Summoners War Ultimate Beginners Game Guide!

Summoners War.
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Summoners War is an addicting turn-based RPG that allows players to summon creatures, perfect for casual play with your mobile device.

Summoners War is a turn-based role-playing game (RPG), a mobile game that Com2uS developed and released in 2014. The game is popular for its challenging gameplay, vast collection of monsters, and engaging story mode. Get hooked immediately with over 1000 monsters to collect in an ever-expanding world. Although the game may seem easy to play, it’s hard to master, as you must strategize beforehand to fight effectively.

In this Summoners War beginner guide, we’ll walk you through the basics, giving you tips for becoming a legendary summoner. 

Summoners War Gameplay

Summoners War is a game of strategy wherein players should build and create a team of summoned monsters to achieve victories in the Sky Arena. However, the gameplay may seem easy at first, but building or strategizing your team takes a lot of work for especially beginner players. 

Its combat gameplay is turn-based. Each team will have different monsters, each with unique skills and abilities. The game also has a mana system like other RPG games. Each character has their mana, which is needed to cast a skill. Furthermore, players can either use and select the desired skill on the lower right hand of the screen or let the characters attack in “auto” mode.

summoners war gameplay
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Additionally, there is a unique mechanic called Attribute Relationship. In Summoners War, using the right element is essential, as it all has weaknesses. Here’s how the Attribute Relationship mechanics come in handy. This mechanic shows a move’s effectiveness when selecting monsters with an element attribute. After choosing a skill, an arrow will appear, indicating how favorable the skill would be.

Here are the following elements with their strength and weaknesses:

Element TypesStrong AgainstWeak Against

According to the table, a red arrow would appear on top when you use a Fire-type skill towards Water-type monsters. This arrow indicates unlikely damage, as fire against water will result in reduced damage. In contrast, Fire-type attacks deal a significant amount of damage to Wind-type monsters and will have a green arrow on top.

Listed below are all the game modes available in Summoners War.


  • Story or Scenario: This stage is the primary campaign, where players battle through stages to progress the story and unlock new monsters and areas.
  • Cairos Dungeon: This stage allows players to farm specific resources, such as runes, mana, and evolution materials.
  • Tower of Ascension: This stage is a single-player mode where players challenge increasingly difficult floors to earn rewards.
  • The Rift of Worlds: Rifts are a limited-time mode where players can earn special rewards by defeating powerful enemies.
  • Tartarus’ Labyrinth: This stage is a guild-based co-op dungeon where players must complete a labyrinth with their guild members and defeat Tartarus to earn rewards.
  • Dimension Hole: This mode is a new limited-time mode where players can earn special rewards by defeating powerful enemies in different dimensions.


  • Arena: This is the primary PvP mode, where players battle against other players’ monsters in a turn-based format. Players are ranked according to their victories and losses, and the top players can earn rewards at the end of each season.
  • Isle of Conquest or Guild Wars: This mode is a guild-based mode where players compete against other guilds in a series of battles. The winning guild earns rewards for all of its members.
  • World Arena: This stage is similar to Arena, but it uses a different ranking system and allows players to battle against players worldwide.
  • Siege Battle: This mode is a guild-based mode where players compete against other guilds in a free-for-all format between three Guilds. The winning guild earns rewards for all of its members.
  • Rush Hour: This PVP mode is a limited-time mode where players battle against other players in a series of fast-paced battles, rewarding the top players at the end of each event.

Before entering each battle, make sure to double-check if your team of monsters has the correct set of equipment. Having your monsters equip the wrong runes may result in constant defeat due to an unoptimized build.

What Are Monsters in Summoners War?

Monsters in Summoners War are creatures that players can summon to fight for them in battle, whether in PvE or PvP. Each has various types, with its strengths and weaknesses. Their strengths and weaknesses came from the elemental attribute mechanic, as every monster has an element attribute. 

Keep on reading as this Summoners War beginner guide will help you strengthen your monster, level it up, and upgrade it by equipping it with runes and artifacts.

Monsters in Summoners War

Each Monster in Summoners War has a trait that differs from others, including attack, support, HP, or defense. These traits determine the stats a player should aim for to build a monster. 

rainbowmon, material monster
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

As we can see in the picture, this monster is a material monster. Material monsters are the ones you can consume when leveling a character in Power-up Circle. You shouldn’t level up a monster that has a material trait, as it is not beneficial for players. 

lapis in summoners war
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

In the picture above, we can see that the monster has an attack trait. The attack trait on a monster means that the monster benefits more with additional Attack stats, which can be acquired from Runes. To simplify it, the monsters’ skills scale according to their own traits.

Powering Up Your Monsters in Summoners War

Leveling up or Powering up your monster in Summoners War can confuse beginner players. So, in this Summoners War guide, we will show you how to level up your monster quickly.

Summoners War monsters must power up occasionally as you progress in the game. You can beat monsters to level up or head into the Power-up Circle in the Sky Arena. After clicking or pressing the Power-up Circle, you can see a list of your acquired monsters. Select a monster you want to level up, then choose the monsters you want to sacrifice or consume to continue leveling up your selected monster.

powering up monsters
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

When powering up your monster, it is worth noting that you should choose a monster that is only for powering up other monsters. These types of monsters are what they call “fodders.” Players, especially beginners, should not level up and invest in these monsters, as they provide little to no benefits when used.

Levels and Stages in Summoners War

In Summoners War, there are several stages that players can progress through in the game. These stages serve as a way for players to challenge themselves and earn rewards. With that said, understanding the different stages is essential for a smooth gaming experience for beginners. This Summoners War beginner guide about the Battle Map will outline the various locations in the game while also providing some tips.

Scenario or Story Mode

The first stage in Summoners War is the Scenario or Story mode. It is where players begin their journey and complete missions to unlock new areas and advance in the game. The Scenario or Story mode comprises different regions with missions and difficulty levels. 

Beginners must focus on completing these missions as they provide valuable rewards and experience points.

Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Cairos Dungeon

In Cairos Dungeon, players can challenge various dungeons to obtain rare items and monsters. Cairos Dungeon consists of five dungeons, which are the Hall of Elements. The Hall of Elements includes the Hall of Dark, Hall of Fire, Hall of Water, Hall of Wind, and Hall of Light. Each dungeon has unique rules, challenges, and boss battles, so players must develop diverse strategies and team compositions. Additionally, Dungeons are a great source of powerful runes and essences, essential for upgrading and awakening monsters.

Cairos Dungeon
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Trials of Ascension

Lastly, there is the Trial of Ascension. This stage is one of the most challenging in the Summoners War. It consists of a series of floors, each with increasingly harrowing battles. Players must strategically select their monsters and utilize their skills effectively to progress through this stage. The Trial of Ascension offers exclusive rewards and is an actual test of a player’s progression in the game.

Inventory and Upgrades in Summoners War

In Summoners War, upgrading or gearing up your monsters is mandatory if you wish to progress in the game further. But at the same time, not all gears are compatible with a particular monster. You have to take note of which type of trait a monster has in order to provide compatible Runes for them. But before putting Runes to your monster, you must level them up first, as the Runes increase a monster’s stats from its base stats. 

Runes in Summoners War

In Summoners War, using Runes on your monster is essential, as it can enhance your monster’s stats and abilities. Also, pay attention to the primary and secondary effects of runes and try to match them with your monster’s strengths. This mechanic will significantly increase their effectiveness in battles.

rune upgrading in summoners war
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Each Rune type provides a unique stat depending on which Rune you paired it into. Moreover, Runes has a set requirement to meet to acquire the set Runes. For example, by engraving two Energy runes, the equipping character will receive an additional HP of 15%.

Below is a list of Runes, their set effects, and the number of pieces required to activate the set effect.

TypeRequired Set PiecesSet Effect
Energy2HP +15%
Blade2Crit Rate +12%
Fatal4Attack Power +35%
Focus2Accuracy +20%
Despair4Stun Effect Chance +25%
Swift4Attack Speed +25%
Guard2Defense +15%
Endure2Resistance +20%
Revenge2Counterattack +15%(Deals 75% of basic damage)
Rage4Crit Damage +40%
Violent4Additional Turn +22%
Consecutive Turn Chance -45% (Initial 22% chance)
Will2Immunity Effect +1(Equipping Multiple sets increases duration.)
Nemesis2Attack Bar Fill Up +4% per -7%HP. (Stackable per same Rune sets)
Destroy2Additional +30% Damage based on Damage dealt. Can deal damage from 4% to 60% (Effect stacks with multiple pieces)
Vampire4Lifesteal +35%
Shield2Grants Shield for the Whole team in 3 turns. The shield is 15% of Wearer HP
Fight2Attack Power +8%
Determination2Defense +8%
Enhance2HP +8%
Accuracy2Accuracy +10%
Tolerance2Resistance +10%
Seal2Grants Seal effect for one turn regardless of landing a Glancing Hit with a 15% chance. (Stacks with Multiple sets)
Intangible1Replaces one missing Rune required for activating the set effect.

As we can see, there are many types of Runes in Summoners War, which might be very confusing for beginners. But don’t panic just yet. Just take it slowly by looking into your monsters’ primary stat. For example, if your monster dramatically benefits from having more Defense stat, having 2 set pieces of Guard and Determination will be the best runes for that monster. This logic is applied when equipping Runes to your monsters in Summoners War. However, beginners can also use the “Auto Engrave” option if they don’t have enough Runes yet and let the game equip the most optimized Runes for the character.

upgraded runes in summoners war
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Additionally, power up your equipped Runes to get the most out of each one. Leveling up each equipped Runes adds more Main and Sub stats value, both beneficial for the monster.

Monster Awakening 

Awakening a monster is helpful in Summoners War, as it provides monsters additional stat, new skill, and skill upgrades, and becomes a special monster. So, to awaken your monster, you must use a certain amount of essence. Players can farm these essences in the Cairos Dungeon, which you unlock by completing Story missions.

Here’s a list of where you can unlock each Elemental Essence

Essences (Low, Mid, High)Where To Get
Essence of MagicHall of Magic, World Boss
Essence of FireHall of Magic, Hall of Fire, World Boss
Essence of WaterHall of Magic, Hall of Water, World Boss
Essence of WindHall of Magic, Hall of Wind, World Boss
Essence of LightHall of Magic, Hall of Light, World Boss
Essence of DarknessHall of Magic, Hall of Darkness, World Boss

Looking at the table, we can see that Hall of Magic and World Boss dungeons reward players with all kinds of Essence. However, you can only receive one Elemental Essence in the chest reward for completing the World Boss. Moreover, after collecting or farming each required essence, you can awaken your monster in Summoners War.

What Are the In-Game Currencies and Ways to Get them in Summoners War?

In Summoners War, players can use two main forms of in-game currency to purchase Mana Stones and Crystals. Crystals, however, are the premium currency in the game, and you can get them through various ways, such as completing quests, participating in events, or purchasing them with real money. These crystals are required to buy a wide range of items in the in-game store, including energy refills, experience boosters, and rare summoning scrolls. 

in-game currencies in summoners war
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

On that note, Summoners War is also considered a gacha game because of its summoning mechanic. For context, gacha is a Japanese term that refers to a capsule vending machine that dispenses random toys. This sort of mechanic is the same in Gacha video games, as you’ll not know what characters you might get.

mana stones in summoners war
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Mana Stones, on the other hand, are the primary currency used for most transactions within the game. The said stones can be earned by completing battles, selling unwanted items, or clearing dungeons. Additionally, Mana Stones can be used to upgrade runes, purchase items from the shop, power up monsters, or even summon them.

Summoners War Tips and Tricks

Now that we know the basics of this game through this Summoners War beginner guide, we will tackle some more tips and tricks to improve your Summoners War experience.

What Are the Best Monsters in Summoners War for Beginners?

One of the top picks for beginners is the Water Magic Knight, Lapis. Lapis is an excellent starting monster due to her versatility and ease of obtaining. She has a strong AoE (Area of Effect) attack that can deal great damage to multiple enemies, making her useful in both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) battles.

Additionally, Lapis has a self-healing ability, which allows her to sustain herself in battles. Lapis is a solid choice for beginners looking to build a well-rounded team.

lapis, magic knight
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Another monster that beginners should consider is the Fire Inugami, or Raoq. Raoq is known for his excellent damage output and ability to chain attacks with his passive skill. He also has a chance to land additional attacks with each hit, making him a strong force in battles. Raoq is easily obtainable through scenario drops and fusion, making him a popular choice for beginners looking for a reliable damage dealer.

Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Lastly, the Wind Pixie, Shannon, is an excellent beginner support monster. Shannon provides valuable buffs to your team, such as increased defense and attack power. Her third skill is essential, as it can decrease the enemy’s attack power and reduce their attack bar. This skill makes her a valuable asset in PvE and PvP battles.

Additionally, Shannon is relatively easy to acquire through scenario drops and can significantly enhance the overall performance of your team.

shannon, wind pixie
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Although these are the most effective and efficient monsters to use, at the end of the day, they are all acquireable randomly. It is better to consider what monsters you have and build the most optimized team out of them. 

Join a Guild and Add Friends in Summoners War

Players in Summoners War should join a guild as soon as possible. Joining a guild in Summoners War can reward players after battling other guilds or sieges. The rewards can be beneficial, especially for beginner players in Summoners War.

joining a guild in summoners war
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

Moreover, you should add a friend as soon as possible in Summoners War. However, beginner players will have no friends when they start playing, but don’t worry, as players are friendly in this game. 

Using your friends’ representative monsters to level up your monsters is a huge perk. The best part is that using mentors and rep monsters grants you extra experience points. Seek companions with Faimon farming skills, such as Lapis or Verad, to help you better in battles. Also, to accelerate your leveling process, you should always use your rep monsters first thing every day. Never be timid! Make some friends and get out there!

using rep monsters in summoners war
Summoners War. Image via Com2uS

How to Build a Team in Summoners War?

In Summoners War, building a team can be difficult for beginners, as there are many possibilities to choose from. But the rule of thumb when building a team is to have a balance between Support, Attack, Defense, and HP characters. It is also worth noting that you shouldn’t use Materials monsters as part of your team, as they are only beneficial for leveling up your stronger monsters.

When building a team, you should consider these factors:

  • Should have a leader skill that benefits the whole team
  • Must have great support or healing capabilities
  • Must have at least one damage dealer
  • Must have at least one stunner

A great leader skill benefits the whole team, such as having an attack speed buff, as you’ll strike the enemy faster. Enemies will also have less chance to win the game, especially if you have a unit that stuns enemy monsters. With that said, having a monster capable of stunning enemies is also a must-have. Moreover, you’ll also need a damage dealer monster, of course, as it deals most of the damage. Lastly, your monsters can sometimes take damage and can only be healed by supporting monsters, making them essential when making a team.

Best Balanced Summoners War Team

Considering the factors we’ve learned in this Summoners War guide, here’s an optimized team for the late game.

Summoners War Vanessa, Bernard, Praha, Theomars  Image via Com2uS
TierMonster NameRoleElement
6 StarsVanessaLeaderFire
6 StarsBernardSupportWind
6 StarsPrahaStunner/SupportWater
6 StarsTheomarsAttackerWater

This sample build is best for almost any content in Summoners War. Vanessa has high defense and resistance, allowing survivability while also being the highest-speed leader in the game. At the same time, Bernard has a defense and attack debuff in one skill, making him very efficient. Praha converts all the buffs to continuous damage while having massive team heals. Lastly, Theomars has significant single-target damage with no elemental damage.

That’s the end of our Summoners War beginner guide. By understanding the key aspects of our guide and implementing them into your gameplay, you will be well on your way to becoming an incredible summoner in the world of Summoners War. Also, be sure to head over to GameMasterHQ for more guides like this.

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