Soulframe Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Soulframe - Release Date & Everything We Know So Far
Image Source: Digital Extremes

With the recent releases of Armored Core 6 and Lies Of P, the soulslike genre is at an all-time high. A lot of developers want in on the action, and Digital Extremes, Warframe’s developer, decided to join the fray with Soulframe. If that has you intrigued, read on to get some information about Soulframe, such as its release date, plot, and gameplay.

Soulframe is a game that looks and feels like Warframe but plays like a soulslike. Two completely different types of games. Both work amazingly well independently, but how would a combination of the two fare?

Soulframe Release Date

Unfortunately, Soulframe doesn’t have an official release date yet. In a recent interview with PCGamesN, Soulframe creative director Geoff Crookes states that they “…don’t have a launch date or window to share at this time…

31-minute Soulframe gameplay trailer

What Is Soulframe’s Plot?

Digital Extremes is famous for making vague and complicated plots, and Soulframe is no different. But on the surface level, here’s what Soulframe is about. Soulframe is an open-world RPG set in the isle of Midrath. You play as the Envoy, a being with the ability to harness the virtues of courage, spirit, and grace.

You must fight the Ode, a mysterious group that has corrupted and polluted the once-lush lands of Midrath.

You can play Soulframe through solo or coop. Rumors of PvP have surfaced, but are still unconfirmed.

Digital Extremes’ main claim to fame is the sci-fi action MMORPG Warframe. One look at the trailer, and you can tell that Soulframe is visually drawing a lot of inspiration from Warframe. However, there are definitely some clear differences.

Combat – Definitely More “Soul” Than “Frame”

One of the boss battles in Soulframe – Image Source: Digital Extremes

The combat is perhaps the most noticeable difference between Warframe and Soulframe. 

Warframe’s combat is extremely fast-paced, mobile, and requires you to micromanage tons of weapons, abilities, and other mechanics.

Based on the 31-minute gameplay trailer, Soulframe will take a slower, more calculating approach to combat, similar to most soulslike games. You must master when to parry, dodge, or strike. There are still abilities, but nothing as crazy as Warframe from what the trailer has shown.

Soulframe’s Limited Movement – A Blessing Or A Curse?

The world of Soulframe Image Source: Digital Extremes

With Warframe, you could basically jump the heights of small buildings, blitz through corridors, and soar through large open worlds.

Soulframe will have more simplified movement. You can no longer cross a room through a single leap. Aside from rolling and a mount available in the open-world, you’ll have to take in Soulframe’s sights one step at a time.

Some people might not like this more restricted form of movement. However, imagine a game like Dark Souls where you could move so fast that none of the mobs can even touch you. Wouldn’t seem as exciting and challenging, would it? 

Hopefully, Digital Extreme can still make the game feel lively even with the simplified movement.

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