Top 10 Upcoming Mobile Games Of 2024

2024 Mobile Games

The world of gaming is growing more competitive by the day. Mobile games have started to earn more money than PC or console games, which in turn have increased the quality and effort put into them.

Just in the first two months of 2024, we’ve already had Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat and One Punch Man: World. Long-awaited mobile ports are also coming in hot. Warframe and Resident Evil 4 both just came to iOS devices. A good start, so how’s the rest of the year looking? Here are the top 10 upcoming mobile games of 2024.

Note: A lot of amazing mobile games are expected to come out this year, like Wuthering Waves, Valorant Mobile, and Hoyoverse’s Zenless Zone Zero. But this list is for the games whose 2024 release is already confirmed.

10. Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Mobile
Image Source: Ubisoft

Release Date: On or before March 31, 2024

Genre: FPS

Developer: Ubisoft

OS: iOS & Android

Ever since PUBG and Call Of Duty Mobile (2019), shooting games have been on the rise in the mobile game space. Ubisoft is now trying to tap into that market with Rainbow Six Mobile.

Based on Rainbow Six Siege (but not a direct port), Rainbow Six Mobile is a 5v5 PvP FPS game. There will be one team of Attackers and one of Defenders. Before a match, the Defenders must fortify the area with walls and defensive abilities, while Attackers can observe them with drones. Then, all hell breaks loose when the Attackers try to break down the Defenders’ defenses and the Defenders themselves with their own set of skills and abilities.

9. Braid

Mobile Games: Braid
Image Source: Number None

Release Date: April 30, 2024

Genre: Side-scroller, Puzzle

Developer: Number None

OS: iOS & Android

Braid is a classic puzzle game from 2008 that first launched on Xbox. It will be celebrating its 15th anniversary this April with a 15th-anniversary edition, which will be available on PC, modern consoles, and mobile.

Play as Tim, a hero on a mission to save a princess. A tale as old as time. Dive into six worlds, each presenting unique challenges and puzzles to solve. Braid also has a fun rewind mechanic, allowing you to undo your actions, even after death.

8. Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile
Image Source: Activision

Release Date: 2024 (No specific date yet)

Genre: FPS

Developer: Activision

OS: iOS & Android

Call Of Duty has been making mobile ports of its games since 2005 when CoD 2 got a mobile game release. However, no one ever really cared until 2019’s Call Of Duty Mobile, which soared past everyone’s expectations. CoD Mobile is now considered one of, if not the best FPS mobile game. It’ll be tough to stand up to that reputation, but Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile is certainly going to try.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile will open with two game modes: Battle Royale and Resurgence. Resurgence is a game mode from the original CoD Warzone, which is similar to a team Battle Royale. The difference is that as long as you have a teammate left standing, you can redeploy. Only for a certain time though, when the Rebirth Countdown reaches 0, players can no longer come back.

Warzone Mobile will feature 120-player lobbies which is even bigger than the standard PUBG lobby.

7. Avatar: Reckoning

Avatar Reckoning
Image Source: Archosaur Games

Release Date: 2024 (No specific date yet)

Genre: MMO, RPG, Shooter

Developer: Archosaur Games

OS: iOS & Android

After Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora received a pretty decent reception, fans of James Cameron’s masterpiece are eager to get back to Pandora. If you’re one of them, turn your eyes towards mobile games because Avatar: Reckoning is on the horizon. This time though, it’s made by Archosaur Games and not Ubisoft.

Re-enter Pandora and explore its breathtaking sights. But be alert because beauty isn’t the only thing waiting for you. The RDA is still threatening to destroy everything that makes Pandora a lush paradise. Take up arms and fight back.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link
Image Source: Square Enix

Release Date: 2024 (No specific date yet)

Genre: RPG

Developer: Square Enix

OS: iOS & Android

While waiting for Kingdom Hearts IV, which doesn’t have a release date yet, satisfy your cravings with Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, which is coming out this year. In an interview, Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise, stated that Missing-Link will be closely connected to Kingdom Hearts IV.

Missing-Link will be set in Scala ad Caelum and take place between Union X and Dark Road. You play as a new keybearer caught in a conflict between secret factions in the city. You will also travel to the Astral Plane to bring the fight to the Heartless.

As with all Kingdom Hearts games, Missing-Link will have characters from various Disney IPs for you to encounter in your journey.

5. Hades

Image Source: Supergiant Games

Release Date: 2024 (No specific date yet)

Genre: Roguelike, Action, RPG

Developer: Supergiant Games


A game as fast-paced and action-filled as Hades is the last thing you’d expect to come to mobile games this year. But lo and behold, it’s coming, and it looks promising. The mobile game will be a direct port, so the story gameplay will remain untouched.

Play as Zagreus, son of Hades, on his desperate attempts to escape the Underworld and reach Mount Olympus. Easier said than done, as the Underworld is filled with ancient horrors trying to stop you.

You will die a lot, but you will get better. Collect treasures and upgrades that will make you stronger and give you an extra push on your following runs.

The only bad news is that Hades is only coming to iOS users through the Netflix game library available to Netflix subscribers.

4. SaGa: Emerald Beyond

SaGa Emerald Beyond
Image Source: Square Enix

Release Date: April 25, 2024

Genre: Turn-Based, RPG

Developer: Square Enix

OS: iOS & Android

If you liked Honkai: Star Rail, then you should definitely give SaGa: Emerald Beyond a try. The franchise is known for turn-based combat similar to the older Final Fantasy games. You will take control of a party of six members and go on adventures across 17 worlds.

SaGa: Emerald Beyond is also a stand-alone game. So you don’t have to worry about missing any plot by not playing the previous SaGa games.

3. DC: Dark Legion

DC Dark Legion
Image Source: FunPlus

Release Date: 2024 (No specific date yet)

Genre: Strategy

Developer: FunPlus

OS: iOS & Android

With Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League being a huge letdown, DC gaming fans need something to lift their spirits back up. Hopefully, DC: Dark Legion will do just that.

Set in an alternate reality, you must gather a team of heroes and villains to fight The Batman Who Laughs who has seemingly taken over the world.

Gameplaywise, DC: Dark Legion mixes the base-building elements of Fallout Shelter and turn-based RPG combat with an idle element, similar to something like Dragonheir Silent Gods.

2. Racing Master

Racing Master
Image Source: NetEase Games

Release Date: 2024 (No specific date yet)

Genre: Racing

Developer: NetEase Games

OS: iOS & Android

When it comes to mobile racing games, the competition is as fierce as the races themselves. Asphalt, Mario Kart, and Need For Speed are just a few franchises vying for the top spot. Now, NetEase is out to make a new competitor: Racing Master.

Racing Master’s goal is to make an authentic racing simulator for mobile phones. Something similar to the Forza games, which boasts incredibly intricate customization options. NetEase has also partnered with several car manufacturers so you can expect to see your favorite brands and models in the game.

1. Solo Leveling: ARISE

Solo Leveling Arise
Image Source: Netmarble

Release Date: April 2024

Genre: Gacha, RPG

Developer: Netmarble

OS: iOS & Android

The Solo Leveling hype train just doesn’t stop! With the Solo Leveling anime finally out, the already-popular tale from a Korean web novel just got even bigger. But believe it or not, it’s about to get even bigger with Solo Leveling: ARISE, which will come out right around when the anime ends.

The mobile game is set to adapt the official story, so get ready to relive Jinwoo’s adventure while viewing the world through his eyes. Experience iconic scenes and fight besides hunters from the series. Level up and rise to the top with your army of shadows. 

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