Stone Adventure – Idle RPG – Ultimate Beginners’ Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

Stone Adventure - Idle RPG Feature Image
Image Source: Manababa

Some of the best mobile games have always been simple-looking games with basic mechanics. Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, and now Stone Adventure – Idle RPG is here to fill up your downtime. You play as a little stone warrior setting out on a journey to… murder your kin? The game doesn’t really have any discernible plot. It’s more of a turn-your-brain-off-and-have-fun experience.

This game kinda rocks, pun fully intended. If you want to master the way of the stone, just follow this Stone Adventure ultimate beginners guide. Time to get things rolling.

Stone Adventure Idle RPG Gameplay – Surprisingly Not Rocky

Stone Adventure Gameplay
Stone Adventure gameplay – Image Source: Manababa

This game is a roguelike horde-shooter like Vampire Survivor or HoloCure, while at the same time being very different from those games. With other games in this genre, you have to carefully maneuver your character between swarms of enemies and projectiles while simultaneously dishing out damage. With Stone Adventure, the focus is more on dealing damage and not worrying about your character’s movement.

It’s an idle game, so the game pretty much does the fighting for you. Your stone will move on its own, attack on its own, and even use abilities on its own. Stone Adventure’s gameplay is more about you spending your resources on upgrades rather than handling the combat. 

All you have to worry about is the various upgrade systems in the game to figure out how to best optimize your stone.

Stone Adventure Idle RPG’s Game Modes Guide

Stone Adventure Game Modes
The many game modes of Stone Adventure Image Source: Manababa

Stone Adventure’s main game mode involves you clearing stages. Each stage will have hordes of enemies charging towards your character. Once you’ve beaten a certain number of mobs, a boss will appear which you will have to beat within a certain time limit. If you die or fail to beat the boss within the time limit, you restart the stage.

There are several other game modes in Stone Adventure. Here’s how best to deal with them.

Gold Island, Exp Island, and Rune Island

Gold Island
Gold Island Image Source: Manababa

As their names imply, each of these islands rewards you with their respective resources.

With Gold Island, you must kill a certain number of enemies within a time limit. Enemies in this game mode can only receive 1 damage per attack, so ignore high-damage abilities and pick AOE abilities instead.

The Exp and Rune Islands are pretty similar. You must beat a single boss enemy within a time limit. They don’t fight back but are pretty tough, so pick the highest DPS abilities you’ve got.

DPS Island

DPS Island
DPS Island Image Source: Manababa

This game mode is similar to the Exp and Rune Islands in that you fight a stationary boss. This enemy doesn’t have a life bar though. You just have to deal as much damage as you can to them within the time limit. You will receive rewards based on how much damage you’ve dealt.

Again, just pick the highest DPS abilities you have for this mode.

Pirate Village, Wizard Village, and Swordman Village

Boss Immunities
An example of a  boss and its immunities Image Source: Manababa

The villages are challenging timed boss battles. These bosses fight back and can kill you if you’re not careful with your upgrades. Each boss has elemental immunities, so choose your abilities wisely.

Stone Adventure Equipment Guide

Equipment Screen
The equipment screen Image Source: Manababa

Equipment in Stone Adventure is classified by tiers, with T6 (tier 6) equipment being the weakest and T1 the strongest. There’s a version of each equipment piece for every tier, meaning there’s a T6 Sword, T5 Sword, T4 Sword, and so on.

You can have three pieces of equipment on your stone at all times, 1 Weapon, Hat, and Accessory. Here’s what they give you:

  • Weapons increase your base attack damage.
  • Hats increase your health.
  • Accessories increase your ability damage.

You can enhance equipment by fusing 5 other copies of the same equipment piece. For example, a T5 Sword can be enhanced by fusing it with 4 other T5 swords. Enhancing an equipment piece will, obviously, increase the buff it gives you.

You can get more equipment from quest rewards or by summoning them using diamonds.

There are also costumes that increase both your base damage and your skill damage. You can get them by completing certain achievements in the game, like reaching a specific level. Costumes can be enhanced with diamonds.

Enhance all of your equipment whenever you can. You might be thinking that you only need to upgrade the equipment pieces you currently have equipped. Why bother with the rest of your inventory right? Well, there’s actually a benefit to upgrading your unequipped equipment pieces. 

Equipment in Stone Adventure has what’s called an “Owned Effect” which basically gives you buffs for simply owning the item, even when it isn’t equipped. Enhancing equipment pieces further increases their Owned Effect.

What’s the best equipment in the game?

Unlike other games, there’s no need to bust out a calculator to calculate just which equipment piece has the best stats. Equipment in Stone Adventure only has 2 stats, their main effect and owned effect. Here are the equipment pieces in each category from worst to best.

  • Weapons – Pickaxe, Sword, Hammer, Wizard Wand
  • Hats – Safty Helmet, Combat Helmet, Bandana, Wizard Hat
  • Accessories – Ring, Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace

Stone Adventure Ability Guide

Abilities Screen
The ability screen – Image Source: Manababa

Some abilities are great against single targets, making them useful against bosses. Others are focused more on AOE (Area of Effect) damage, which makes them better against swarms of enemies coming at you from multiple directions.

Another thing to consider about skills is their elements. Elements are only important when you’re on one of the boss villages though. Each boss has immunity to certain elements, so only use abilities that can actually hurt them.

Like equipment, abilities in Stone Adventure have an Owned Effect, which boosts your skill attack damage. So always upgrade all of your skills, even the ones you don’t really use.

Stone Adventure Ability Upgrades
Image Source: Manababa

You can enhance abilities by fusing them with duplicates, similar to how equipment enhancement works. You can get duplicates as rewards from quests or by summoning them. Enhancing abilities make their damage and owned effect better.

You can also evolve abilities using a resource called runes, which you can get from quests or the Rune Island game mode. Evolving abilities provide different effects, depending on the ability. It could make them shoot more projectiles, inflict status effects, and all sorts of other cool upgrades.

There is an option to turn off automatically using abilities, but for 99% of the game, it’s best left on.

Stone Adventure – Idle RPG Tips And Tricks

Pirate Village Boss Battle
Pirate Village boss battle Image Source: Manababa

Keep the ads rolling

Stone Adventure is an idle game, so if you’re going to leave it running in the background, you might as well have the ads running with it to help you earn rewards.

Roll for the best ability buffs

Ability Buffs
Pirate Village Boss Battle

Go to the enhance screen and roll for ability buffs. You can get 3 loadouts for these buffs, with 5 buffs per loadout. It only takes a couple hundred gold to roll, so don’t stop rolling until you get buffs that satisfy you.

Prioritize damage over health

You should only upgrade your HP or HP recovery when you are already consistently dying. There are no major consequences to dying other than you don’t get to progress to the next level.

If you aren’t constantly dying, the only other time you should upgrade your HP or HP recovery is when your current Loop Objective is to do so. This will earn you some diamonds.

Make use of your ability loadouts

You can have a maximum of three ability loadouts that you can switch to at any time. Make different loadouts for different situations such as fighting a difficult boss, an AOE-specialized loadout, etc. This way, you won’t be wasting time picking abilities every time you switch to a new game mode.

Do all your dailies and weeklies

Dailies and Weeklies
Daily and Weekly Quests Image Source: Manababa

One of the easiest ways to earn diamonds is through daily and weekly quests. You’ll get thousands of diamonds daily through these to spend on summoning and purchasing other resources.

Use Runes to craft higher-tier equipment and abilities

Stone Adventure Crafting
Equipment Crafting Image Source: Manababa

Enhancing abilities isn’t the only use for runes. You can also use them to craft better equipment and abilities. Be sure to use unwanted runes for this since this is the only surefire way of getting T4 and higher stuff.

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