Space Marine Defense – Ultimate Beginners’ Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

Space Marine Defense Feature Image
Image Source: Clegames Inc.

Tower defenses and roguelikes; two very popular genres revolving around nonstop upgrades and growth. Two very popular genres that have now fused into one game: Space Marine Defense. In this game, you play as a spaceman tasked with clearing out planets filled with disruptive creatures of all shapes and sizes.

With the help of a scientist, you must use an arsenal of various weapons to push back the enemy. With the help of this trusty Space Marine Defense guide, that task will go a lot smoother, so read on.

Space Marine Defense Gameplay – A Tower Defense Game With Only One Tower?

Space Marine Defense Gameplay
Space Marine Defense gameplay – Image Source: Clegames Inc.

Even if it wasn’t a roguelike, Space Marine Defense would still be a pretty unique tower defense game. Whereas other tower defense games focus on spamming all sorts of different towers with different effects, Space Marine Defense only has one “tower”: your spaceman. You must continually upgrade your spaceman by giving him more weapons and buffs to keep up with newer and better enemies.

Defeating enemies will give you Experience Points. Once you have enough, you level up, and the game offers you a choice between three random weapons or weapon cores (buffs).

Beat all the waves and bosses in each stage to progress. It’s a simple but fun gameplay loop.

Space Marine Defense Equipment Guide

Space Marine Equipment Screen
The equipment screen Image Source: Clegames Inc.

There are three types of equipment in Space Marine Defense: weapons, armor, and accessories. You can only have one of each type equipped on your spaceman. Here’s what you get from each equipment type:

  • Weapons boost your attack damage. Not only that, but the weapon you have equipped will determine your first weapon at the start of each level.
  • Armor will give you an HP boost.
  • Your accessory will increase your HP regen per second.

Your armor and accessories are easy choices. Simply pick the one you have with the highest stat boost.

As for your main weapon, that’s kinda up to your preference. Each weapon is useful for different playstyles. Just make sure to pick the highest rarity of your preferred weapon, since those will have better stats. But you can check down below for a tier list of all the weapons.

Enhancing equipment

You can increase the boost your equipment gives you by enhancing it. Equipment pieces can be enhanced by fusing a certain number of duplicate equipment pieces. The higher the enhancement rank of your equipment piece, the higher the number of duplicates needed to enhance them.

How do you obtain equipment pieces?

Space Marine Defense Equipment Summoning
The Equipment Summon Shop – Image Source: Clegames Inc.

You can obtain equipment by finishing levels, the passive auto-explore system, and loot boxes.

But the best and easiest way to obtain equipment in bulk is by spending crystals to summon equipment. Just go to the equipment summon shop and summon away!

There are five rarities of equipment in the game. From most common to rarest, these are Common, Magic, Rare, Unique, and Legend. Rarer equipment pieces have better stats than their lower rarity counterparts.

Summoning equipment will increase your Equipment Summon Level. The higher this level is, the better the chances of getting rarer gear.

Space Marine Defense Weapon And Weapon Core Guide

Upgrade Screen
Selecting your next upgrade – Image Source: Clegames Inc.

In Space Marine Defense the upgrades you get during combat are either a weapon or a weapon core. Weapons give you new attacks or ways to defend yourself. Weapon Cores give you passive boosts like an increase in critical chance, fire rate, and HP.

Once a weapon reaches level 5, the next upgrade for it becomes an evolution, which gives it incredibly powerful effects. But before you can evolve a weapon, you must already have its paired weapon core. You can check which weapons pair with which weapon cores below.

Weapon and Weapon Core Pairings

Note that there are more weapons than there are weapon cores. Because of this, some weapons require the same weapon core as another weapon to evolve. For example, the Firegun and Electric Barrier both require a Regeneration Core.

WeaponWeapon Core
FiregunRegeneration Core
RailgunPower Core
Gatling GunGrowth Core
SpannerAmplification Core
MissileGrowth Core
Plasma Bomb Amplification Core
SatelliteAugment Core
Electric BarrierRegeneration Core
Defense DroneEnergy Core
ShieldVitality Core
Battle DroneSpeed Core
Edge WavePower Core
Repulsor Time Core
Gravity FieldEvasion Core
SlicerAccuracy Core

Space Marine Defense Weapons Tier List Guide

Pulse Cannon
The Pulse Cannon Image Source: Clegames Inc.

This part will only rank the main and additional weapons, not the weapon cores. That’s because you really shouldn’t be picking weapon cores based on how good they are. Instead, you should select your weapon cores based on what weapons you already have or plan to get throughout the level.

Main Weapons

There are currently four main weapons in the game, and they’re all pretty different from each other. Unfortunately, this means they are not made equal. Here are all the main weapons in Space Marine Defense from best to worst.

  1. Firegun 
  2. Railgun (called Pulse Cannon in certain rarities)
  3. Gatling Gun
  4. Spanner

Additional Weapons

These are the weapons that you get as upgrades whenever you level up in a game. There are a lot more of them than main weapons, 11 to be exact, but remember that you can only have 4 per level

  1. Missile
  2. Slicer
  3. Battle Drone
  4. Electric Barrier
  5. Repulsor 
  6. Edge Wave
  7. Satellite
  8. Defense Drone
  9. Plasma Bomb 
  10. Gravity Field
  11. Shield

Space Marine Defense Tips And Tricks

Boss Battle
A chaotic boss battle Image Source: Clegames Inc.

Only pick the weapon cores that match your weapons

If you’re ever in a situation where all three upgrade choices don’t match your current loadout, you can always reset the choices by watching an ad.

Upgrade unused equipment

Space Marine Defense Equipment Current Effect
Current Effect Bonus Image Source: Clegames Inc.

All equipment pieces in Space Marin Defense have what’s called a “Current Effect”. This is basically a passive bonus the item grants you even when you don’t have it equipped. Enhancing an equipment piece boosts its Current Effect, so be sure to upgrade all your unused equipment pieces. Just press the Enhance All button on the equipment screen.

Don’t be afraid to splurge on equipment summons

As of right now, the only things crystals are good for are summoning equipment and purchasing stamina. And unless you go on a power trip and spam some lower levels, you won’t have to worry much about stamina. You even get some stamina every time you beat a level for the first time!

So, don’t worry about your crystals. Spend them all on summoning equipment. It’s one of the best ways to improve your health and damage output.

Activate your abilities if you find yourself losing

Three Abilities
The abilities tab Image Source: Clegames Inc.

You only need to watch one ad to permanently activate your abilities for an entire level. There are three different abilities:

  • Evacuation (Cooldown: 15 sec) – launches your character into the air, avoiding all incoming damage for a short period.
  • Health Kit (Cooldown: 30 sec) – heals 50% of your HP.

Shock Wave (Cooldown: 30 sec) – knocks back all nearby enemies.

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