Project Entropy – Ultimate Beginners’ Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

Project Entropy Feature Image
Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Project Entropy, also known as Entropy 2099, is a real-time strategy (RTS) game made by FunPlus International AG for Android phones. It was released on September 19, 2023. It’s hard to imagine an RTS game working well on a mobile phone. However, Project Entropy manages to strike a balance by implementing features from other genres.

Plot-wise, the game is pretty simple. Humanity reaches a new world and encounters a hostile alien race. That’s where you come in as a commander to fight back. Ready to lead your troops into battle? Fortunately for you, this Project Entropy ultimate beginners’ guide is just what you need.

Project Entropy Gameplay – Starcraft x SimCity

RR2s Collecting Resources
RR2s Collecting Resources – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Project Entropy’s gameplay is pretty unique. It mixes elements from traditional RTS games like Starcraft, Age of Empire, and Command & Conquer with mobile city-building games like Clash of Clans.

You collect resources by sending workers to them. Unlike other RTS games, you don’t have to select a worker to issue a command. Simply tap on a resource, and one of your idle workers will head over to harvest it.

Repairing abandoned structures
Repair any abandoned structures you find – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

For the base-building part of the game, you don’t need workers to build buildings. You can either tap on the build menu in the bottom left to construct a building or find an abandoned building and restore it. Unlike other RTS games, you can’t just build as many buildings as you want. There are only a limited number of buildings available. As you level up your Command Center, more structures will become available.

Instead of having a huge number of buildings, Project Entropy goes the Clash of Clans route. You must continually upgrade your buildings to boost their production stats. Here’s some good news, you don’t have to wait for buildings to upgrade. Once you have enough resources, simply tap on the upgrade button, and the building will level up without any build timers.

Relocating Structures
Relocate your structures wherever and whenever you want – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Another thing that Project Entropy has in common with mobile city-building games is the fact that you can move your structures.

Project Entropy Combat Guide

Project Entropy Combat
Project Entropy combat – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Even though the main game is an RTS, the combat is entirely different. It’s more similar to the combat of some Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) games like Baldur’s Gate 2 or Dragonheir Silent Gods.

Your forces will automatically engage the enemies. You cannot control their movements or decide which enemies they will attack. It’s all determined by where you place them and which enemy is closest to them. 

Special Abilities
Using special abilities – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

The only thing you can control during battle is when to use special abilities. Once their cooldown timer is up, tap on an ability to use it. The battle will come to a halt as you decide where to use your ability. 

But what if you think the enemies are no match for you? Still want to get the job done quickly but can’t bother to sweat over the abilities? You can automate abilities as well.

Region Map Combat

Project Entropy Region Map Combat
Welcome to the Region Map – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Combat in the main game is different from combat in the region map. Region Map combat is a lot more similar to normal RTS games, albeit still simplified. 

You can now individually issue commands to your units. Press and hold a unit to select it, then drag it to the location or enemy you want it to go to. Use this feature to perform some basic micromanagement, such as ordering damaged units to retreat and increase their survivability. You can also use it to attack multiple enemies at once if you feel like you’re strong enough to.

Unlike regular combat, abilities are automatically activated when fighting in the region map.

Project Entropy Troop Management Guide

Project Entropy Troop Management Screen
Troop Management – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Each “troop” is composed of three parts: the Hero, Vehicle, and Supporting Weapon. Here’s what they all do:

Hero: The leader of the troop. They will offer passive bonuses to their respective troop if certain conditions are met. They will give you even more passive buffs as you level them up.

Vehicle: These units will do the heavy lifting in combat. Vehicles will determine what your troop’s damage, defense, and speed will be.

Supporting Weapon: The supporting weapon you pick for your troop will determine what active ability they can use in combat.

How to get Heroes, Vehicles, and Supporting Weapons

There are three main ways to get troops in Project Entropy: Quests, Drop Pods, and the Noun Laboratory. As of now, there are only two rarities of troops: Epic and Legendary. Legendary troops are rarer and generally stronger.

Doing the main quests will automatically grant you some heroes, vehicles, and supporting weapons that will help you out greatly in the early game.

Project Entropy Analysis Lab
The Analysis Lab where you open Drop Pods – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Drop Pods are basically Project Entropy’s version of loot boxes. Tap on a Drop Pod to send a worker to grab it and take it to your Analysis Lab. Some Drop Pods open the instant you place them in the Analysis Lab, but some will have wait times on them. Troops will only come from Drop Pods with timers. You can skip the wait time for Drop Pods by spending coins.

The Noun Laboratory is similar to Drop Pods. However, you need Experimental Crystals to use it. Experimental Crystals are incredibly hard to obtain. You can get them by accomplishing numerous quests. Alternatively, you can also purchase Experimental Crystals with real money.

Should you get a duplicate of a hero, they will be converted to Cyphers. Cyphers are a special currency that will allow you to enhance a hero’s specialties. Each hero requires Cyphers that are exclusively obtained from their duplicates. For example, if you get a duplicate for Russ Parker, you get Cyphers that can only be used to upgrade Russ Parker. 

If you get duplicates of vehicles or supporting weapons, they will be converted to Blueprints instead. Similar to Cyphers, Blueprints are used to exclusively upgrade the vehicle or supporting weapon you obtained them from.

Project Entropy Best Troops

Best Troops
Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Here are the best troops to help speed up your conquering.

The Best Heroes

Hero NameRarityRole and TypeFusion Skill
Ahmed SamirLegendaryDamage/ThermalBuffs Vehicle fire range and firepower.
Helmut RobinsonLegendaryDamage/ElectromagneticBuffs Vehicle ability damage and reduces its cooldown.
Tatiana ValievaLegendaryLeader/ThermalBuffs formation firepower and increases chance of Vehicles triggering skills.
Vito CoppolaLegendaryLeader/NuclearBuffs Vehicle’s ability damage and repairs it whenever its Supporting Weapon ability is used.
Hayden ParkerLegendaryBuff/ElectromagneticPassively generates shields for the entire regiment and buffs the effects of all shields.

The Best Vehicles

Vehicle NameRarityRole and TypeVehicle Skill
CentaurusLegendaryOffensive/ThermalFires a powerful laser at a target.
Thunder TurbineLegendaryOffensive/ElectromagneticBuffs its own damage when shields are active. Will also deal damage to nearby enemies when shields are active.
GriffinLegendaryDefensive/ThermalCan siege up to deal more damage and increase attack speed.
Roaming StarLegendaryOffensive/ThermalGains additional ability damage against wounded enemies and decreases their shields and repair capabilities.
GrapplerLegendaryBalanced/NuclearCan siege up to increase range and damage. Attacks will also deal splash damage when sieged.

The Best Supporting Weapons

Supporting Weapon NameRarityRole and TypeAbility
Cube – Fusion StrikeLegendaryOffensive/NuclearDeals massive AoE damage and inflicts Fallout effect, making enemies weaker to ability damage.
Worker Bee – FieldLegendaryRepairing/NuclearRestores health for allies within an area
Electric SparkLegendaryOffensive/ElectromagneticDamages enemies in a straight line and inflicts short-circuit status effect, reducing their charge recovery.
Laser Eyes – LightningLegendaryOffensive/ThermalBlasts a single target, dealing massive damage.
Laser Eyes – Mirror SpaceLegendarySupporting/ThermalBuffs damage for all allies in a large area.

Project Entropy Tips And Tricks

Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Always keep idle workers busy

Project Entropy Idle Workers
The sign that tells you there are idle workers – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

Maximize your efficiency by having all your workers busy with something. In the upper left corner of your screen, the word “Idle” will appear when one of your workers isn’t currently doing anything. Even if you don’t know where that idle worker is, just tap on a resource to order the worker to collect it.

Search for the enemies with the right level and resources

Enemy Search
Project Entropy’s enemy search feature – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

When conquering the Region Map, don’t fight enemies that are way above your level if you can’t find low-level foes nearby.

Fortunately, Project Entropy has a feature that allows you to search for specific enemies in the Region Map. Tap on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom left part of the screen while on Region Map. This will open up a menu where you can search for enemies. You can even choose what levels you want them to be and what loot they’re carrying.

Position your troops well before combat

Troop Positioning
Keep a tanky troop in front and don’t just line them up – Image Source: FunPlus International AG

If you position your troops properly, you can defeat enemies that are technically stronger than you. Troops with high health and defensive capabilities should be placed in front. Troops with high damage are better behind the front lines because the longer they last, the more damage they deal overall.

Also, check out your vehicle’s threat level. Vehicles with higher threat levels will attract the attention of behemoths even when other units are closer.

Join an alliance

There are huge benefits to joining an alliance. 

One useful benefit of having an alliance is having access to all of your alliance’s beacons in the region map. The region map is gigantic, and it could take several minutes for your troops to travel to a location you want. You can claim beacons for your alliance which allows you and any other alliance members to teleport to it. In turn, you can also teleport to any beacon claimed by your team members.

Note that some alliances might not let lower ranking members capture beacons.

Another plus is the additional weekly and daily alliance missions and rewards you get. Being in an alliance means you will be earning more resources and currencies than players who aren’t in an alliance.

Project Entropy has a pretty active community, so chances are, you get invited to join an alliance shortly after starting. If not, go to the alliance menu in the bottom left and pick an alliance you’d like to join. The most popular alliances are posted on the official Project Entropy website. Join them if you plan on staying active in the game for long.

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