Top Troops Adventure RPG Ultimate Game Guide

Zynga’s back with another exciting mobile game, and this time, the title in question is Top Troops Adventure RPG, a free-to-play mobile fantasy role-playing game that was released in October 2023. It’s primarily an adventure game where you command a magical army to repel the forces of evil, but the creative choices in customization and strategy, which are by far the most intriguing aspects, are what truly set it apart.

Top Troops Adventure RPG introduces plenty of brand-new twists and turns on how strategy games are meant to be played. It’s that same innovative approach in Top Troops that has led to over half a million installs in less than two weeks since launch. What Zynga has pulled off in Top Troops in terms of gameplay is amazing, but then again, you’d expect nothing less from the studio that created FarmVille, and Game of Thrones Slots Casino.

Top Troops is the ultimate mobile RPG sim, so it’s only fair for it to have an ultimate guide directed at newcomers. This guide bible aims at breaking down the fundamentals of what you’ll be doing in-game, how the mechanics work, things the game doesn’t tell you, and a few neat little tips and tricks to make you feel right at home while playing.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG Gameplay

King’s Bay has been overrun with forces of evil. Dark trolls, Dark Knights, and monsters are running rampant, and your job is to command a legion of heroes to vanquish the threats and rebuild the kingdom by placing facilities.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG guide for gameplay
Image Credit: Zynga

When you first play Top Troops, the tutorial asks you to strategically place your army on specific tiles using touch controls. However, you’ll lose this initial battle since it’s prescripted. The real game begins after a brief cutscene, and you’re introduced to the mechanics of merging and arranging your troops.

The world in Top Troops is divided into hundreds of tiles on which you can place characters or buildings that store or generate resources. During a battle, however, even if you have a hundred characters available, you’ll only be able to deploy eight, ten, or more units depending on your current level.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG guide for merging
Image Credit: Zynga

If you have three troops of the same type, let’s say a Troll, you can merge the units by placing two of the Trolls on adjacent tiles, and then dragging the third one between them. This results in you obtaining a higher-ranked version of the Troll which will have two Trolls with more health, but they will only count as one unit instead of two. You can also merge five of the same type of units to get a merge bonus.

Essentially, merging troops allows you to deploy more characters even if the unit deployment limit is low. As for the battles themselves, they are fought automatically once you press “Battle” after strategically placing your troops in the “Edit” mode.

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Top Troops: Adventure RPG Characters And Skills

Top Troops is a strategy RPG where you command an entire army, so unlike most other games with fixed protagonists, it has over 50 unique character units for you to acquire. Every character also has distinctive skills that can be unlocked by leveling them up, such as a 5% increase in health or 20% more damage.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG character library
Image Credit: Zynga

Some units are fast, some have great resistance to damage, while others destroy enemies from afar. You’ll have to learn each of their playstyles and only then will you be able to create the ultimate strike force.

Here are some of the best units in Top Troops: Adventure RPG you should set your sights on acquiring.

UnitRarityMax. Attack PowerMax. Health
BerserkerLegendary 290,4681,239,332
The KingLegendary 193,6451,239,332
OseLegendary 290,4681,735,066

How To Unlock More Units In Top Troops

You can unlock more units in Top Troops: Adventure RPG by opening chests, attaining unique rewards, or through in-app purchases.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG chests
Image Credit: Zynga

You can find innumerable chests spread throughout the game, especially in the Kingdom and Adventure modes, so not even a minute will pass by without you opening tens of those.

What Are Summons In Top Troops

Summons are powerful units that are obtained by opening Summon Chests.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG summons
Image Credit: Zynga

The order of Summon rarity from best to worst is:

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Common

Summoned units are far stronger than basic units which you unlock in Kingdom mode. They also are of higher rarity and have better stats and skills.

Opening Summon Chests requires Summon Shards which can be obtained through different game modes, we’ll talk about these further ahead. Legendary Summon can also be collected for free every seventh day from the Daily Rewards tab or by opening 50 chests in the Summon tab.

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Top Troops Adventure RPG World, Game Modes, And Stages

Top Troops: Adventure RPG is a gigantic game. As soon as you think you’re about to reach the end, surprise, ten more 15-hour-long modes are waiting to gobble up your time. 

Top Troops: Adventure RPG kingdom
Image Credit: Zynga

The story starts in the Kingdom mode. You are tasked with clearing out the map of enemies, but it’s divided into smaller zones that will unlock as you level up. Once you hit specific levels, further modes are unlocked such as Faction Battles, Tower of Fate, and Arena mode. Each of the new modes you unlock will also have separate maps, leaderboards, and shops, so it’s sensory overload at times.

Top Troops is simply brimming with content. Judging from personal experience, it might easily take you over a hundred hours to max out your stats. But considering Zynga’s history, they will likely keep on updating the game for the foreseeable future, so you might not be deleting the game from your phone, like ever.

Top Troops All Modes Detailed

Top Troops: Adventure RPG
Image Credit: Zynga

Here’s a complete explanation of all game modes available in Top Troops: Adventure RPG, along with the level requirements, rewards, and every tiny detail.

ModeInfoLevel RequirementStatusRewards
KingdomThe Kingdom serves as the main hub area in Top Troops. Your Town Hall, units, and structures are situated here and you can also engage in battles.Starting areaPvEChests, Gems, XP, Gold, Squad Coins, Structures
AdventureIn Adventure mode, your troops engage in battles across 12 unique areas. Every area will have multiple battles and a boss battle at its end that will need to be cleared.Level 3PvEMaterials, Gold, XP, Squad Coins, Chests, Summon Shards
QuestsA challenge mode that resets every day.Level 10PvEGold, Gems, Materials, Squad Coins, Summon Shards
ArenaArena is a PvP mode that allows you to battle other players and set up your defenses as well. Winning takes you higher up the leaderboard and, in turn, gives more rewards.Level 6PvPChests, Summon Shards, Gems, Gold, Squad Coins, Arena Medals
Ancient BattleIn Ancient Battle, you and your clan members must beat an overpowered boss. Players fight the boss individually and then the boss’ total health pool decreases depending on the damage each clan member deals.Level 9PvEGems, Gold, Squad Coins
Tower of FateIn the Tower of Fate, you will have to defeat enemies over the course of 100 floors. Beat the entire Tower to access unique rewards.Level 15PvESummon Shards, Gold, Squad Coins, Materials
Tower of FactionsThe Tower of Factions is similar to the Tower of Fate with its 100 floors and unique rewards but has stronger enemies and random restrictions during battles.Level 20PvPSummon Shards, Gold, Squad Coins
Chambers of DestinyDefeat all enemies in a Chamber that has three stages. Each round terrifyingly turns up the difficulty.Level 11PvEGold, Squad Coins, Summon Shards, Unique Rewards
Magic IslandA mode similar to Kingdom and Adventure where you build your army, fight stronger foes, and gather amazing rewards.Level 13PvEUnique Troops, Gold, Squad Coins, Gems

How To Join Clans In Top Troops: Adventure RPG

You will be able to join a Clan in Top Troops: Adventure RPG when you reach Level 9. Once you hit the level requirement, head over to the newly unlocked Clans tab, and send a joining request to the clan you’d like to be a part of.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG clans
Image Credit: Zynga

Joining a clan is necessary if you want to take part in Ancient Battles. During these, your entire clan will be responsible for chipping away a super boss’ health. Players with the highest score earn better rewards, and if your clan manages to take down the boss, All members will receive some epic loot.

Resources And Upgrades For Top Troops: Adventure RPG 

Leveling up units, opening chests, and upgrading structures in Top Troops: Adventure RPG all require materials. They aren’t hard to get, but new players might find it difficult to understand which resource does what. Here’s a detailed explanation of some common resources in Top Troops, along with how to get them.

Unit Level Up Materials

Top Troops: Adventure RPG materials
Image Credit: Zynga

Resources that you’ll need to level up your units are labeled as Materials in-game. Items such as Animal Pelt, Rare Dust, and Wood are classified as Materials. You can obtain them by leveling up after accumulating enough experience points or by participating in Adventure mode battles.

Summon Shards

You can unlock Legendary units in Top Troops by opening special chests available in the Summons tab. You’ll see that there are four different types of Summon Chest available. Each of them will have different units inside and will require unique Summon Shards to open them.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG summon shards
Image Credit: Zynga

The four types of Summon Shards are listed below:

  • Celestial Summon Shards: Bought from Merchants, Quests, Tower of Factions
  • Legendary Summon Shards: Obtained via the Arena Market, Merchants, Quests, and the Tower of Fate.
  • Faction Summon Shards: Obtained by participating in Quests, Tower of Factions, and by availing Offers.
  • Essential Summon Shards: Obtained as Daily Rewards, winning Adventure mode battles, through Quests, or by reaching the next level in-game.

Alternatively, you can open all Summon Chests in Top Troops: Adventure RPG by using Gems. However, that’s an extremely steep price to pay considering you are likely to get a lower-tier unit most of the time. 

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Top Troops Adventure RPG In-Game Currency And Store Purchases

Like it always is with free-to-play games, Top Troops: Adventure RPG also has a currency system. Gold, Mage Coins, and Gems are the major currencies in Top Troops: Adventure RPG. They are needed for building structures, leveling up troops, buying resources, and virtually everything else.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG gems
Image Credit: Zynga

The gold standard in Top Troops is the purple-colored diamond called Gem. Whether it’s Gold, Squad Coins, Battle Energy, Premium Areas, or anything else, Gems are the easiest way to obtain them all, albeit Gems are difficult to get unless you spend a lot of money.

Free alternatives to getting Gems is completing tasks listed in the All Mission and Current Missions tab. You can also collect the Once-a-day Free Pack daily under Summon Packs in the Royal Shop to claim 10 free Gems. Watching ads in the shop is another way of obtaining Gems.

Since Top Troops is fairly new, Zynga is pretty lenient and is giving away tons of troops and bonuses. However as the game continues to grow, it will eventually get tough for new players to settle in, so right now seems to be the best time to jump on board.

Top Troops Adventure RPG Tips & Tricks 

Top Troops starts off as a simple action game, but it quickly turns into a highly complex strategy simulator with hundreds of things to do. The dozens of intricate systems are complicated to get a hold of, so here are some tips and tricks to help you get a head start.

Make Heavy Use of the Battle Speed Feature

If you take notice of the bottom right corner of your screen during a battle, you’ll see the Battle Speed feature. Once you reach level 6, you can speed up your battles.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG battle speed guide
Image Credit: Zynga

Your troops move and attack faster and the battles are over quickly. It’s an extremely useful mechanic when you’re low on time or if you have countless encounters to burn through. So make the most out of it.

Be Sure To Collect The Daily Rewards

With Top Troops being new, Zynga is giving away gifts with open arms. The Daily Rewards are the best way to level up units fast and unlock better troops while you’re at it.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG daily rewards
Image Credit: Zynga

Depending on how many days you’ve consecutively logged in, the rewards will differ between anything from 50,000 Squad Coins to 350 Gems. My personal favorite is the random overpowered Legendary unit on Day 7.

Strategize Heavily

Before initiating a Battle, pay attention to the enemy attack power which is displayed on the top of the Battle area selection screen. Ensure your attack power is higher or near to the enemy’s.

Top Troops: Adventure RPG
Image Credit: Zynga

Having said that, arrangement matters more than power itself. Some units are faster, while others are slower. If you pair up Wizards against Archers, they’ll die in moments since Archers are incredibly quick. In that sort of situation, use units that travel fast like Orcs Riders and Dakini, or units with large health pools like Trolls to kill enemy Archers instead.

That’s a wrap on everything you need to know about Top Troops: Adventure RPG. These should be more than enough tips and tricks to get you miles ahead of other players. But if you think something is missing, feel free to comment below what tactics you’ve been using!

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