Star Trek Timelines Game Guide, Tip & Tricks

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Star Trek is among the oldest sci-fi franchises on the planet and us getting a game about it was inevitable. Tilting Point’s Star Trek Timelines is a mobile game available on Android and iOS, though you can play it on PC if you have Google Play Games installed.

It was originally released in 2016, and it has come a long way since. Today, its player base is 5 million strong and for fans of Star Trek, it’s a dream come true. If you are thinking about jumping on board, there’s a ton that will be tough to wrap your head around. Fortunately, that’s where this Star Trek Timelines game guide comes in.

Star Trek Timelines Gameplay

In Star Trek Timelines, you manage a crew of characters and ships to progress through a story that unfolds over the course of Episodes. Every Episode of Star Trek Timelines consists of 10-13 subplots which will be one of two types of missions.

Star Trek Timelines Gameplay
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The first type of mission has you dispatch members from your crew on strategy missions. You simply need to choose three characters from your crew that have the required stats to win the strategy mission. Unfortunately, nothing happens on screen and once you click start, you automatically attain the mission’s result. Beyond clicking on the screen, there is nothing for you to do here.

Star Trek Timelines Gameplay SHIPS
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The second mission type is the ship battles. Unlike the first system, you will see your ship fighting against an enemy ship on screen. However, these battles take place automatically too and your role is once again that of where you click on the screen to apply buffs such as a boost in evasion or attack to your ship. These buffs actually aren’t manifested on-screen and all you get is a pre-made video of two ships fighting being played on your screen over and over again.

In essence, Star Trek Timelines has no gameplay. Throughout the entire game you are pressing prompts on screen and except for the dialog between characters, there is nothing to look forward to in the game.

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Star Trek Timelines Ships, Characters & Crew

Star Trek Timelines has an enormous cast of characters. Many of the iconic characters from the franchise like Picard, T’Pring, and Daystrom are in the game. You also have plenty of available ships to choose from and in terms of lore and story content, Timelines is packed to the fullest.

Star Trek picard
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Every character in Star Trek Timelines has a tier ranging from 1-5 stars, three specific stats called Command, Diplomacy, and Science, and a max level to which they can be upgraded. Characters have equipment slots for gear too. Gear can be acquired from the campaign missions and be used to increase the respective character’s stats further. There’s much at work in the narrative that gives you the ultimate Star Trek experience when it comes to the narrative, albeit in gameplay it falls short.

Best Ships In Star Trek Timelines

Best Ships In Star Trek Timelines
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While ship battles aren’t fun, winning them is vital if you want to finish the story. Here’s our pick of the best ships in Star Trek Timelines that you should get.

TierShip NameAttackEvasionShieldHullCost
5*U.S.S. Hiawatha77112000224000600 Schematics
5*IKS Negh’Var86125400250800600 Schematics
5*Cardassion Keldon Class76112000285000600 Schematics

Best Characters In Star Trek Timelines

Best Characters In Star Trek Timelines
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Having the best crew is as essential as owning the best ship. Here are our top 3 picks for the best characters in the game.

5*Professor Sato10071593453

How To Unlock Ships and Characters In Star Trek Timelines

Star Trek Timelines packs
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Unlocking characters and ships in Star Trek Timelines is pretty straightforward. You can unlock characters by several methods including purchasing the premium character packs or claiming the free character packs from the shop, progressing the campaign, and through log-in rewards. Some characters can also be purchased for Honor from the Honor Hall located in the Time Portal shop.

On the other hand, to unlock a ship, you require “Schematics”. These items can be found in the Time Portal shop, as event rewards, and in the Honor Hall.

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Star Trek Timelines World Exploration And Game Modes

The Galaxy Map is used to navigate the world of Star Trek Timelines. You’ll find hundreds of planets on the main map screen, and you’ll have to travel to different planets depending on which mission of the campaign you are on. But if we’re being honest, they hardly matter as their only purpose is to serve as a background on the main menu. 

Star Trek Timelines World
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All missions, no matter which planet you are on will be the same. The game is quite disappointing in that regard. There are tons of game modes like the main campaign, alliances, and seasonal events thrown into the pot, however, they are copies in everything but name and you’ll be surprised how true that statement holds once you play Star Trek Timelines.

Star Trek Timelines Resources & Currencies

Despite having literally no gameplay, Star Trek Timelines features 100+ characters, ships, resources, and inventory items. Most of the currencies and resources in-game are used to unlock new characters, and ships, or upgrade them.

 Timelines Resources & Currencies
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They aren’t that difficult to obtain or understand. Nevertheless, here’s a breakdown of the main resources and currencies you’ll be using a lot of.

Currency/ResourceUseHow To Obtain
DilithiumPremium currency of the game used to buy all other currencies/itemsPurchased with real-life money
HonorTo purchase new characters from Honor HallObtained by discharging characters from your crew
ChronitonsServes as the nergy needed to play EpisodesGenerated over time, can be purchased for Dilithium
Federation CreditsUsed to build items, used to purchase items from the Time Portal shopLog-in rewards, campaign rewards

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Star Trek Timelines Tips & Tricks 

Here’s one major thing about the combat that the game doesn’t tell you. Call it a tip if you will.

Ship Buffs Can’t Be Stacked

Each of your crew members has a specific perk or buff that can be used during ship battles. That may include 10% more damage, accuracy, or evasion for a few seconds. An important thing Star Trek Timelines doesn’t mention is that when you activate two of the same type of buffs, they won’t stack.

 Tips & Tricks in timelines
Image Credit: Tilting Point

So there’s essentially no point in assigning two characters with the same buffs to Battle Stations unless you’re intentionally going for a specific build. In that case, you should still be careful of activating the same buffs one by one rather than all together.


Star Trek Timelines isn’t for everyone, especially your casual mobile gamer who enjoys games like Genshin Impact and Spider-Man. While the game is neck-deep in Star Trek lore and no doubt does a great job of adapting the universe, its gameplay is lackluster to the point of almost non-existence. There is genuinely no fun gameplay loop at work. 

spaceship space travel
Image Credit: Tilting Point

The ship battles happen automatically and you just have to push one button every 10 seconds to apply a buff. The campaign missions aren’t any better, in fact, they are worse as it’s basically a “drag and drop the correct character to win” situation.

Star Trek Timelines is one of the most underwhelming experiences ever. There’s no fun to be had over here and unless you are a die-hard fan of the Star Trek universe and can stand a dull strategy system, we wouldn’t recommend playing – or rather watching – it no matter how bored you may be.

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