Stardew Valley Best Fall Crops For Your Farm (2024)

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Cultivating crops is your bread and butter in Stardew Valley, it’s a farming simulator after all. You need to be smart about what you choose to grow, especially in the Fall season as there are a dozen different types of crops you can plant in it. 

Your return on investment won’t be the same with each crop. Some of them will be hard to get but will sell at a higher price and net you more gold, whereas others might be easy to come by but won’t bring in as much profit. To help you get out of that conundrum, here are our picks for the best Fall crops for your farm in Stardew Valley. 

Best Fall Crops In Stardew Valley

There are a total of 11 Fall crops in Stardew Valley. You should definitely plant and harvest all of them at least once just to see what they are like. Having said that, not all of them will make the effort worth your while, so here are our best recommendations out of the bunch.


Yam stardew valley
Image: ConcernedApe

Seed Price: 60g
Bought From: Pierre’s Store, JojaMart
Growing Period: 10 days
Sold For: 160g

Yam’s quite easy to obtain, costs less, and sells for more. Its growing cycle is a little longer than most crops at 10 days so you’ll only be able to harvest it twice since a season only lasts 28 days in-game. Yams have other benefits too. Giving some to Linus gets you more friendship points with him and with enough of a bond, he’ll send awesome gifts your way later.

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Sweet Gem Berry

Sweet Gem Berry stardew valley
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Seed Price: 1000g
Bought From: Traveling Cart
Growing Period: 24 days
Sold For: 3000g

Unlike the other crops on this list, the Sweet Gem Berry can be bought and planted during any season. Be that as it may, when you are getting 3000g in exchange for planting them, they are incredibly worth it any time of the year.

You’ll only be able to obtain the Sweet Gem Berry’s Rare Seed from the Travelling Cart for 1000g. It’s a steep price tag but the return is triple, making it one of the best Fall crops in Stardew Valley for your farm by miles.


Grape stardew valley
Image: ConcernedApe

Seed Price: 60g
Bought From: Night Market, Pierre’s Store, JojaMart
Growing Period: 10 days, 17 days for Wine
Sold For: 80g, 240g as Wine

Grapes are among the best long-term investments in Stardew Valley. You can plant the Grape Starter seeds in Fall and once the crop grows, you can sell it for 80g. That isn’t a good profit once you find out the seed itself costs 60g. 

However, turn your harvested Grapes into Wine by putting them in a Keg for 7 days, and viola, you’ll have an item that can be sold for 240g, quadrupling the initial investment. But if you want to maximize profit even more, you can actually forage Grapes from areas like the Mountain and the Backwoods, and then just convert them into Wine.

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Pumpkin stardew valley
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Seed Price: 100g
Bought From: Night Market, Traveling Cart, Pierre’s Store, JojaMart
Growing Period: 13 days
Sold For: 320g

Pumpkins have a higher net profit percentage than Sweet Gem Berries, but they take up more space to plant because to get 3000 Gold you’ll need 10 Pumpkin seeds whereas only 1 Sweet Gem Berry. 

But that’s not a bad thing. New players won’t have 1000g lying around to buy the Sweet Gem Berry, so for them, Pumpkins are the best Fall crops in Stardew Valley. Additionally, Pumpkins sometimes transform into giant crops that yield double the produce.

Fairy Rose

Fairy Rose stardew valley
Image: ConcernedApe

Seed Price: 200g
Bought From: Night Market, Traveling Cart, Pierre’s Store, JojaMart
Growing Period: 12 days
Sold For: 290g

The Fairy Rose is a great crop to plant regardless of whether you’re in early or late game. Looking at the profit margin of 90g, you may be wondering how this could possibly be a good investment in Fall. Plant your crops near a bee nest and you’ll find out.

If you plant Fairy Rose within 5 square of a Bee House, this will cause the nest to produce the Fairy Rose Honey. This is the most valuable type of honey in Stardew Valley and it can be sold for 680g. On top of the 90g profit, you’ll have super expensive honey to load your pockets. If that doesn’t scream the best Fall crop in Stardew Valley, nothing will.

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