Stumble Guys Beginners Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

Stumble Guys Race To Finish

Kitka Games’ had been a relatively unknown developer before they released Stumble Guys, but their unique Battle Royale game certainly put them on the map. Stumble Guys is a mobile-based platform/obstacle course game where players compete against each other to get to the final round. The game usually involves several elimination rounds until one player is crowned the winner. If you’re new to this MOBA, then dive in as we’ve prepared a complete beginner’s guide to give you a head start!

Stumble Guys Game Play

Stumble Guys by Kitka Games

At the core, Stumble Guys is a fairly simple game. All you have to do is move your character around, and there’s only three different movement types:

  • Simple Movement (set to WASD on PC or moving the analogue stick on mobile devices).
  • Jumping (Space Bar on PC, Jump Button on mobiles).
  • Diving (Double press the jump button to dive).

And that’s all there is to it! The main strategy involved is finding out the right timings. Since maps in Stumble Guys are incredibly dynamic, the only players who can consistently win are the ones who know how to time their movement and navigate through obstacles correctly.

Stumble Guys Levels And Stages

Stumble Guys is split into multiple stages over the course of a game, and only one victor comes out at the end. However, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to the different levels and stages. Firstly, there are four main kinds of stages: Finish The Race, Elimination, Don’t Fall, and Team Fight. Although occasionally, the devs might surprise you with a limited-time event featuring unique game modes.

Stumble Guys: Finish The Race

Race to Finish Stage by Kitka Games

Most of the time, you’ll find yourself in the Finish The Race game mode. The goal’s simple: get to the finish line before everyone else or risk elimination. Now, that might seem easier than it seems – but with the barrage of obstacles hurled at you, you’ll quickly realize where all the rage-quits stem from. 

Here are all the maps you’ll find for Finish The Race. Note that some of these will also have a unique challenge sprinkled in, so make sure you pay attention: 

  • Paint Splash
  • Over And Under
  • Lava Rush
  • Icy Heights
  • Jungle Roll
  • Lost Temple
  • Pivot Push
  • Spin Go Around
  • Humble Stumble
  • Cannon Climb
  • Space Race
  • Super Slide
  • Turbo Temple
  • Stumble Cove
  • Abduction Avenue + Abducted Avenue
  • Burrito Bonanza
  • MrBeasts Warehouse
  • Crabs Landing
  • Tile Fall
  • Floor Flip
  • HW Hustle

Stumble Guys: Elimination

Elimination Stage by Kitka Games

The second most common game mode is Elimination. Here, you’re set up against other players with the sole goal of surviving till the timer ends. Of course, the map’s going to throw all sorts of hurdles against you – you just have to make sure you don’t go down before the game ends. Currently, there are 10 elimination maps: 

  • Rush Hour
  • Lava Land
  • Bombardment
  • Laser Tracer
  • Honey Drop
  • Bot Bash
  • Laser Dash
  • Sh-AAARRGH-ks!
  • Blaster Base
  • Elimination Base

Stumble Guys: Don’t Fall

Don’t Fall Stage by Kitka Games

Don’t Fall game modes are exactly what they sound like. You have to be one of the last few players to stay standing. In the beginning, it’ll be easy to stay on the ground on these two maps, but soon enough, everyone starts dropping like flies. 

Stumble Guys Don’t Fall Maps: 

  • Space Drop, Space Drooop, Space Droooooop
  • Sharkmuda Triangle

Stumble Guys: Team Fight

Team Fight Stage by Kitka Games

Lastly, there’s Team Fight. In this game mode, you’ll be separated into teams and will have to work together to complete a challenge, such as Capture The Flag or score the most points. Once the timer runs out, the winning team moves forward, and you’ll go back to being sworn enemies until the last man standing. Fun!

Stumble Guys Team Fight Maps: 

  • Rocket Rumble
  • Stumble Soccer

Stumble Guys: In-Game Currency And Store Purchases

In-game Shop by Kitka Games

Stumble Guys has two currencies – Gems and Tokens. You can use either of these to buy spins, which can get you skins and cosmetics. The other use for these currencies is to buy into special tournaments, which can have exclusive prizes like Special Skins.

Of course, you can also get these currencies through in-app purchases. The prices vary according to your currency and location, but if you want to go the free-to-play route, you can still amass a decent collection of skins. Besides, items in Stumble Guys give no competitive advantage (other than scaring your opponents)

Stumble Guys: Tips And Tricks

Stumble Guys is a fairly simple game to grasp. If you want to stand the best chance at winning, make sure you try to incorporate a few of these underrated tips and tricks:

  • Practice patience: While the goal of the game is to get to the finish line first, falling off the map or hitting an obstacle can be a major setback. Try to time your jumps, dives and rushes properly to avoid getting hit
  • Sabotage: This can be a bit evil and rude, but you can actually sabotage other players. Block, push and dive over other players to make them fall off and increase your chances of winning
  • Understand The Map: Certain levels will have unique environments that you can use to your advantage. Look out for terrain that can give you a boost. Certain obstacles can actually get you closer to the finish line rather than set you back if you time them properly.

Other than that, make sure you set your basics right. As long as you’ve mastered your movement mechanics, you can easily incorporate more advanced tips and tricks and win!

Stumble Guys Conclusion

Make sure you follow these Stumble Guys tips and tricks and understand all of Stumble Guys’ mechanics if you want to climb your way to the top. However, at the end of the day, the game is all about having a blast. So try to enjoy and have fun while you fulfil that itch for winning! Let us know you experience in the comment section below!

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