Starfield – Mantis Puzzle Solution And Quest Guide

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The Mantis Spacesuit and the Razorleaf are the best armor and ship combo you can find in Starfield, albeit getting to them is easier said than done. Starfield’s Mantis quest is notorious for being tricky to navigate through, but since it offers some of the best rewards, you might be eager to jump on board.

Once you get things rolling, the quest is fairly simple, well that’s until you reach the irksome Mantis puzzle near the finish line. To cut you some slack, this guide breaks down how you can activate the quest and solve every little hurdle along the way.

How To Activate The Mantis Quest In Starfield

The Mantis quest can be activated by listening to a data slate called “Secret Outpost!”. You can acquire this data slate very early on in the game during The Old Neighborhood quest which takes you to the Nova Galactic Staryard. Take out the enemy Spacers within the Staryard and while looting their bodies, you should see one of them has the data slate.

After obtaining the data slate, listen to it by heading into your inventory. Doing so automatically assigns you the Mantis quest in Starfield, and your next objective gets added to your quest log and Starmap.

Head To The Secret Outpost On Denebola I-B

Traveling to the secret outpost marked on Denebola I-B in the Denebola system is next on the list in Starfield’s Mantis quest. Simply hit fast travel and once you land on the planet, take out the Spacer enemies trying to rob the place.

Head inside the secret outpost building, clear out more Spacers ahead and loot their bodies for the voice recordings which should be marked as an optional objective on your HUD. There are plenty of high-level enemies inside, and going in guns blazing is a good choice so I’d recommend taking a shotgun or two with you.

Solving The Mantis Puzzle In Starfield

Past the Spacers inside the secret outpost, you’ll find the Mantis puzzle room. It’s a small room with several alphabetical pressure plates on the floor, and standing on the wrong one will activate turrets that will mow you down in seconds.

There are various ways to approach this situation. The first one is by hacking the nearby console to disable the turrets, however, you’ll need the Security Skills at Rank 3 to unlock the master lock. Another reckless choice is by rushing through the turrets, but believe me, it’s almost impossible to pull off.

The best solution to the Mantis puzzle lies in one of the voice recording data slates you picked up earlier, the Leon Voclain – Sic Semper Tyrannis. Listening to it hints that the word “TYRANNIS” is the correct order in which to proceed on the plates. Carefully follow the pattern and you’ll be out of danger in no time.

Keep following the pathway up ahead. You’ll run into a few powerful robots but get past them, you’ll have entered the Mantis’ Lair.

The Mantis Spacesuit and the Razorleaf ship will now appear marked on your screen.

Collect the spacesuit and then unlock the ship from its docking bay to send it topside.

Exit the outpost, enter the Mantis’ legendary ship, fly off into space, and voila, you’ll have concluded one of the most satisfying story arcs in Starfield!

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