Replaced Game Everything We Know About The Sci-fi Platformer

Image: Sad Cat Studios

Sad Cat Studio’s Replaced has been the talk of the town ever since its reveal trailer dropped in 2021. The action platformer will be set in an alternate history of 80s USA and it’s shaping up to be a thrilling adventure.

If you’re wondering when Replaced will be released and on which platforms, find the answers below.

When Is Replaced Coming Out?

An exact release date hasn’t been revealed but Replaced will launch sometime in 2024.

Replaced was originally planned to be a 2022 title but as hype for the game increased, the developers expanded its scope and had to delay it to 2023. Unfortunately, another delay was announced, moving the game into the current year.

Sad Cat Studios was concerned about “over-promising and under-delivering”, however, the latest trailer of Replaced says otherwise. For context, the main character of Replaced will have 500 hand-painted animations just for platforming. Safe to say Sad Cat is serious.

The retro-futuristic 2.5D platformer is one of the most anticipated indie games of 2024 and you can expect a release date to be official any day now.

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Replaced Game Platforms

Replaced is set to be released on PC and the Xbox Series X/S consoles only.

It appears that Replaced will be an Xbox exclusive, so unfortunately PS5 owners won’t be able to play it at launch. However, it’s not official yet whether this is permanent.

Replaced game
Image: Sad Cat Studios

It’s likely Sad Cat Studios has a timed-exclusivity deal with Xbox and that it’ll arrive on PS5 once that expires. But we still can’t say anything with certainty except that the future of Replaced looks bleak on the PS5 for now.

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Will Replaced Be On Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Replaced is coming day one to Xbox Game Pass. 

Xbox is sticking true to making Game Pass the best subscription service on Earth. Accordingly, you’ll be able to play Replaced with both Game Pass PC and Game Pass Xbox once it’s out. 

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