The Era of Conquest Tier List for 2023

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Here’s our extensive Era of Conquest tier list, which ranks all the heroes, including their rarity and leadership points.

In this historical real-time strategy game, with a selection of over thirty heroes, the process of choosing the right one can be quite daunting. And if you’re a beginner and finding it challenging to determine the best hero for your playstyle, in the latest meta, then this tier list is for you.

This tier list for Era of Conquest is only for reference, and the choice is still up to the players whether they follow it or not. On the other hand, if you are a meta slave and want to get the most out of everything, feel free to follow along.

With that said, be sure not to miss this Era of Conquest heroes tier list so you can find out which individuals are worth investing in.

The Era of Conquest Heroes Tier List 

Best Hero in Era of Conquest Tier List
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Before we head into our Era of Conquest tier list, it is essential to know what leadership points are first. Leadership points are the amount of space a hero takes up in a team. Each team has a leadership cap of 16, and the total number of leadership points should only total that amount. That said, players must consider that when choosing heroes to add to their team.

Now that we know about the leadership points system, we can tackle which heroes are best to use through our tier list.

We ranked the heroes in our Era of Conquest tier list according to various factors. First and foremost, the hero’s rarity matters the most, as they have a higher Attack, Defense, and Health stat line. Secondly, the synergy between heroes and their given skill cards also determines which ones are worth using.

TierHeroRarityRoleLeadership Points
SSCharlemagne6 StarDPS6
SSAlexander the Great6 StarSupport7
SSEmperor Constantine 6 StarSupport6
SSSaladin6 StarDPS6
SSFrederick I6 StarDPS7
SSPeter I6 StarDPS6
SHannibal I6 StarDPS7
SCleopatra6 StarHealer/Support6
SGuan Yu6 StarDPS7
SOda Nobunaga6 StarDPS6
SLeonidas6 StarDPS7
SRichard I6 StarDPS7
SEl Cid6 StarDPS6
SToussaint Louverture6 StarDPS6
SYing Zheng6 StarSupport7
SJoan of Arc5 StarDPS5
SRagnar Lodbrok5 StarDPS5
AHarald Fairhai5 StarDPS4
ABaybars5 StarDPS5
AHermann5 StarSupport5
ABoudica5 StarSupport5
AQueen Seondeok6 StarSupport7
ALi Shimin5 StarSupport5
AMary Tudor5 StarDPS/Support5
AEmpress Theodora6 StarSupport6
ACaesar6 StarHealer6
BPericles5 StarSupport4
BScipio5 StarSupport5
BIvan IV5 StarHealer/Support5
BTachibana Ginchiyo5 Star Support5
BPachakutiq6 StarHealer6
BDarius the Great5 StarSupport4
BYi Sun-sin5 StarSupport5
BHojo Tokimune5 StarDPS4

This Era of Conquest heroes tier list will serve as a good reference on which heroes are best to use, according to the latest meta. Players, especially meta slaves, will benefit more when using the SS tier heroes than B tier heroes. Additionally, even beginner players will know which hero to invest their resources in.

Best Era of Conquest Heroes for 2023

In this Era of Conquest tier list, you will discover heroes that are simply stronger than the rest for a lot of reasons. These heroes yield significant benefits when players use them on their team and considered must-haves.


Charlemagne, best era of conquest heroes
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Charlemagne is one of the best heroes on our Era of Conquest tier list. He has excellent overall stats and shines best at dishing out tons of damage. Although it’s only suitable against single targets, it boasts a significant damage output, which could swiftly eliminate high-priority and key enemies.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great, top heroes of Era of Conquest Tier List
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As one of the best heroes on our Era of Conquest tier list, he sure lives up to his name. Alexander the Great is essential for his taunting ability. His taunt can be inflicted on up to three enemies, which also causes all the caught enemies to target themselves first. This crowd-controlling ability is vital, especially against enemies with high damage output.

Emperor Constantine

Emperor Constantine, Era of Conquest tier list
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If you’re looking for a great support hero, Emperor Constantine is for you. At the start of the battle, he has a chance to decrease the damage of two of his enemies, which can continue as the fight goes further. Additionally, Emperor Constantine could also taunt two enemies for every preparation and the subsequent round. He can also increase all allies’ damage and healing when a normal attack hits him. That said, he’s a valuable buffer and support to aid your team and get an advantage.


Saladin Era of Conquest
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Aside from his great overall stats, Saladin is great at dealing massive damage at the cost of the healing effects he receives. His talent, Batter, launches an additional normal attack but deals less damage and healing effects. At first, it may seem lackluster due to its reduced damage, however, it can deal enormous damage if the skill stacks more normal attacks.

Frederick I

Frederick I, Era of Conquest tier list 2023
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This hero in our Era of Conquest tier list is great at dealing massive amounts of physical damage. His ability, Iron Crown, launches one physical attack on an enemy. And if his forces exceed 60%, it will deal with an additional physical damage. Having that said, a healer is ideal to pair with this hero to avoid falling below the 60% mark.

Era of Conquest Tier List Criteria

Here are the following criteria for each tier in our Era of Conquest tier list:

  • Tier SS: These are the must-have heroes in the Era of Conquest! They are the best of all heroes. Putting them on your team will put you one step ahead of your enemies.
  • Tier S: Use these heroes to replace SS heroes. These heroes are less superior to the SS ones but still good to use, especially for beginner players. Additionally, it is safe to invest in these heroes until they get the SS heroes.
  • Tier A: They are mid-tier across all tiers. Players should refrain from investing in these heroes, as it will yield less benefit compared to S and SS-tier heroes. However, they can still be viable when paired with the right heroes.
  • Tier B: These heroes are not currently good in the meta. They bring little to no benefit to the team and should not be invested in. It is better to save your resources for heroes in other tiers.

That’s the end of our Era of Conquest Heroes tier list. If you have questions about the Era of Conquest, please check out our in-depth Era of Conquest guide. On the other hand, if you need redemption codes to summon the best heroes, check out our Era of Conquest codes to receive additional rewards. Finally, visit our site at GameMastersHQ for more game news, guides, and tips and tricks.

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