Path to Nowhere Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Path to Nowhere is a real-time strategy RPG that blends together classic tower defense elements, gacha mechanics, and stunning anime waifus. Basically a complete package for players who love getting lost in their mobile all day long. It is developed by Aisno Games for Android and iOS, and was originally released on October 21, 2022.

Since then, Path to Nowhere has been frequently updated, and it’s become so content-heavy that some new players will be overwhelmed. Here’s our complete Path to Nowhere guide that explains the basics and lets you in on a few tips and tricks to give you that extra bit of push.

What’s Path to Nowhere About?

In Path to Nowhere, you’re tossed into a world where people with powers called “Sinners” exist. Some are wise, while others run rampant committing crimes.

Path to Nowhere story
Image: Aisno Games

As the chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (MBCC), your job is to arrest Sinners and use them in your crew to rid DisCity of gang wars, and criminal masterminds, and solve other perplexing events that transpire.

Path to Nowhere Gameplay – Smack ‘em & Whack ‘em

The gameplay consists of you dragging and dropping your crew of Sinners on tiles as enemy waves approach. Some levels have bosses while others have multiple waves.

Path to Nowhere Gameplay
Image: Aisno Games

All Sinners in Path to Nowhere “normal attack” automatically and their attack type may differ between melee, ranged, and buffs. They can also be moved throughout a wave, so you’re constantly arranging them in the best formation. However, there’s a limit to the number of times you can change your Sinners’ position. That is represented by the Movement counter in the top middle of the screen.

Ultimate attack skills in Path to Nowhere
Image: Aisno Games | Ultimate attack skills

Sinners charge up ultimate attacks during battle, and they differ from character to character. Ultimates can be used many times in a battle and they do high damage, but because they have to be manually activated, the player always needs to pay attention.

Simply put, you place Sinners in the best formation possible, use ultimate attacks, and adapt to what happens in real time. It’s quite addictive.

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Path to Nowhere Characters – Say Hi To The Sinners

Path to Nowhere Characters
Image: Aisno Games

Every Sinner has a unique backstory, combat animation, some voiced dialog, ultimate attacks, attires, and much much more. I wasn’t kidding when I said Path to Nowhere is content-heavy.

As for playstyles, Sinners are of 6 distinct types or “tendencies”.

  • Umbra: Mobile units that constantly attack
  • Fury: Melee attack enemies
  • Endura: Can absorb a lot of damage, so they serve as tanks
  • Reticle: Ranged attacks
  • Arcane: Deal explosive damage
  • Catalyst: Provide buffs or debuffs
Path to Nowhere tendencies
Image: Aisno Games

Furthermore, Sinners are also of different rarity and range from B to S tier, with S tiers having the highest stats.

All characters can be Promoted, Path to Nowhere’s term for leveled up in stats. This is done by spending DisCoins and Mania Essence, resources you get after clearing stages in the DisCity mode. Then there are other terms such as skills, Phases, and Shackles, which are different from each other, but they also affect your Sinner by increasing their level cap, unlocking new Ultimate attacks for them, and so on.

Best Sinners in Path to Nowhere

Best Sinners in Path to Nowhere
Image: Aisno Games

Here’s our list of the best Sinners in Path to Nowhere.

Sinner Rank Tendency Best ForHow To Unlock
Dreya S***Reticle Extreme ranged damageArrest Warrant
Eirene S***Arcane Explosive damage, massive damage AoE attacksArrest Warrant
Hamel S***Catalyst Provides allies support, Can’t be targeted by the enemy but doesn’t block them eitherArrest Warrant

How To Unlock New Sinners

How To Unlock New Sinners
Image: Aisno Games

The process of unlocking new characters in Path to Nowhere is straightforward. The easiest method is by playing the DisCity story mode and obtaining Warrants that can then be used to “Arrest” the Sinners and add them to your crew.

Alternatively, you can also unlock Sinners through log-in rewards or by purchasing them with real-life currency in the shop.

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Levels & World Exploration In Path to Nowhere – Welcome to DisCity

The story mode in Path to Nowhere consists of several chapters that have several stages within them. Some stages have waves of enemies while others are only boss fights. As you progress in the DisCity story mode, other game modes are also unlocked.

Levels & World Exploration In Path to Nowhere
Image: Aisno Games

Here are all the game modes in Path to Nowhere, their rewards, and how to unlock them.

Game ModeRewards How To Unlock
DisCity Resources, Sinners, and currenciesUnlocked from the start
DisSea Resources, Sinners, and currenciesUnlocked after completing  Chapter 2 or reaching level 24
The RustResources and currenciesUnlocked after completing Chapter 1–8

Path to Nowhere Inventory, Equipment, & Resources – Here We Go Again

There are about a dozen currencies in Path to Nowhere. Warrants are needed to Arrest and unlock Sinners. Other currencies include DisCoins, Mania Essence, Hypercubes, Stamina, Ultracubes, and much more.

Path to Nowhere Inventory, Equipment, & Resources
Image: Aisno Games

Resources are required for upgrades too and have random names such as Broken Horn, Bronze Concentrate, Phase 1 Elements, and so on.

Almost all currencies and resources are obtainable through the DisCity mode, log-in rewards, or purchases from the shop.

Here’s a roundup of the major currencies in Path to Nowhere.

Currency Use How To Get
DisCoinsUsed to purchase itemsObtainable as clearance rewards from missions
Mania EssenceUsed to promote SinnersObtainable as clearance rewards from missions
WarrantsUsed to Arrest (acquire) SinnersObtainable as clearance rewards from missions, log-in rewards
HypercubesUsed to purchase items and promote SinnersObtainable as clearance rewards from missions
UltracubesThe major in-game currency needed to buy the battle pass, Sinners, Warrants, attire, Stamina, and virtually everything elsePurchased from the shop
StaminaUsed to play missions in story modesRegenerated overtime, level-up rewards, quest rewards

Path to Nowhere Tips & Tricks

The gameplay in Path to Nowhere can become unbelievably tough once you get past the first few levels. Here’s one tip to help you get by.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Path to Nowhere does a really good job of instilling fear in the player when it comes to strategy. The number of limited Movement will make you hesitant about changing your Sinners’ position, but from personal experience, that’s one thing you shouldn’t worry about.

strategic placement ptn
Image: Aisno Games

While playing Path to Nowhere, frequently move your Sinners, even if the Movement counter ends up depleting because you might regret saving the Movement and losing as a result later. Secondly, it’s okay to take multiple Sinners of the same tendency into battle if you think that’s the best formation.

Simply put, consume all battle resources and don’t worry about depleting them.

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Conclusion – Unbelievably Addictive

Path to Nowhere is surprisingly addictive, and the cute anime waifus, stunning visuals, and genuinely fun game design are to blame. 

arrest warrants path to nowhere
Image: Aisno Games

Once you get settled in, Path to Nowhere is quite easy to pick up and play. You’re constantly unlocking things, battling new enemies, thinking about your next moves, and learning more about the story and world.

Image: Aisno Games

Path to Nowhere does an amazing job of hooking players in with its insurmountable features and content. And because they are so good and enjoyable to mess around with, Path to Nowhere claims a spot as one of the best mobile strategy RPGs you need to play.

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