Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG Game Guide, Tip & Tricks

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Here’s everything you need to know about Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG, a new addicting top-down adventure game.

Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG is a roguelike adventure game developed and published by PlayHard, which is available on Android and iOS platforms. If you’re familiar with the PC game Hades, you’ll also recognize the top-down point of view of Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG. However, its game mechanics differ slightly, as you’ll also have to build your base simultaneously.

If you’re still confused about the game’s premise, don’t worry. This Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG guide will help you overcome every challenge you might stumble on.

Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, this game is a roguelike, top-down adventure game. However, it has much simpler controls than the other games in this genre, as you’ll only have to use one finger. You can swipe the screen to move your characters and then let go or lift your finger to make them automatically attack enemies.

Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG Gameplay
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Your primary goal, especially in the early game, is gathering resources to build your base and characters. The enemies will get more complicated to eliminate, so building up your character is essential to progress further in the game.

Characters in Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG

There are many characters to choose from in Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG, and it may need to be clarified which ones are good or bad. However, knowing each hero type can develop a good synergy throughout your troops.

Different Hero Types

Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG has different types with different roles in each group. Each team should have a balance of Agility, Intellect, and Strength hero type. That said, you should be able to create a team with what you already have.

Here are the different hero types with their brief descriptions.

Hero TypeRole
StrengthMelee-ranged, tank and frontliner.
AgilityFast, often ranged, damage dealer
IntellectBuffs, debuffs, crowd control, and AoE attacks.

Levels and Stages in Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG Gameplay

Being a roguelike game, you’ll have to explore and overcome each area while facing a boss to progress. You can also access a dungeon in each area with many rewards and experience points, so clear it occasionally. Players must complete a region and get EXP points and gear to help them prepare for the following map sections.

Challenging a huge bear
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Equipment, Resources, & Hero Upgrades

Through our Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG, we’ll show you how to farm and upgrade your existing heroes to help you get started in the game. First, we must tackle how to equip gears for our troops.

How to Equip Gears in Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG

After constructing the guardian statue, you can now equip gears and improve the overall stats of your troop. Gears and armor are random drops from mobs, so you’ll have to grind and farm for it to get a good quality. However, if you already have sufficient ones, head to your guardian statue in the center of your starter village and start equipping them.

Equipping gears in Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG
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In our Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG guide, we’ll tackle the three primary resources you must seek when venturing the map. You can acquire these resources by defeating enemies, chopping trees, and mining ore. 

Listed below are the three primary resources and their use.

MeatYou can use it to level up a character.
WoodYou can use it in building construction or the circle of purification (to unlock the next stage).
DiamondUsed in training ground (leveling up overall stats).

Hero Upgrades and Leveling Up

To upgrade a character, head over to your heroes tab, which can be found on the lower-left side of the screen. You can see which characters are ready to upgrade with an upward arrow or sufficient hero shards. Hero shards are the ones you can get in the village pub. Additionally, this Pub has a gacha element, needing your luck to get a higher rarity hero shards.

Upgrading Feather Corbin
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If you have enough shards for that specific character, you may level them up using your meat resource. However, you must not focus on one character when leveling up. Leaving your other characters in the low levels is terrible, as they’ll bring little benefit to the team.

You can also have special training in the Training Ground. It is essential to check on it occasionally, as players can acquire a single shard of their chosen character after a given time. 

Top Characters in Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG

Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG has several heroes to choose from. It is also evident that some are better than others despite their rarity. So, in this Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG guide, we’ve gathered some of the best heroes to help you understand who you should aim to get.

Big-Sickle Jennifer

Big-Sickle Jennifer, best heroes
Image via PlayHard

This Agility hero can summon the Grim Reaper, damaging nearby enemies. This ability is essential, as you’ll have the effectiveness of two units in one character. Additionally, she can inflict bleeding on opponents, dealing damage over time thanks to her Execute skill. 

Forest Vanessa

Forest Vanessa, one of the best healers.
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This Intellect hero is one of the best healers in the game. Her wide-ranged area of effect healing and debuff remover make her beneficial to put on the team.

Ego Sword Polly

Ego Sword Polly, best strength hero
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This Strength hero is ranked high among other heroes because of his grouping ability and life steal. After pulling the enemies from his Berserk skill, he will inflict bleed on the targets, dealing damage over time. On the other hand, his desire skill gives him good survivability whenever he’s overwhelmed.

Map and Exploration

To access the world map, press the compass icon in the upper-right part of the screen. There, you can see the entire continent filled with dungeons, bosses, and mini-bosses. These bosses are like gatekeepers and can one-shot your team, so prepare accordingly.

region map of rumble heroes adventure rpg
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Players can also teleport to a particular teleporter, given that they have already built one in that area. Additionally, these teleporters are your go-to, as traveling by foot will waste significant time.

Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve learned the basics of this game from our Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG guide, we’ll tackle some easy to advanced tips and tricks to get beginner players started in this game.

Use Area of Effect Heroes

area of effect heroes
Image via PlayHard

What we mean by this is to use heroes that damage enemies in an area of effect range. These heroes provide significant benefits, as sometimes enemies will overwhelm your team on all sides. Dealing damage in an area of effect can broadly impact your time to kill in every situation.

How to Get Hero Shards

Getting hero shards in rumble heroes adventure RPG
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Being a beginner in Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG, you must stock up on characters and their shards to upgrade them. This is where the Pub comes in. The Pub in the village is your only chance at getting hero shards faster than the training grounds, so be sure to visit it occasionally. However, be sure to have 300 gold when you return home to ensure you roll three times in the Pub. 

That’s the end of our Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG guide. You can now overcome the most challenging content by following this guide and its tips and tricks. Also, for more guides like this, check out GameMastersHQ. We also have reviews and news for your favorite games, so don’t miss out.

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