Seven Knights Idle Adventure – Ultimate Beginners Game Guide!

Screenshot of Seven Knights Idle Adventure on Mobile
Developed by Netmarble Corporation

Become a Knight! Play the exciting Seven Knights Idle Adventure and lead your heroes to victory against otherworldly foes!


Seven Knights Idle Adventure is an idle role-playing game (RPG) developed by Netmarble Corporation, a top mobile game developer with hundreds of popular games like MARVEL Strike Force, StoneAge 2, Gods of Rome, and MARVEL Future Revolution under their belt. Seven Knights was released in September 2023. The game is set in the fantasy world of the Seven Knights franchise, a rich collection of heroes from the franchise and new heroes created for this edition.

The game takes you on an exciting adventure into the fantastic world of the Seven Knights, where you’ll battle monsters to defend the world. You’ll play through exciting locations like The Seven Kingdoms, The Forest of Eternity, The Frozen Wastes, and The Burning Sands. Create your team and assemble the strongest heroes to advance through the stages.

Screenshot of Seven Knights Idle Adventure on Mobile

Game Play – Immersive RPG Experience

Seven Knights Idle Adventure uses a top-down approach for the idle RPG experience. All players use the point-and-drag playing system to move players and items at any point on the map. Player-controlled movements are limited in battles, as the game controls characters’ actions.

There are many playable characters to choose from; you can check the powerup and class of each character to choose your preferred one. The adventure begins from the first scene and doesn’t end; there is always a new monster to fight, a new character to use, and new adventures. What’s more? You can keep the storyline going even when you turn the game off. You can do this using the auto-battle mode.

Screenshot of Seven Knights Idle Adventure on Mobile
Developed by Netmarble Corporation

For combat, you can set up your characters to perform attack and defense using a turn-based system. On each turn, your hero will either use a skill or take a turn to attack. Their speed stat determines the order in which they take turns.

The amount of damage your heroes inflict also depends on their power stat. For defence, heroes take on reduced damage based on their defence stat. Special skills such as healing, dealing damage, buffing allies, and debuffing enemies all impact the overall combat outcomes.

Game modes

Seven Knights Idle Adventure features various game modes. These are:

  • Adventure Mode: This is the main story mode where you can defeat enemies, unlock new heroes, collect resources, and progress through the stages. The adventure mode has a top villain at every stage that you must win to enter the next stage.
  • Dungeons: These are special dungeons where you can farm much-needed resources that are difficult to find elsewhere in the game. These include gold, hero XP, and some exotic equipment.
  • Guild Boss: This mode allows you to form a cooperative guild with other players to defeat a much more powerful boss and collect rewards. The Guild mode is exciting!
  • Arena: In the Arena Mode, you can play against other players (PvP), putting your team against theirs to collect rewards.
  • Chaos Ruins: This is a new mode where you play against enemies (PvE) and collect rewards such as equipment, gold, and hero Xp for battling and winning hordes of tough enemies. The Chaos Ruins mode has several stages.
  • Lucky Wheel: The Lucky Wheel mode allows you to spin a wheel for rewards, which you can use in-game to power up your character and acquire other items. You can earn free spins by completing missions or purchase them using rubies.

The Seven Knights Idle Adventure has new map areas, namely Area 8 and Moonlit Isle, two new game modes. Chaos Ruins and Lucky Wheel, and Five new costumes, Cherry Blossom Princess (Kagura), Little Red Riding Hood (Rin), Witch of the Night (Gremory), Moonlight Guardian (Lucrezia), and Shadow Bride (Rachel).

Seven Knights Idle Adventure – Heroes: Characters & Abilities

Screenshot of Seven Knights Idle Adventure Game
Developed by Netmarble Corporation

The game has old characters, eight new heroes with special abilities and seven knights idle adventure tier list. You can find a character ranking here.

Tier RankHero Ability
Little Red Riding Hood’s Axe, Little Red Riding Hood’s Basket, Little Red Riding Hood’s Friends, Little Red Riding Hood’s Wolf
SSGremoryWitch of the Night’s Curse, Witch of the Night’s Dark Orb, Witch of the Night’s Familiar, Witch of the Night’s Bat Swarm.
SCattyCat Scratch, Cat bite, Cat claw, Kitty.
SDaisyFlower power, Healing flowers, Flower bloom, Flower girl.
SLinaFireball, Flamethrower, Pyromancer, Meteor shower.
ASwordsman PookiSword storm, sword dance, sword slash, swordsman.
ASpirit of WakiSpirit shield, Healing spirit, Spirit of Waki, Spirit of Blessing.
ALucreziaMoonlight Guardian’s Shield, Moonlight Guardian’s Heal, Moonlight Guardian’s Moonlight, Moonlight Guardian’s Moonlight Blessing.
ARachelShadow Bride’s Shadow Slash, Shadow Bride’s Shadow Dance, Shadow Bride’s Shadow Embrace, Shadow Bride’s Shadow Kiss.
AKaguraCherry Blossom Dance, Flower Petal Storm
ACocoNinja smoke bomb, Ninja, Ninja dance, Ninja slash

These characters make the game exciting, and you can unlock and powerup their abilities as you progress!

Seven Knights Elements

There are five elements in the Tower of Fantast; they do not react with each other. You can wield one or all, but the element you wield for most of the game impacts the combat outcomes. Learn how each character reacts to the elements; their vulnerabilities and resistance will guide you in choosing the element to weld in combat.

ElementStrong AgainstWeak Against

Levels & Stages

Seven Knights Idle Adventure has over 1000 levels divided into different chapters, each with its stages. The stages become more difficult as you progress. There are four main types of stages in the game. These are:

  • The Main story stages.
  • Challenge stages.
  • Dungeon stages.
  • Player vs. Player (PvP) stages.

You must complete each stage to move to the next.

Screenshot of Seven Knights Idle Adventure Game
Developed by Netmarble Corporation

Resources and Upgrades

There are many resources and upgrades for players in the game. Some are found as the game progresses, while others are only available via farming.

  • Resources: Gold, Rubies, Equipment and materials, pet food, Hero XP, Soul stones, Evolution stones, etc.
  • Upgrades: Hero upgrades, Pet upgrades, Equipment upgrades.

You can use the in-game currency for upgrades or purchases through your app’s store payment gateway.

Screenshot of Seven Knights Idle Adventure
Developed by Netmarble Corporation

In-Game Currency & Store Purchases

You can purchase items such as equipment and materials, summoning tickets, hero cards, and others using the seven knights idle adventure code and in-game currency, Rubies, or real cash via the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. The in-game store has all the items you need in the game, but it is important to note that it is not compulsory to buy them to complete the game. You earn Rubies playing the game and completing each level. Here’s how to manage your payment systems.

Tips & Tricks

Like other Idle games, the Seven Knights Idle Adventure is a basic game with straightforward gameplay. Whether you are a beginner or pro-idle gamer, you can play the game with little experience. Here are some tips to help you: 

Chaos and Ruins

  • Upgrade your heroes and equipment before playing.
  • Create a balanced team with melee, defense, support, and ranged heroes.
  • Play to your heroes’ strengths, use their unique abilities to heal other heroes, cause devastating attacks, and defeat enemies.

Lucky Wheel

  • Save your spins for events with valuable rewards.
  • You can reset the wheel for a fee to get other rewards.

Adventure mode

  • Complete the main story ASAP. The quicker you are, the faster you unlock new resources and heroes.
  • Use the auto-play mode over the night to clear stages efficiently.
  • Collect as many idle rewards as you can find.


  • Focus on dungeons that farm the resources you need the most.
  • Play to your heroes’ unique abilities to clear enemies quickly.


  • Upgrade your heroes and equipment to get the most out of them.
  • Play to your heroes’ strength.
  • Build a well-balanced team.

Guild Boss

  • Join strong guilds.
  • Use formidable heroes.

Here’s how to create a team of heroes:

  • Locate and enter the “Heroes” menu.
  • Tap on the “Team” tab.
  • Tap on the “Empty Slot” button
  • Choose the hero you want to add
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have a team of five heroes.
  • Click the “Save” button to save your team.

How to Equip a Weapon:

  • Go to their hero screen.
  • Tap on the “Equip” button.
  • Select the weapon you want to equip.
  • Tap on the “Equip” button again

Equipping and upgrading weapons increases the hero’s stats. Here’s how to upgrade your hero:

  • Go to the Hero screen.
  • Tap the hero you want to upgrade.
  • Tap the Level Up button.
  • Select the materials you want to use to upgrade the hero.
  • Tap the Level Up button to confirm.

Screenshot of Seven Knights Idle Adventure
Developed by Netmarble Corporation

You can use gems, experience, and other items to upgrade heroes. Gain experience by completing quests and clearing stages, and feed your heroes with the experience items.

You can use the Codex pages to access additional rewards. Codex pages provide individual challenges for character development and power-ups. Finally, be prepared for anything. Although the game is predictable in its general direction, you must be prepared for surprises ranging from unexpected resources to side missions and attacks from enemies.

Screenshot of Seven Knights Idle Adventure
Developed by Netmarble Corporation

System Requirements

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is only available for Android and iOS on mobile. It also qualifies as a top PC game using the BlueStacks app. The system requirements to play this game are:

  • Android: 5.0 or higher, at least 3GB RAM and 5GB ROM free.
  • iOS: 12.2 or higher, at least 3GB RAM and 5GB ROM free.
  • Computer: Windows 7, at least 4GB RAM and 5GB ROM free.

Later game versions may require more technical features, but we’ll keep you posted on any changes! You can download the game on Android, iOS, and BlueStacks. You can login via Google, Apple, email, or play as a guest.


Seven Knights Idle Adventure is an exciting RPG idle game with many stages, levels, and modes to entertain you. The game is easy to play and has simple layouts and character progression. There are endless enemies to conquer, new and powerful heroes, and a more developed storyline. Looking to play this game? This guide covers most of what you need to know -the rest is left for your interesting discovery.

You can explore more on the official Netmarble Forum. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below! If you liked this article, please share it on social media using the buttons below!

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