Omniheroes Beginners Game Guide!

Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

One of the top addicting mobile games, with stunning 2D art, perfect for busy or idle game players.

Omniheroes is a heroic fantasy casual strategy RPG with idle game elements. Omnidream developed this game in August 2023, and it became one of the top mobile games across Android and iOS platforms. Omniheroes is an exciting multiplayer online role-playing game where players can be mighty heroes and embark on thrilling adventures. Moreover, the player’s task is to save captive Valkyries from demons while helping each other across the journey. 

However, some casual players might need a little help when they just started playing. So, in this Omniheroes beginner guide, we’ll show you how to build your Omniheroes, power them up, and give you some tips and tricks.

Omniheroes Gameplay

Omniheroes is an anime-inspired mobile RPG with a focus on idle gameplay. Players can collect over 200 distinctive heroes, each with different skills and abilities. After forming a team of heroes, players can send them into battle against various enemies, including bosses, other players, and roguelike dungeons.

omniheroes gameplay
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

The combat gameplay in Omniheroes is turn-based and automated, meaning players do not need to control their heroes during battles actively. However, players can still influence the outcome of battles by choosing the right team composition and using relics. These unique items can buff or heal allies or debuff enemies.

Here’s a list of all the game modes available in Omniheroes.


  • Campaign: The game’s primary story mode, where players can progress through a series of stages and learn more about the world of Omniheroes.
  • Forgotten Land: This is where players can gather materials that can ascend their heroes. Also, a shard that players can use to exchange it for heroes.
  • Palace of Penrose: It is a challenging PvE game mode in Omniheroes. It is a never-ending tower with increasingly tricky floors. Players can challenge the Palace of Penrose to earn rewards such as hero shards, relics, and other valuable items.
  • The Labyrinth: This game mode is a roguelike dungeon in Omniheroes where players should explore the map and clear it to progress in the labyrinth.


  • Arena: This game mode is where players battle against each other using their omniheroes. Players compete to achieve the top of the leaderboards, which rewards players.

When entering battles in Omniheroes, it is best if a player already knows the basics of the game mechanics. With that said, let us look at how our heroes fight in this Omniheroes beginner guide.

Heroes in Omniheroes

Every team in Omniheroes is a collection of Heroes or Valkyries who fight and battle against other teams. Each hero has a unique ability that they use in every group. Some of it buffs or heals the team, and some deal the most damage. Moreover, each hero has a class and faction with different base stats.

Heroes in Omniheroes
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

It is also essential to consider which faction they belong to or what class each hero has to form a great team. A good balance of support, tank, warrior, or mage is necessary to achieve the most optimized team. 


In this Omniheroes beginner guide, we’ll tackle every hero class in Omniheroes. With that said, there are four main classes in Omniheroes, each of which has an important role when forming a team. A beginner player may not know what hero class they should aim for or the whole topic. This may cause poor team building, resulting in losing almost any battle if one wants to progress in the game.

Omniheroes Classes
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

Here are the four main classes in Omniheroes.

TankThe front-liners of the team. They are responsible for absorbing damage and protecting their teammates. Tanks typically have high HP and defense.
WarriorThe damage dealers of the team. They are responsible for dealing damage to enemies and taking them out. Warriors typically have high attack and critical damage.
MageThe spellcasters of the team. They are also responsible for damaging enemies and buffing or debuffing their teammates. Mages typically have high skill power and magic penetration.
SupportThe healers and buffers of the team. They are responsible for keeping their teammates alive and buffing their damage output. Supports typically have high healing power and energy recovery.

A well-balanced team in Omniheroes comprises a support hero, a tank, and either a mage or warrior. This variety can depend on whether you want a mage or a warrior for your damage dealer. But each team must have a tank or support if you need that extra survivability.

Valkyrie and Faction Synergies

When building your heroes in Omniheroes, deciding which factions you want to consider having in your team first is essential. Valkyrie Synergies in Omniheroes provide additional buffs depending on the required number of factions in the team. Some might be only two, and some might need as many as six factions, which takes up as much space as the whole team.

valkyrie synergies
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

Here are the different Valkyrie synergies in Omniheroes, with their buff effect.

SynergiesBuff Effect
MystifyersGrant Damage Over Time (DoT) Damage, Ignore defense, and Continuous Team Healing.
ValiantorsGrant Physical Damage (PDMG) Boost to the team, which provides excellent damage at the start of the battle.
EtherealsGrant Crit Bonus to the team, which offers continuous burst damage.
GloriansInitially gain Control immunity, debuff enemies, and buff allies, granting offense and defense.
AvengersRevive upon Death, which gives high sustainability and strongness over time.
DoomsdayersReflect damage deal damage when enemies take action and counterattack.

Valkyrie synergies are activated when players have two or more heroes from the same Valkyrie class on their team. The higher the number of heroes from the same Valkyrie class in the group, the stronger the synergy effect.

Also, here are some tips for utilizing the Valkyrie synergies:

  • Try to build teams with a variety of different Valkyrie synergies. This will create a well-rounded team that can adapt to various challenges.
  • Focus on building teams with heroes from the same Valkyrie class. This will activate the most potent synergy effect.
  • Use relics to buff the Valkyrie synergies in your team. Many relics can increase the healing power, damage output, critical damage, and attack speed of heroes from specific Valkyrie classes.

Valkyrie synergies can be compelling and a great way to boost your team’s performance. Moreover, players should build teams with various Valkyrie synergies to create a well-rounded team that can adapt to different challenges.

Factions, on the other hand, have their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses as well. For example, the Woodland faction is known for its healing and support heroes, while the Empire faction is known for its offensive and defensive heroes. The Eclipse faction is known for its crowd control and debuff heroes, while the Demon and Divine faction is known for its high damage and survivability heroes.

WoodlandHealing, support, crowd controlDamage output, survivability
EmpireOffense, defense, crowd controlHealing, support
EclipseCrowd control, debuffs, damage outputHealing, support, survivability
Demon and DivineDamage output, survivability, crowd controlHealing, support

Players can build teams with heroes from any faction, but making a team with heroes from the same faction is often beneficial. It is because heroes from the same faction receive bonus stats and synergy effects.

Top Balanced Team for Beginners in Omniheroes

Building a team in Omniheroes is quite confusing for most beginner players, especially if they have no idea what heroes they have. So, in this Omniheroes beginner guide, we’ll show you one of the top teams to use in Omniheroes.

We know how good Valiantors are for beginners because of their balanced defense and offense. So, using that knowledge, we can finally compose a team of that Synergy. Here’s the best Valiantors team for beginners in Omniheroes.

Valiantors-Type HeroesFaction

With this team, you can get 125% Physical Damage (PDMG) and 25% Damage (DMG) Reduction (RED) for four turns, which is essential for beginner players. Continue building each hero in this team; it will carry you through missions seamlessly, ultimately unlocking more in-game content for you.

The Valkyrie Manor

The Valkyrie Manor is a unique building in Omniheroes that allows players to collect and upgrade Valkyries by healing and interacting with them. The Valkyries in the manor are not in good condition, so players must take good care of them. It is essential to heal them because healed Valkyries will either upgrade their stats or obtain them if they don’t have the Valkyrie yet, 

The Valkyrie Manor with Elune
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

Players can get the resources to heal them by completing various quests, such as ascending heroes or clearing certain levels in the Palace of Penrose. However, you can acquire valkyries in the manor by completing levels in the campaign.

Level Progression in Omniheroes

Unlike other Gacha games, your Valkyries or Heroes in Omniheroes have a level cap, which is your account level. What this means is that your Valkyries won’t be able to surpass your account level. That said, progressing your account level is one of the top priorities when you want to go further in the game.

If you’re wondering how to level up your account in Omniheroes, you should progress to the story mode, as it’ll provide many materials for players to increase their level. Additionally, you can passively farm experience by idling in the story or on missions, as it automatically fights enemies as long as you have battery capacity on your phone.

Idle Reward System

In Omniheroes, leveling up your heroes more often will drain significant resources sooner or later. So, one way to efficiently farm these resources is not to farm at all. Well, actively, at least. That’s right, idling in the game is a cheeky mechanic that makes busy players like this game.

Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

In Omniheroes, there is also a mechanic called the Idle Reward System, therefore classifying Omniheroes as an idle game. The idle reward system in Omniheroes is a system that rewards players with resources and other items even when they are not actively playing the game. It is an excellent way for players to progress through the game without spending hours actively playing it daily. It can also eliminate the “feeling of being left out” a little for players who are more busy than playing Omniheroes.

However, the amount of idle rewards that players earn depends on their level and the amount of time they spend offline. The higher the level and the more time spent offline, the more idle rewards players earn.

With the resources you’ve gathered in the Idle Rewards System, you can now level and gear up your heroes properly. But if you’re a new player and still confused, this Omniheroes beginner guide will show you how to upgrade your gear.

Inventory and Upgrades for Omniheroes

Each hero or Valkyrie in Omniheroes has four types of equipment, just like in other RPGs, including a helmet, weapon, armor, and boots. Players can also equip and level up gear for any hero or Valkyrie.

Leveling Heroes in Omniheroes

In Omniheroes, leveling up your heroes can confuse first-timers. So, in this Omniheroes beginner guide, we will show you how easy it is to level up heroes.

In the hero profile, players can equip and level up the equipment set they choose when pressing the green plus sign, as seen in the image. However, players can also let the game automatically optimize their loadout by clicking or pressing “Equip All” and “Enhance All.” Pressing Equip All will automatically equip an armor, while pressing the latter option will level the armor to a particular cap relative to your account level.

Leveling heroes in Omniheroes
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

Players can also find the chance to ascend heroes in the hero profile area. By clicking the “Ascend” button, the game will redirect you to the heroes ascension tab. In this section, we can see the amount of resources needed when ascending a particular hero. 

Although we can farm other resources while staying AFK, you can only farm this ascension resource called the Ascension Ore in the Palace of Penrose. On the other hand, players can also advance their heroes quickly, given that players have the right resources. Or if they are lucky enough to summon the right one in the Hall of Heroes.

Relics in Omniheroes

Relics are potent items in Omniheroes that players can use to buff their allies or debuff their enemies. Players can use Relics in both PvP and PvE content, a great way to turn the tide of battle. 

Relic in Omniheroes
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

There are many different types of relics in Omniheroes, each with its unique effect. Some relics can increase the damage output of your allies, while others can reduce the damage your heroes take. Also, some relics can crowd-control enemies or buff or debuff their stats. With this knowledge, players must prioritize upgrading them as well.

Additionally, players can acquire Relics by summoning them in the Relic Vault. It is also worth noting that it also has a gacha system, so it will cost a moderate fortune if you want a specific Relic. Or you are lucky enough to get it in a few summons.

In-game Currency in Omniheroes

As mentioned earlier, Omniheroes is one of the top gacha games on mobile as of late. And being a gacha game means having an in-game currency or micro-transactions. Omniheroes have two main currencies in the game: Gold and Diamonds. 

In-game Common shop
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

However, Gold and Diamonds have different ways of obtaining them:

  • Earn Gold by completing stages, clearing challenges, and selling items.
  • Earn Diamonds by completing achievements, participating in events, and purchasing them with real money.
  • Diamonds are rarer than Gold and is needed when summoning in Omniheroes.

Omniheroes Tips and Tricks

Through this Omniheroes beginner guide, we have learned the game’s basics. That said, we shall continue with some more tips and tricks to improve your overall Omniheroes experience.

Complete Daily Quests

Daily Quests in Omniheroes reward players with valuable items, including gold, diamonds, experience potions, hero shards, and relics. Players can use these items to boost their team’s power and progress through the game more quickly. 

Daily Quest in Omniheroes
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

Daily Quests also often require players to complete specific tasks, such as clearing stages, defeating enemies, or using heroes with particular abilities. Completing these tasks will help you progress through the game or unlock new content. It can also provide a challenge for players to overcome, making it an excellent way to test your team’s strength and improve your skills.

Save Tickets or Diamonds in Omniheroes

Tickets and Diamonds are costly in Omniheroes, at least if you want to purchase them. But if you are a free-to-play player, you should save at least ten tickets at a time. This way, you can have a higher probability of having a legendary hero on your next summons.

Advanced and Common Summons
Omniheroes. Image via Omnidream Studio

Also, remember that events in Omniheroes only occur sometimes, making it another reason players should save Tickets and Diamonds. It is also worth noting that there is an excellent probability of earning a most powerful hero in most events. If you have enough tickets for this situation, you can get the most out of your Tickets and Diamonds.

That’s the end of our Omniheroes beginner guide. We hope this guide has provided valuable insights and tips to kickstart your journey as an Ominhero beginner. For more guides about your favorite games, head over to GameMastersHQ and make sure to check it all out.

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