE can surpass her when it comes to construction.”


Blanc is an SSR Defender Nikke, highly regarded as a must-have in the game for various reasons, especially when teamed up with Noir. As a defender, Blanc excels in safeguarding her team by offering shields and consistent healing, thanks to her kit.

Blanc. Image via Shift Up

“It is said that any gambler who sees both twin sisters in Coin Rush will hit the jackpot. To bring good luck, she always forces her sister to join her.”


Noir is an SSR Attacker and the sister of Blanc. Her kit is exceptionally powerful, particularly when paired with the Light Bunny.  She has a loaded and somewhat broken kit especially when paired with the Light Bunny, thanks to the additional ATK, increasing mag size and increased hit rate and automatic reload she provides for the team.

Noir. Image via Shift Up

“Biological elder sister of Light Bunny Blanc. Although they look different, Blanc pampers her constantly. While timid, she is not afraid to show her intentions.”


Scarlet, an SSR Pilgrim Burst III Attacker, boasts one of the strongest kits among attackers. Her skills enable her to inflict sustained damage with her sword, further bolstered by the Crit rate, Crit Damage, and ATK bonuses it provides. However, it’s crucial to be mindful when using her, as these self-buffs only apply when her HP drops below 50-60%.

Scarlet. Image via Shift Up

“A wandering swordswoman from Pioneer who’s partial to a good drink. Despite the common perception of melee weapons being ineffective in combat, she chooses to wield a sword.”


Modernia certainly is one of the best Pilgrims to ever exist in Nikke: Goddess of Victory. This Burst III Attacker excels at swiftly clearing consecutive enemy waves with her burst AOE, although she falls short in PVP.

Modernia. Image via Shift Up

“A plain and delicate girl who sold out mankind. A member of the Queen’s elite squad, the Heretics.”

Nikke Goddess of Victory Tier List Criteria

  • SS: Top tier, best in game Nikkes. If you have these Nikkes, prioritise them over all other Nikkes with no hesitation. Actively try to unlock these Nikkes.
  • S: Very strong Nikkes that are second only to SS tier. You should aim to get these Nikkes in your team
  • A: Good Nikkes that are solid for any team but can never scale to S tier level.
  • B: Okay performing Nikkes. These are likely Nikkes to target early in your Nikke Goddess of Victory Journey. Look to replace these with A tier Nikkes as you progress through the game.
  • C: Poor performing Nikkes. You will struggle to progress in the game with a team of these Nikke, even if upgraded.
  • D: Absolutely trash Nikkes. Replace them as soon as possible. Do not waste resources upgrading these Nikke. You’ll regret it later!

Here’s some more information on Nikkes weapon type, role, burst and elements

Nikke Burst Type

Each Nikke has different burst types and as a general rule; a team should have at least one of each type to activate Full Burst Mechanic. 

Nikke Classes

There are three different classes available in the game. Make sure you have all 3! We suggest 3 attack, 1 support and 1 defender.

  • Attacker: Generally have higher attack power and they are also the main damage-dealer. 
  • Defender: Makes sure that the team survives.
  • Support: elp the team by providing buffs, heals and CC. 

Listed down below are the weapons and their range values.

Nikke Weapon Ranges

  • Shotgun: 0% to 25%
  • Submachine gun: 15% to 35%
  • Mini gun: 35% to 55%
  • Assault Rifle: 25% to 45%
  • Sniper Rifle: 45% to 100%
  • Rocket Launcher: Any range

Nikke Elements

Every Nikke and Rapture is assigned one of five elements and will deal additional damage when attacking an opponent’s weakness. Make sure you check what you’re up against and have your your team stacked with attackers that have their weakness element! Heres all the Elements in Nikke Goddess of Victory:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Iron
  • Electric
  • Water

Thats it for our complete Nikke Goddess of Victory Tier List! We’ve ranked all 100 in order! We hope you found this useful. Let us know in the comments sections what you thought of our Nikke Goddess of Victory Tier List and if you think we’re wrong on any! Also, if you haven’t played already, make sure you do, its a great game!

You can check out more information each Nikke at Fandom here.

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