Super Mario RPG What We Know So Far!

No one expected this. Image by Nintendo.

Nostalgia always hits hard, and Nintendo knows it. First, they announced Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a 2D game that aims to bring back the cozy feeling of grabbing your small SNES controller for a Super Mario World after a hard day at school, and then, out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced a remake of Super Mario RPG.

Who remembers Super Mario RPG: Legends of the Seven Stars? Well, it’ll get a remake. The developers said this new title aims to be a graphical remaster of the original title. Still, as Nintendo has been dropping new trailers, there’s so much more in this title rather than a graphic update. But first, check the trailer here!

Nintendo official Super Mario RPG trailer

Super Mario RPG: The Mushroom Kingdom is Under Attack!

As the original announcement stated, this new game’s story will remain exactly like the original one, so we already know what the game is about.

Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, and then Mario goes to Bowser’s Keep to rescue her, but out of nowhere, a giant sword falls from the sky, destroying the Star Road and spreading Star Pieces around the different worlds that connect with the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario’s mission is to gather the Star Pieces, defeat the evil Smithy Gang who took Bowser’s castle and restore the peace. Peach, Mellow, Geno, and Bowser will help Mario on his mission.

Super Mario RPG Battle
The Battles look exactly like the original ones! Image By Nintendo.

Nonetheless, not everything will remain the same. This new game will have an Easy Mode, and the whole battle system has been revamped to make it feel more like a Mario & Luigi game. The best example of this is the brand-new Triple Move.

Now, there will be a gauge on screen. Its percentage will increase depending on if you do perfectly timed attacks. You must guide yourself by using the exclamation marks above the character you’re using to attack.

As the gauge fills, you can perform a Triple Move, including the three characters involved in the battle. The trailers show Mario, Mellow, and Geno’s Triple Move, where the three characters throw energy beams at the enemies, and the one including Mario, Mallow and Bowser, where they use the Koopa Clown Car to obliterate their enemies with bombs.

Mario, Mellow and Geno Attacking
These QoL changes give the game an arcade feel. Image by Nintendo.

Super Mario RPG Confirmed Release Date And Opinions!

Thankfully, Super Mario RPG has a release date. Nintendo expects to release the game on November 17, 2023, globally. It’ll count with translation to several languages, and the game will cost $59.99. You can pre-order it via the official Nintendo webpage!

Overall, the Mario’s fanbase reaction was amusing. Many people even cried out of emotion when Nintendo announced the game on a Nintendo Direct stream. Reactions, like the one AuroraPeachy had while watching the trailer, are priceless!

I’m not the only one excited for the Super Mario RPG release. As a Nintendo diehard fan, I just want November to arrive and play this game, feeling like a kid on Christmas. It looks wonderful, beautiful, and heart-warming!

What do you think about this remake of Super Mario RPG? Did you expect it? Or was it a bombing surprise? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section below! Check out our latest gaming news here!

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