Top 3 Ways to Farm Star Fragments in Lies Of P’s

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Join us as we discuss the top 3 ways to farm Star Fragments in Lies Of P’s and summon your A.I.-controlled Specter for assistance in defeating the toughest bosses!

Unlike the From Software titles it heavily pulls from, Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio’s Lies Of P is devoid of cooperative play. This means that players have to face the city of Krat’s various enemies and environmental hazards alone. But while bosses can be taken on solo, those looking for a somewhat easier time can call on the aid of an A.I.-controlled Specter for select encounters.

Provided a boss area has a Crack’s Calling basin at its entrance, players can use a relatively rare item called a Star Fragment to summon a Specter.

Image Credit: Neowiz

There are multiple ways these items can be gathered throughout the game, with some being easier than others. Should players find themselves running low or in need of some extra Star Fragments, they can follow these simple steps:

1. Basic Looting Is The Way To Go for Star Fragments

By far the easiest method of finding Star Fragments is by exploring Lies of P’s world. Several Star Fragments can be found in set locations such as on a wooden been in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel or in the Malum District by a Bloated Carcass.

Those eager to explore all that Krat has to offer will find a fair number of Star Fragments on their adventures. It should be noted however that while Star Fragments are guaranteed to be at these locations in every playthrough, they can only be looted once. This means that in order for these items to spawn again, players must progress through into Lies of P’s more difficult New Game + modes.

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2. Farming Enemies Is The Most Consistent Method For Getting Star Fragments

While exhausting all the possible fixed locations for Star Fragments, players will sooner or later discover that the items also have a chance to drop from enemies. Stronger foes such as Elite Puppets have a higher chance to drop Star Fragments – some of which are located next to specific Stargazer checkpoints.

To give an example, the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer has a large wheel-carrying puppet not too far from it that serves as a good early-game farming point for Star Fragments. All players have to do is kill the enemy, loot their corpse (it may or may not have a Star Fragment or other valuable items), and teleport back to the Stargazer. They can repeat this process ad infinitum until they have the amount of Star Fragments they so desire.

3. Gold Coin Fruit Should Be A Last Resort for Star Fragments

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If worst comes to worst, players can spend Gold Coin Fruit to acquire Star Fragments.

This method only becomes available after Chapter 5 when access to the Gold Coin Tree is granted. By simply playing the game and allowing time to pass, Gold Coin Fruit will accumulate on the Gold Coin Tree.

Players can pick this fruit and exchange it with a nearby NPC called Giangio for Star Fragments and various types of Wishstones that can buff them or their summoned Specter for a limited time.

Image Credit: Neowiz

While this may seem like the easiest way to gain Star Fragments, it isn’t very efficient. See, Gold Coin Fruit takes a while to grow, even with the different Alchemical Booster items that hasten its production. Not only that, but seeing as each Star Fragment costs 3 Gold Coin Fruit (roughly the same or more than a single Wishstone depending on the type), the resource is better spent on Giangio’s other exclusive wares.

These are the 3 best ways players can reliably obtain Star Fragments in Lies of P. While the item’s drop rate from enemies has been reduced in the recent patch, it remains the best way to gather the Specter-summoning items.

Though it remains in players’ best interests to at least try fighting each boss on their own (as is recommended with any Soulslike), it’s good to know that there is always the option to call in help provided they have the means to do so.

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